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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF verify and approve but does not endorse any products. Add your 728 x 90 banner here.🔥

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF verify and approve but does not endorse any products. Add your 728 x90 banner here.🔥

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF verify and approve but does not endorse any products. Add your 728 x90 banner here.🔥

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Found 24 results

  1. ARE YOU STUCK AT HOME WITH NO MONEY BECAUSE OF COVID19 !? Have you been looking for a way to make money online? Do you want to know the secret to HUGE FAST money? Do you want to earn a steady and good income online? people are making money SELF QUARANTINED! Get started now and get paid. For every great achievement there is always a big step. Click on the link to get started https://buildwealth.website/2020/per...ual-income-36/ #makingmoney #makemoney #earnmoneyonline #onlinemoney
  2. Download TopRich, let's get rich together! Invitation code: 1554763 https://toprich.life/share?from_uid=1554763
  3. This method works everywhere in the world, no need to invest and it's legal ! If you like this kind of sharing don't forget to like and left click on my profile, to see my other tutorials in thread ! Hello and thank you for viewing my post ! Now, I share with you part. 3 of the dominate the crypto Era Collection. People give me very good reviews to my anteriors shares of parts of this E-book Collection, than I think to share the entire Collection on this forum ! Now, this is not another one of those “get rich quick” ebooks that promises you to become a millionaire overnight. What this ebook WILL teach you is how to make some extra bucks on the side the easy and lazy way, which you can use to buy a new gadget, pay off some debt, or eat out at a nice restaurant. Just follow all the steps and tips like the E-book suggest, and let the bitcoin fall in your pocket !!! You can change the crypto on binance ! I share with you this collection because it's a beautiful and well presented E-book who is plaisant to read. And BECAUSE this E-book collection help me so much for earn MANY hundred of dollars, since I begin the last month !!! It's very easy approach and well explain for all noob like me with the cryptocurrencys. I hope you enjoy this sharing as I have been, And don't forget to give me appreciation or comment for give me your impression. What you need : ⦁ A computer and a smartphone ⦁ A Browser ⦁ An internet connection ⦁ Crypto Wallet The Method : https:// anonfiles.com/Z677b5B2u6/Dominate_the_Crypto_era_3_pdf Virus Total : https://www. virustotal.com/gui/url/829901fa5da87a1e8f3296fe07060325d16c79a37374993c8f49eccdab1f5254/detection
  4. Get ready for Niftyville a GTA style MMO blockchain game it is a place where you get to be you. Drive around in your car own properties to earn passive income with crypto and NFTs. The extraordinary is always on the corner! Demolition Derbies, Races, Zombie Parties Death matches. Anything can happen explore the town of weapon shops clothing shops. There is people to meet and much more coming soon! Ppl will earn 2 cryptocurrencies VOID and Niftycoins. VOID, that is Onessus' cryptocurrency, will be used for accessing exclusive NFT drops, whitelisting events and will allow you to stake and level up your NFTs. NiftyCoins, the in-game currency that is centralized, will be used for most actions that you undertake in the game like buying cars, clothes, etc. Game will run on ethereum but will use layer bridges like wax and possibly other layer 2 solutions the trailer is here https://youtu.be/VDzgRY23OHc the official site is here to subscribe early and follow at the bottom https://niftyville.net/ and join my discord invite here. https://discord.gg/zBt2s5yk48 FBqZincXMAAj5pC.jpg_large
  5. Join Ultra.io a massive gaming site coming soon where you can earn crypto known as the UOS token for playing games, promoting games, selling games, writing articles, watching ads and so much more coming soon. The site ultra.io has a video talking about Ultra and on the top right you can follow the team on Twitter Telegram and Youtube and you can contact them at the bottom of the page. Many game developers are getting involved to add there games on Ultra also Ultra has many big partnerships like Ubisoft and The Sandbox game team and many others and at the moment. Ppl can use the theta.tv platform on Ultra to earn crypto for watching videos for now use my referral link below to setup your wallet early on the pc! https://ultra.io/register/262a1051-5ce3-4303-aa78-2e03b0396940
