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Found 14 results

  1. Crypto is designed to be an alternative to the fiat monetary system and challenges numerous sectors. It is believed that over the next few years, the crypto space will compete with financial services and banking institutions and be poised to capture the growth. It is proven that the best way to make money with crypto is by investing and trading them. This is because the value of Bitcoin and other altcoins has risen by 1000% since its inception. So, where can you buy or invest in cryptocurrencies? The direct and easy way to hold crypto is to buy from a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. A Crypto exchange platform offers you a service to buy, sell and exchange the crypto into the currency you desire. In the platform, the process of transferring the fund is fast and straightforward. Since the crypto market is open 24/7, users can apply for the process at any time. The whole process will be completed in a matter of minutes. Now, let us discuss the key features that you must check before entering into the exchange. User authorization and verification Trade engine User interface Wallet Admin panel User Authorization & Verification An Exchange should provide a simple & onboarding experience to users. Also, note that an exchange verification process is very imperative, which minimizes the risk of fraudulent transactions. In order to provide high security, the exchange should provide two-factor authentication, anti-bot verification and other security features. Trade engine The trade engine is one of the vital components that access the order book and matches the buy and sell orders placed by users. It just calculates the current balance and executes the transaction. Trade engine is considered a core part of any exchange because no exchange can function properly without them. User interface The User Interface must be simple yet professional. And since smartphone usage is increasing, the launch of an exchange application for mobile devices also increases. Thus this will create more accessibility and attract more users. Ideally, the user interface should provide some basic features to users, namely, Register & access an account. View current order book, transaction history, Existing balance, statistics, etc.. Place buy and sell orders. View market trends. Access the support mechanism. Deposit, withdraw and maintain a portfolio. The wallet Another main feature that you need to look for in exchange is a Wallet. It is the place where tokens are stored, and so it requires maximum security. In the crypto market, different wallets with different features are available. There are various wallets, such as hot wallets, cold wallets, paper wallets, and desktop wallets. With these wallets, users can instantly withdraw their currencies to external wallets without approval from the exchange operator. Admin panel The admin panel operates the management software and business intelligence. The exchange operator gets the whole control to manage the process. some of the primary functions of an admin panel include: Managing currency like BTC, USD, ETH, etc. Altering liquidity Admin panel coin exchange software. Editing the spread and trading fees. Deposit and withdraw process requested by the user. Conclusion As we all know, the level of consequence created by cryptocurrency is a monumental milestone. The crypto community has achieved this feat in less than two decades from its inception. So if you are considering developing crypto exchange, then do it today because the potential growth and sheer profit that comes along is very humongous.
  2. A crypto exchange is a platform where buying and selling of cryptocurrencies take place. Before developing an exchange, you should consider doing market research, the type of crypto exchange you’re building, and the location where you are going to launch that exchange. If you want to create a crypto exchange as part of your business, you can rely on a crypto exchange development company or you can build it on your own. If you need to build it on your own, follow the guided steps listed below. Step 1 - Collect technical needs Step 2 - Prototype Step 3 - User Interface/User Experience Step 4 - Development Step 5 - Testing Gather technical requirements The following technical requirements are needed to build the crypto exchange. The primary requirement is selecting a suitable programming language. Java, Python, C, & C++ are the most common programming languages. The next requirement is on which server you are going to build this crypto exchange. Certain tools like charts, candlestick patterns, and technical indicators are also needed to build the crypto exchange. If you need some additional tools, use that too. MVP development In , a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a demo product with limited features that is developed and checked before moving it into the development stage. Building this type of prototype can rectify the mistakes and validate the model in the earlier stage. It also creates a scenario through which you can justify whether the product is going to be successful or not. UI/UX After the MVP development, you can proceed with designing a website for the exchange that creates a comfortable experience for your users. UI designers work closely with UX designers to give a smooth navigation experience. Parallely, the development process takes place side by side. Development In the development stage, important features are added to the exchange. The features like wallet, order book, trade engine are built. The wallet is a built-in feature used to send, store, and receive crypto coins. The order book is an e-list of trade orders organized by price level or other parameters. The trading engine is used to match the buy orders with the sell orders. You can add on some extra features if you need them. Testing Testing is done after the development process. You have to identify the bugs and fix them. Different tests are done to make sure that the product is reliable and secure. You should do the following types of testing. Unit Testing Functional Testing End to end Testing Unit testing It is a type of software testing method to test the individual parts whether the coding is properly working or not. It speeds up the development process. Functional Testing It is a kind of testing to test each part of the exchange software by providing the input and verifying the output against the functional requirements. End to end testing This type of testing is done for the entire product from beginning to its end to check whether the expected flow is happening or not. Conclusion If you want to build your own crypto exchange, follow the above-listed simple steps. If you need help from a crypto exchange development company, you can rely on Blockchain Firm, a cryptocurrency exchange development services provider. They have been in this field for 5 years and are providing various blockchain services and solutions globally.
