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    5 Ways to Make Real Money with Legalized Sports Betting

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    Betting is a fun way to spend time for football lovers. Yet, many people decide to bet on football to make money. Are you one of them? Then these tips will help you.


    It is the most common type of risk-free betting. You probably know yourself. And if you do not know, get the information. Finding forks is not so difficult. Appropriate sites and scanners are created on the Internet daily.

    To make good money here, you need to keep many bookies in large sums and bet on the maximum because the amount of income depends on the betting turnover. More and more bookmakers have a negative attitude to forks. But they may allow withdrawals before doing so.

    Users have to make several accounts, which is also strictly suppressed by the bookies. Considering that the means of calculation of the loss scorers is improving day by day, it can be assumed that the time of the loss scorers is over.

    There are only a few bookmakers that still allow betting forks. But the problem is that finding a fork among these few bookmakers is quite difficult. Specific sums you can earn depend on the money turnover.

    The higher it is, the higher the income. The number of forks placed also affects the level of earnings. On average, 10-15% per month of the bankroll can be received stably. Time costs are small. You need to spend a few hours a day, but again, if you want to increase profits, devote more time to searching for forks or using paid software. If you notice a good increase in the initial deposit, you will involuntarily begin to devote more time to forks.

    Take Bets

    It's the surest way to make money from betting. Just become a bookie. Yes, they sometimes go bust, too. But in the age of progress, when the line can be bought from specialists and betting from strong bookmakers, even the smallest offices can be in great profits. Getting a license and opening a bookmaker's office is difficult and requires a lot of investment.

    Many beginning business people refuse to implement their idea because they do not know what it takes to open a betting shop. The process of drawing up documents for this kind of activity is somewhat more complicated than for opening an ordinary goods store. Still, thanks to partnership programs and franchises, it is not so hard to do so.

    Bookmaking is a promising industry. Moreover, over the past 5 years, the number of offices has grown several times. With the development of the Internet network across the country, it is possible to play and make bets without leaving home, which allows you to take bets in several cities and even countries.

    Value Betting

    Value Betting strategy was once considered a kind of philosophical stone of the players. Everyone knew that there is a value, an underestimated event in the bookmaker's line on which the wrong odds were set.

    By betting on them, the player ended up in the black. Value bets are usually bets on underdogs with high odds. This strategy is quite effective. Valuation bets will bring profits over a long time (provided that the probability of the match's outcome is analyzed correctly).

    Unlike forks, this strategy will not bring you problems in blocking the account or cutting limits. Valuation bets are not easy to find. You will have to work hard to find them. For a strategy to bring income, it must go the long-distance (hundreds of bets).

    Not everyone is ready to run such a marathon in a disciplined manner. Yet, the main disadvantage is that the bet may not turn out to be a winning one. No one can guarantee that you have accurately calculated the probability of the outcome of the match.

    After Goals

    In most cases, it is known that a few seconds pass between the event at the stadium and a change in the bookmaker's quotes. From Latin America, for example, the signal to the bookie can reach the bookie in 8-12 seconds.

    If you are at the stadium or have a faster broadcast than the bookie, this is enough time to place a bet on the event which has already occurred (scored a goal, won a set).

    These tips will help you get money with this strategy:

    • Use the quick bet. It allows you to set the desired amount in advance and then make a bet by simply clicking on the desired odds. Only this way, you will have at least some chances to get ahead of the bookmaker.
    • Provide a good internet connection. Be prepared for the fact that you may have problems with the Internet at the stadium. So, make sure that the network is always available and never hangs up. You may need satellite internet.
    • Determine the betting in advance. As we have already written above, you can bet on different outcomes, but if you do not choose one for yourself in advance, you may not have time to decide.
    • Prepare for the match. Although the after-goal bettor bets on an event that has already happened and cannot make a mistake, to determine the type of bet, you need to prepare before the match and roughly predict its course.

    Bookmakers' Mistakes

    Some players use bookmakers' errors in quotes to bet without risk. Errors vary from technical to analytical. If the latter's use is usually overlooked by the bookies, betting on technically incorrect odds almost always makes a return.

    Almost, because sometimes winning is still possible. But the abuse of such bets may result in the bookmaker's account closure. Here is the first example of bookmakers’ mistakes. Imagine there is a football match, teams 1 and 2 are playing. We set a quick bet and start watching the match.

    Suppose the first team scores a goal. So, you have 3-5 seconds to bet team 1 will score. And this is the second example that will also help you make money. There are a volleyball match, teams C and D play, and the score is 24:23. Team C scores and the score is 25:23. The game should be over, but the office mistakenly scores a team D goal, and the score is 24:24.

    In this case, the odds on team D increase, and since we are watching the broadcast on TV or a third-party resource, we already know that team C won a long time ago.

    So, we can make the maximum bet. You can also get money for the mistakes in coefficients. This type of error can happen before the match even begins. Yet, it requires some knowledge and understanding of the sport.

    Sometimes the bookie underestimates the chances of teams and players. Although it happens rarely, it takes into account many factors, but sometimes incorrectly and missed some things. Your task is to be the first to know and notice such things. Then make an appropriate bet and wait for the match. This is already a prediction. If the bookies' obvious mistakes are guaranteed to profit, the overstated odds may not.

    You have often seen such mistakes, you just haven't noticed, and if you did, you didn't dare to bet, and in vain. Correctly identifying inadequate odds can bring good profits.

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    I am a football fan, traveler, audiophile and big fan of poker.I like logical brainteasers, which probably contributed to my becoming a poker player. I had lost a few hundred dollars before starting to analyze and study poker. Despite a series of failures, I set myself on this difficult path of becoming a professional poker player. I had wasted a lot of time and health, before being able to outline a certain framework and rules for myself, before I began seizing win prizes and earning real money. I believe one really can make money on poker, although it is the lot of only a few – very smart and reserved people. What concerns luck, my personal experience brought me to a conclusion that 90% of your earnings in the game depend on human and surrounding factors, the latter yet depending on the person, with the remaining ten per cent being your luck.

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    Guest StewartKerr

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    Sports betting is efficient only if you know how to count and analyze odds. It's been a kind of big problem for me since I was not completely aware of how the whole mechanism of sports betting actually works. I was betting on football matches and various even insignificant games not to lose a lot of money, having known my "skills" of counting odds. My experience started to change when I finally realized that it makes no sense to bet and lose all the time. Thus, I started to use americanodds.com. This parlay calculator is counting the exact amount of your payout in case you win. It's been really useful. At least, I started to think a lot more about my payout and how much money I can get if I bet.

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    A few tips for beginners to increase the chances of success at first:
    Do not bet on express bets. Even experienced gamblers rarely take on this type of bet. There is a general opinion among tippers that it is stable to win on express trains;
    Do not play live bets. To play live means to count on luck. You need to become a cold-blooded pragmatist, so this path is not for you;
    Don't trust those who offer match fixing. Nobody will ever sell them online;
    Concentrate on one thing. Choose one sport, or even better one championship, so the chances of success will increase;
    Don't play all-in. For each event, bet a certain percentage of your money;
    Place your bets yourself. There is nothing wrong with resorting to a capper. And it's very easy to stumble upon scammers.
    This is not the whole list of recommendations for those who want to make money on sports betting. Later, with experience, you will develop rules. But get ready that you will have to fill the cones, without it anywhere.

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