  6. Failure swings and divergences can be combined to create more robust signals. A bullish failure swing occurs when MFI becomes oversold below 20, surges above 20, holds above 20 on a pullback and then breaks above its prior reaction high. A bullish divergence forms when prices move to a lower low, but the indicator forms a higher low to show improving money flow or momentum. On the Aetna (AET) chart below, a bullish divergence and failure swing formed in January-February 2010. First, notice how the stock formed a lower low in February and MFI held well above its January low for a bullish divergence. Second, notice how MFI dipped below 20 in January, held above 20 in February and broke its prior high in late February. This signal combination foreshadowed a strong advance in March. A bearish failure swing occurs when MFI becomes overbought above 80, plunges below 80, fails to exceed 80 on a bounce and then breaks below the prior reaction low. A bearish divergence forms when the stock forges a higher high and the indicator forms a lower high, which indicates deteriorating money flow or momentum. On the Aetna chart above, a bearish divergence and failure swing formed in August-September. The stock moved to a new high in September, but MFI formed a significantly lower high. A bearish failure swing occurred as MFI became overbought above 80 in late August, failed to reach 80 with the September bounce and broke the prior lows with a decline in late September. The Money Flow Index is a rather unique indicator that combines momentum and volume with an RSI formula. RSI momentum generally favors the bulls when the indicator is above 50 and the bears when below 50. Even though MFI is considered a volume-weighted RSI, using the centerline to determine a bullish or bearish bias does not work as well. Instead, MFI is better suited to identify potential reversals with overbought/oversold levels, bullish/bearish divergences and bullish/bearish failure swings. As with all indicators, MFI should not be used by itself. A pure momentum oscillator, such as RSI, or pattern analysis can be combined with MFI to increase signal robustness. 1631516062-Divergences-and-Failures.docx
  7. In today's society, we have to sell our time to make money. This time is over, invest in Bitcoin on our platform. Earn daily interest between 2 and 8% automatically without doing anything. Go to https:// bitincash .com
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  9. Here are the best top 5 online forex trading websites.....! http://www.themoneyathome.com
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  11. Visit us for never seen crypto trading strategy, world class Bitcoin Bot and assistance on crypto trading - https://t.me/btctradingclub A German-born programmer in San Francisco has now used up eight of 10 password attempts he has to unlock the hard drive containing the private keys to his Bitcoin wallet, which contains 7,002 Bitcoin (BTC). As of press time, those holdings would be worth $268 million — that is, if only they were accessible. Since 4 years and more, we have continuously serve the Crypto Market. We provide powerful Crypto Bots which automatically generates profit based on the trend of the market. It has 45 strategies inbuilt to make Crypto Trading very profitable. Crypto Bot, Crypto Updates, Crypto Signals, Crypto Analysis, all are updated here at one Place
  12. Looking to earning money by doing online surveys? Then here are a tons of survey offers available for you 1)Zen Surveys - Surveys/Market Research ZenSurvey is a platform where you can get access to 1000s of top quality surveys. They do not work with end users directly. But with a 2nd party which brings you in as a 3rd party http://bit.ly/38xdVGW 2) Opinioninn (Earn upto $12 dollar depending on which survey you choose.There are unlimited amount of surveys House of Opinion — Where opinions pay…With OpinionInn, users earn money by completing surveys. Each survey will let users earn money that gets credited to their OpinionInn account. They can redeem the money through PayPal once they reach the minimum redeem limit of $25) https://bit.ly/37JQkUC 3)TimeBucks Rewards TimeBucks is a reward site that pays you to Watch Videos, View Funny Slideshows, Do Surveys, Install Apps, Follow people on Instagram and more! Sign Up to TimeBucks, earn at least $5 and verify your ID within 30 days of signing up to convert. User will start with a $1 signup bonus so they only have to earn $4. TIP: Go to the EARN tab and try the Surveys tab to earn fast! https://bit.ly/3hc00Kp 4)Real Surveys That Pay - Surveys/Market Research - US (Earn cash taking surveys! Sign up with Real Surveys That Pay to get access to surveys, trial offers, and questionnaires that pay out cash for completion. Get paid how you want - gift cards, paypal, or a check straight to your door. $5 is automatically rewarded upon signup http://bit.ly/2M0Lud8 5)Inbox Dollars InboxDollars is one of the “earning money online” platforms with interesting facts. It provides different ways to make money online from playing games to taking surveys, reading emails, web searches, earning cashback. You can also earn direct money or vouchers and you can get them through PayPal. The two biggest perks you can get with InboxDollars are Good