  3. Yes. definitely, white label cryptocurrency exchange software is valuable for entrepreneurs to initiate their cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly. it is a ready-to-deploy cryptocurrency exchange software enriched with essential features and security features. With the help of a white label cryptocurrency exchange software, anyone can launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform immediately at low investment. Below are the reasons why White label cryptocurrency exchange software is valuable for entrepreneurs Support all major cryptocurrency blockchain Fiat to USD and vice versa Automated KYC/AML verification Integration of multiple crypto wallets High-security features High performing trading engine Customization benefits Multi-device compatibility Where to get customizable white label cryptocurrency exchange software Being an excellent cryptocurrency exchange development company WeAlwin Technologies, have a set of blockchain resources that assists you to develop a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform with the latest trading technologies. We develop and deliver a high-quality white label cryptocurrency exchange software enriched with extensive features and updated trading technologies. our white label cryptocurrency exchange software is customizable you can modify it as your brand requirements. The outstanding features of our white label cryptocurrency exchange software Trading options Referral program Derivatives trading KYC/AML verification Liquidity API Advanced admin dashboard Multi-device compatible software Multi-language assistance Get start your dream cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly with our custom white label cryptocurrency exchange software!! Email - [email protected] Telegram - https://t.me/AlwinTech_Blockchain Skype - https://join.skype.com/invite/nRFH5Mh0eG33
  4. Starting a P2P crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins is a money-making business in recent days. LocalBitcoins clone script is a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange script with essential features of LocalBitcoins. Thecryptoape is a leading P2P cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers the best-in-class LocalBitcoins clone script at an affordable price. kick start your P2P crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins instantly. Contact us Telegram id - @Thecryptoape Skype id - live:.cid.db88e54a1bc4244c Whatsapp - +91 6382666921 Email - [email protected]
  5. Starting a bitcoin exchange platform is not a small and easy step. You need a proper road map and an excellent team of Blockchain developers to implement and expect the desired output. I would like to add up a blog on "How to start a Bitcoin exchange" to ensure you to move in the right direction. Yes, Starting a bitcoin exchange is one of the emerging business trends in the blockchain space. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a bitcoin exchange, you can develop it from scratch or you can buy a white label crypto exchange software from a reliable crypto exchange software provider. Basically, a white label Crypto Exchange software is pre-programmed, tested, ready to deploy software. using bug-free White label crypto exchange software, you can launch a Crypto Exchange platform in less than a week. Unlike Developing it from scratch, It has a plethora of benefits. Lemme list the benefits of developing a Crypto Exchange using white label crypto Exchange software. Easy & Quick deployment Highly scalable and Reliable Transactions Served by Blockchain technology Require less time and resources to deploy Cost-efficient Highly customizable Cutting edge trading features Advanced Security Features Integration of crypto wallets Integration of Crypto Payment Gateway With the help of our white label cryptocurrency exchange software, you can start a bitcoin exchange without any hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Get a free demo of our>> white label crypto exchange software. For your business requirements, contact our Blockchain Experts via, Mail-id: [email protected] Whatsapp : +91 77085 29089 Telegram: https://t.me/Zabtechnologies Skype : skype:live:contact_86571
  6. If you are looking for crypto trading platforms, there are several cryptocurrency exchange sites available but you have to consider some of the essential factors before choosing it. But selecting the best one is always difficult and challenging as you need to gain a profit. Don't get into the wrong platform that leads to potential loss and waste of effort. Therefore, you have to choose the right platform that meets your trading requirements. For better options, you need to decide whether your trading is long-term or just frequent changes in regular aspects. The right platform will help users to buy, sell, and trade their cryptocurrencies safe and at ease. Koinbazar - one of the best centralized p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade their assets. And also it comes with a crypto wallet that helps to store your cryptocurrencies for a long term or frequent trading. In this article, we will help in choosing the best platform as per your expectations. And also you will find the crucial factors to look up before selecting the best cryptocurrency exchange platform. - AML or KYC - The reputation of the crypto exchange platform - Security aspects - Available in your country - Trading fees - Cryptocurrency availability To Know More, Visit Here <> Choosing the best crypto exchange platform in 2021
  7. Learning about trading with cryptocurrency is good and also everyone is interested to learn about it. You can get started this process without money, but once you get more than one wins under your belt it is very easy to dump money into the investments recklessly. Of course, making more money with crypto trading is easy and also it is very important to be careful. If you are new to crypto trading, this article will give tips before starting your trading. To Know More, Visit Here <> Steps to Check Before Trading Cryptocurrencies
  8. Cryptocurrency has grown a lot and not went anywhere. Peoples from enterprising millennials to major financial institutions are curious to learn more about the capabilities of this technology. Moreover, they need to know how to earn more profits from it. As it grows and crypto adoption gets an increase, more peoples would tell which is the best platform to buy bitcoin in India[/b]]=https://www.koinbazar.com/buy bitcoin in India. There is many platforms avail but investors or traders have to cross-check across the platforms and have to gain knowledge on crypto investment. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world, you should need to consider some factors before which crypto trading will use. To Know More, Visit Here <> Things to Check before choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in India Are you planning to buy bitcoin (BTC)? Koin Bazar - India's most secured and safest bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin (BTC) in India instantly with high liquidity! Buy and sell bitcoin in India with INR. So, register your account, complete the KYC procedure, and get 50 KBC Free tokens deposited into your account.
