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    MyLead Affiliate Network - Why should you be there and earn money via Internet?

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    Why be an affiliate

    The concept of affiliate marketing is not new. It is one of the easiest and easily the most popular ways of making money online.

    You can make commissions by just promoting the products of other people in this particular business model. This saves you both money and time, as you do not need to invest your time, money, and energy in building your product.

    What this means is that you can begin to start earning commissions by literally starting in a very short time, in a matter of hours to be more precise, and too without you having to invest no upfront or a very little amount in investments. This will give you the freedom to work whenever you feel like working.

    Beware of scams

    However, if you have been in the industry for a while now, you would definitely appreciate the value of working only with reputable and trusted affiliate networks.

    There are too many scams happening out there daily, and the very last thing that an affiliate would want is to not to be found eligible, as an affiliate who sent the traffic their way, for a sale that was rightfully theirs or just having the whole network go through insolvency.

    This is exactly why a lot of publishers are nowadays choosing to engage in work through the MyLead affiliate network because of the openness and credibility they bring to the table. In this review, we shall review some aspects of MyLead so we can judge them for their reliability, professionalism, and the quality of their offers.

    What is the MyLead Affiliate Network?

    MyLead is an affiliate network based on performance and a comprehensive platform that can be used to make money while you have online properties.

    Their headquarters is in Poland and have been operational since 2014. They have over 15000+ publishers and boast of 600+ programs for affiliates; they enable you to make very highly paid commissions from the affiliate programs by working with some of the top-level publishers from around the globe.

    The way this company functions makes it very clear that it is being run by a very experienced and passionate team consisting of affiliates who just love their job. They have undertaken training for thousands of their publishers on how they can make money using online properties.

    They also have complete programs for training, which are highlighted all over the admin panels of their users.

    Their customers also have been very engaged and have filled up review websites and blogs with their generous comments and ratings, resulting in them having a very high rank for many of the terms used for affiliate networks and searches.


    How would you make money by going with MyLead?

    MyLead is essentially a network of affiliates that connects advertisers (also called merchants) with digital salespeople (also called publishers) who work on a commission basis to promote their services on behalf of the merchants.

    This sort of points towards the process where you would refer someone to the products you desire to sell, if the person makes a decision to really buy the service or the product or complete some desired action, you will end up getting a commission for having referred that customer.

    Where do networks of affiliates come into play?

    As with any commission-based sales force, the publishers would also seek a product that sells the best and gives out the highest commissions.

    However, the problem is that it takes way too much time to find new offers which can monetize your website, then negotiate the rate with the business houses, and make sure that you will get paid for the referrals happens to be a non-scalable and highly time-consuming process. This is where the networks of affiliates come into the picture.

    Affiliate network has a very important role to play and act as a layer between the publishers (affiliates) and the advertisers to track sales, negotiate offers and manage payments.

    Bringing in a third party helps in creating an open and transparent communication channel and also enables everyone involved to keep focused on their core strengths.

    The last thing that a business needs is to have taken the time away for finding affiliates and sit down to build a tracking system, while the publishers (affiliates) take their time out from their websites and focus on increasing their audiences.

    MyLead - Advantages

    The most important aspect and also their advantage, when you are dealing with MyLead, happens to be their wonderful support, absolute professionalism, and the quality of their offers.

    They are always walking on the path of new innovations, with a dedicated team consisting of highly trained professionals who are always negotiating for even better deals for the affiliates and for the advertisers.

    Many of the offers are so proprietary for them that they had been created almost four years after the results. Both their 15000+ publishers and their advertisers understand that they always pay on time, and that they are doing everything that is possible to root out any frauds in clicks.

    They are firm believers in transparency, and that is why they have made sure that when you go to the MyLead control panel, you will get full access to all the statistics and the necessary indicators which are important for you to optimize your campaigns.

    In addition to this, the service also offers the functionality for tests like AB, wherein you are able to direct traffic from a given affiliate link to the different affiliate programs or configurations, which will help you in verifying as to which one of them will result in a better conversion while helping you make even more money.


    Most of the programs needing lead by MyLead are global in nature. This means that any of their programs has the ability of being promoted globally.

    The way they do this is by having a payment gateway and content that can automatically adjust based on the IP address of a particular user. This happens to be an extremely powerful solution for the kinds of people who are looking for a global reach.

    And if you still have any questions, they have a wonderful customer support team available 24x7 and there are many ways of connecting with them.


    MyLead – Disadvantages

    It is very important to note that MyLead is a performance-based network of affiliates, which in other words means that you stand to get paid only when the conversion happens.

    Unlike Google’s AdSense (or other ways of serving ads based on programming) which are optimized just for the number of page views. We also appreciate this marketing, but the revenue cannot be predicted beforehand.

    What is more unfortunate is that if a user ends up clearing the cookies from their browser, the tracking would be lost and there will be no way of telling as to who referred this lead. Now, this happens in all kinds of affiliate marketing,

    So, MyLead is also trying to justify this behavior because even they do not get any money out of that transaction either, so everyone loses.

    The lifespan of the affiliate cookie varies based on the program of affiliation. If you still have any specific question on this topic or any other topic, please do make sure that you reach out to the customer service realm at My Lead.

    How do you get started on MyLead?

    It is a straightforward process to sign up for an account on MyLead. Just head out to their website and click the link to create an account. Because money is involved, there will be a two-step verification process; both the email and cell phone numbers will be verified.

    Once approved, you can start searching through all the available offers and get on the road to making money easily online. There is no monthly fee that publishers will need to pay. MyLead makes its commission money from the advertisers which means it stays free for all the affiliates.

    Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is $20 for publishers not based in Poland. They offer a quick withdrawal via banks and PayPal, Skrill and other internet wallets, primarily within less than 48 hours.

    The Conclusion

    MyLead has been operative in the industry since the year 2014 and it offers 100% solvent and safe services. Their team goes beyond the call of duty with things like free audits for websites and have accumulated a ton of free training materials which you will find very valuable in seeing how you can make the most out of your campaigns.

    No payments are ever missed and the withdrawals happen to be processed very swiftly. During their time in the industry, they have carved out a name for themselves in the communities of publishers and very high-quality advertisers with most of the deals only made available in their network.

    MyLead is continuing to be a pioneer in the space of affiliate marketing, especially when service and customer success are taken as measuring parameters.


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    Я думаю можно по-пробовать . Спасибо за информацию

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    Found them on affiliatefix after competition that they won and tested them. The best network to monetize my traffic. Overall so good experience!


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