pay rate and Ease of use. Joining this site is easy. Simply got to the InboxDollars page, and enter your email address then you will get $5 signing up bonus as a new user InboxDollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! https://bit.ly/3nPb4zW 6)Make Survey Money - Surveys/Market Research - US Earn cash taking surveys! Sign up with MakeSurveyMoney to get access to surveys, trial offers, and questionnaires that pay out cash for completion. Get paid how you want - gift cards, paypal, or a check straight to your door. http://bit.ly/3rpq2yv 7)Paidviewpoint You will be able to earn in between $0.10 to $10.00 for every survey that you complete on Paidviewpoint. The process of signing up with Paidviewpoint is simple and straightforward also you there is $25 per Signup.(this is remitted to you upon your referral's Withdrawal) http://bit.ly/3aCzHf5 😎 Swagbucks Swagbucks is undoubtedly one of the legit paid survey sites online. It has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and has been in the business for more than a decade. The main reason why so many people use this is, taking up a survey is not only the way to earn money but also provides various options like watching videos, searching on the web, cashback programs for online shopping, etc… These alternative options help you in making good benefits along with just a survey (10 minute time to complete one ) for making money. You will be compensated with Swagbuck Points (SB points) for every task you completed. 100 SBs is equal to $1 USD. Signup for Swagbucks and earn gift cards for taking polls, answering surveys, and more! $5 sign up bonus now! You can then redeem your Swagbucks for products from over 200 brands. http://bit.ly/2M2FwbF 9) Surveys Junkies One of the top online survey panels is SurveyJunkie which has more than 5 million active users. It has an A+ rating on BBB. One best thing about SurveyJunkie is its transparency i.e, they don’t hesitate to tell that we can’t get rich by taking paid surveys. Each survey will secure you around 100-200 points and the payment threshold will be 1000 points (= $10). http://bit.ly/2WBZaxh
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  14. Hola Grab.tc ( https://grab.tc/ )actualmente la mejor pagina para ganar bitcoins de manera gratuita y totalmente fiable, cuenta con muchas estrategias para ganar bitcoins , shortlinks, anuncios, jobs etc. Registrate aquí con este link https://grab.tc/?ref=1209 para ser mi referido me estarías ayudando mucho, entra y opten tus propios referidos para ganar muchos bitcoins !VAMOS QUE ESTAS ESPERANDO¡. https://grab.tc/
  15. Visit and get Free Gdax bot, Testify the Guaranteed Profit Group, Crypto Trading and Bitcoin Bot - https://t.me/btctradingclub Chanpeng Zhao, CEO of the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, believes that there’s an ongoing altcoin season in the digital asset market. Make yourself a member of the most successful Premium Community ever. We are the ONLY Premium Community which informs about the entry as well as the EXIT/Closure call which makes the trading easier for traders. Why our signals are such high in accuracy? Because we sent all those signals post detailed analysis considering the technical & fundamental aspect of the coin.
  16. Visit and get Free Bybit and Okex bot, Testify the Guaranteed Profit Group, Crypto Trading and Bitcoin Bot - https://t.me/btctradingclub Bitcoin will soar to $500,000 because the US will start a war with Iran and Venezuela – of the hash-rate rather than the military variety – and the first salvoes will soon been fired, according to crypto analyst and TV personality Max Keiser. 20% Profit on #ONTUSDT for our Members on #Binance Futures - We have maintained great accuracy on these signals - Exit call has been sent out. The accuracy on the signals has been remarkable. You can visit the above link and check all the stats and signal which was shared and majority of them were in profit. We have been in trading since 4 years and our team is well aware of the market fluctuations, Hence then provide accurate signals. This is just one of the many profitable signals.
  17. Visit them for never seen crypto trading strategy, world class Bitcoin Bot and assistance on crypto trading - https://t.me/cryptosignalalert The Bank of Japan announced on Thursday that it would experiment with a CBDC to check its feasibility from a technical perspective. We are the ONLY Community which informs about the entry as well as the EXIT/Closure call which makes the trading easier for traders. You get great #BTC Signals which you can trade on any exchanges whether Binance, Binance. US or any major exchanges. You get great Altcoin signals - You receive early ALTcoin signals to make huge profit. You get Crypto Bot which copies the signals automatically on your account as per your quantity + It also makes scalping trades on #Binance. You also receive Trading Videos, Expert Guidance & Trade assistance for perfect Crypto Trading.