  9. In the current world scenario, one of the most trending concepts is β€œCryptocurrency Exchange” which can be done in two different types, one is the normal exchange and the other is P2P (Peer-to-Peer) exchange. But everyone will have confusion that which one is better? This article will help you to understand the working concept and also can guide you to choose the trading platform that suits you more. Visit Here <> P2P vs Regular Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform So, if you want to build either a normal or Peer-to-Peer exchange, no worries. Osiz Technologies is here for you. We are the top-most cryptocurrency exchange software development company that offers complete cryptocurrency exchange software (or) script that aids to build your crypto trading platform at an affordable cost and also the type of exchanges you want to perform seamless crypto trade. For Business Related Inquiries, Reach us @, Whatsapp (or) Call us: +91 9442164852 Email: [email protected] Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/lAF0IYo03Kfu
  10. What is Beldex Cryptocurrency Exchange? Beldex is one of the top and world's first shariah-compliant Kuala Lumpur based hybrid p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform which combines both centralized, & decentralized with high liquidity and low trading fees. Its a one-stop solution for all kinds of financial-related services, helping traders to make their cryptocurrency transactions faster and safe, which includes trading and investing. This trading has its own token called Beldex coin which has a high level of security features. The bledex ecosystem includes Beldex exchange, coin, and wallet. To know more about Beldex Exchange <> Visit Here Are you planning to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Beldex? We Osiz - A leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company provides the best beldex clone script in a cost-effective manner. Our script provides the best user-friendly UI/UX design facilities, reliable, and scalable that aid traders to perform safe, and secure transactions. For Business Related Inquiries, Reach us @, Whatsapp (or) Call us: +91 9442164852 Email: [email protected] Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/lAF0IYo03Kfu
  11. Do You Know? Cryptocurrencies have started changing the operations of several industries because it will create a huge impact in the future. In the current scenario, every business owners are ready to invest in a scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform, and also it has become a more profit for their business. Today, there are many numbers of crypto trading websites available in the market. Everybody is willing to know about the types of cryptocurrency exchanges, the cost to develop, and the basic things related to crypto exchanges. To know More, check this link --> https://bit.ly/2YGdhmv Are you planning to launch your crypto exchange platform for your trading business? visit here ---> https://bit.ly/2YE60n7
  12. Seeking for the best white-label cryptocurrency software exchange development services? We Osiz Technologies - A Top-Notch cryptocurrency exchange development company aid to build your own Peer to Peer bitcoin exchange platform with high security to buy and sell bitcoin faster in a highly secure environment. With our talented team of developers, who are experts in developing high-quality bitcoin exchange software and also mobile apps according to your business requirements. For More Details, Reach us Here @, Whatsapp (or) Call us: +91 9442164852 Email: [email protected] Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/lAF0IYo03Kfu
  13. Crypto exchange clone scripts are the best way to start a cryptocurrency exchange website. Many of the business startups are eager to start a crypto exchange website like binance, localbitcoins, paxful and many more. If you are looking to start a crypto exchange business using clone scripts, Choosing the best clone script provider is more important. I would like to prefer BlockchainAppsDeveloper. BlockchainAppsDeveloper is one of the prominent crypto exchange clone scripts provider provides best crypto exchange clone script to launch your own crypto exchange website. They gives you the best clone scripts with lots of advanced features to start your own crypto exchange website. Below are the Popular Crypto exchange clone scripts provided by BlockchainAppsDeveloper, 1. Binance Clone Script 2. Localbitcoins Clone Script 3. Remitano Clone Script 4. Paxful clone script 5. Poloniex Clone Script 6. Wazirx Clone Script 7. Bitstamp Clone Script 8. Coinbase Clone Script 9. Kucoin Clone Script 10. Bithumb Clone Script To Know More About Crypto Exchange Clone Script >>>
  14. ou like to implement your own Bitcoin exchange software, but don’t know where to start? Well, you have come to the right place. The global users must certainly clarify which things they need to consider before wishing to launch their own bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange, how the internal architecture of exchange software must be structured and most primarily, where to get their quality exchange software. One has to know all basic Architecture of Bitcoin Exchange Software before implementing it successfully.

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