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  • 🔥Earn 20 or 25% Recurring Commissions by Promoting TopGoldForum

    When you sign up for the Top Gold Forum affiliate program, you become part of a team promoting one of the best money-making communities. Help people earn more money online and companies advertising their services in exchange for 25% recurring commissions you can cash out immediately! Scroll to the TGF Affiliate Program Now!


    🔥Top Gold Forum Affiliate Program details

  • Affiliate Program Details

    1. Earn generous recurring commissions (20% or 25%).
    2. 365-day affiliate cookie + lifetime after signup
    3. Access creative banners and emails optimized to convert
    4. Enjoy rapid monthly payments (PayPal or Crypto)
    5. Reliably track commissions and create unique links
    6. You’ll be promoting a growing community.
    7. Priority support direct from our support team.
    8. You will be part of the affiliate marketers group.
    9. You are in good company.
    10. You can join for free and start earning!
  • Affiliate Program Earnings Example

    1. You refer an user that purchases a $27 premium subscription. You receive $5.4.Premium members receive $6.75. Every year they keep the subscription.
    2. You refer a company that purchases a $197 official subscription. You receive $39.4. Premium members receive $49.25.Every year they keep the subscription.
    3. You refer an advertiser that purchases a $300 banner ad for one month. You receive $60. Premium members receive $75.
    4. You refer an advertiser that purchases a $586 sponsorship. You receive $117. Premium members $146.
  • 📖TGF Affiliate Program FAQ

    1. Who can join and earn with TGF Affiliate program?

    Literally, everyone who is interested in making money online can join TopGoldForum and will be automatically enrolled into the affiliate program. It is not necessary to upgrade to a paid subscription to earn. But if you get a premium subscription, you will make more. (25% vs. 20%).

    2. What kind of commission am I eligible for?

    You will earn 20% recurring commissions every time someone you refer purchases a premium subscription or an advertising product. If you are a premium TGF member you will earn 25% recurring commissions.

    3. Do I get a commission on renewals?

    Yes we pay recurring commissions. That means anytime a user renew their membership, make a new purchase or extend an existing one you will receive your commission too.

    4. How to get started?

    The first step is to get a free TGF account here. Then you can decide if you upgrade to a premium subscription or start as a free member. Premium members receive 25% recurring commissions while free members receive 20% commissions.

    Access your referral stats by going to Account settings \ Referrals, get your unique affiliate link and start promote it. You will be notified every time you generate a new signup or a new commission.


    5. What promotion method aren't allowed?

    • Use your affiliate link for your own purchases
    • Use any form of SPAM to promote Top Gold Forum

    6. When I will get paid?

    There is a waiting period of 30 days so we can protect ourselves of chargebacks on orders using PayPal and credit cards. We process the payments on 15th of the month, by PayPal or Crypto.

  • 📧Contact us

    If you want more details about our affiliate program, or you'd like to get in touch with us, please fill out the contact form or email us directly at contact{@}topgoldforum.com, and we will get back to you in max 24h.

    Last page update: Oct 1, 2022

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