  18. YOU CAN BECOME A PROMOTER AND EARN COMMISIONS OFFICIAL WEBSITE https://cryptofunders.club TELEGRAM GROUP https://t.me/joinchat/L1_w6R2mKU5lkO_tEyb9oQ Here you have the opportunity to invest and watch your money work and grow for you. Our team of experts who trade In binary options , forex and other crypto assets on daily basis do all the work for you. PACKAGES Here we have four packages 👉PACK1 ----- 1.5 % Daily for 20 Days 👉PACK 2 ------ 2% Daily for 30 days( Hottest/Popular) 👉PACK 3 ------- 3% Daily for 60 days 👉PACK 4 ------- 7% Weekly Bonuses 👉Refferal Bonus of 5% 👉Second Generation Bonus of 2% 👉Third Generation Bonus of 1% 👉Best Referrer/Team Leader Bonus up to 100 dollars (twice a month ) 👉Best Promotional Video Bonus of up to 50 dollars (weekly) SUPPORTED CURRENCIES 👉Bitcoin 👉Ethereum 👉Dogecoin 👉Perfect Money All investments are calculated in Dollars and Capital invested are returned and can be withdrawn or reinvested once the days of contract has ends. 👉Minimum Amount you can invest is 10 dollars(any currency of your choice ) but you can only withdraw via the same means you deposited. 👉Minimum Withdrawal(BTC) is 10 dollars 👉Minimum Withdrawal other currencies is 2 dollars WITHDRAWALS ARE PROCESSED WITHIN 24 HRS😍 We hope to help you build a great future here at Crypto Funders.😍 ✍️...... Support Team
  19. Hey guys just wanted to drop this info for you all on a new cryptocurrency in development called Pi Network. Its rapidly growing, almost 500.000 new members in the past 1.5 months. The more time you waste by joining later the less your mining rate will be. The first digial currency you can mine on phone. Main mission it to make it world’s most widely used Follow this link https://minepi.com/luxor12354 Download their app from the website. Then you have to be the member of Pi Network, for that use “luxor12354” as the invitation code. Without using it, you can’t join. Now sit behind and chill. You just have to open the app once in 24hrs and you are done. Be sure to be active on the app, because as early you collect the Pi tokens, the more rich you will become. Good luck. More about Pi Network [Pi is just like bitcoins] Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone. While many crypto projects start from pure theory, Pi Network seeks to balance theory with human-centered design (or testing with real people to best meet their needs). The project appreciates your patience and welcomes your input as we work together to develop the products that best meet our community’s needs.Pi is dedicated to helping everyday people capture more economic value that today goes to banks, technology giants (e.g., Facebook, Amazon), and other intermediaries. Pi depends on thecollective contributions of its members. If you are looking for quick money, look elsewhere.Pi’s core team is led by two Stanford PhDs and one Stanford MBA, all of whom helped build Stanford’sblockchain community. We cannot guarantee that the project will succeed. However, we do promise to work our hardest to make our shared dreams a reality, while maintaining the highest standards ofintegrity. You can learn more about us in “Core Team” page in the main menu of the app. To start earning Pi, check in every 24 hours and hit the lightning button to start mining. Once you are mining, you can boost your hourly rate by inviting trusted friends and family to join the community. After 3 days of mining, you can boost your earnings more by building your security circle, which contributes to the overall security of the network
  20. Digital currency enthusiasts have a dream that there will be a time where humankind will be free from the burden of cash issued and control by governments through national banks. Be that as it may, the national bank for national banks has hit back to reveal to them they are only imagining. The admired Bank for International Settlements, a 90-year-old organization situated in Switzerland, has issued an exploration report presuming that cryptographic forms of money are distressed with natural inconsistencies that make their broad use as cash inconceivable. Most importantly, one needs to comprehend what cash is. It is a unit of record that enables us to think about the costs of various products and enterprises; a medium of trade that enables us to purchase and offer these without organizing swaps; and, at long last, a store of significant worth that enables us to spare to purchase things later on.
  21. I'm interested in making money with smm panels and social media in general.
  22. Hey guys I’m Jared and I’ve recently been trying to make the most money online and I’ve searched everywhere probably like you guys are doing right now and by far the easiest most reliable thing I have found is this. Just make an account and share it with friends. Hope this helps😊 http://MyWorkingHour.com/?userid=21133
  23. Hi there, I'm new member at TopGoldForum, I want to learn a lot and have good friends, great conversations and all good things.
  24. earn money Without touch your computer $$ 300$ per month The bot will work You will not work 1- register to this site https://anotepad.com/note/read/7bn8a9 2- Download the bot https://anotepad.com/note/read/e63nyb 3- enjoy and get money

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