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Found 5 results

  1. NFT market is flooded since 2021 transforming into a major sector of the crypto industry. As per the analysis, the total amount consumed on purchasing NFTs exceeds $12.6 billion at the start of the year. While diverse NFTs are created, purchased and sold using Binance Smart Chain, affordable gas fees can make the process more preferrable. Anyone can afford and mint NFTs of their choice. The BSC-based projects now offer rare and exclusive NFT collections to mint and trade for profits. To trade for expensive feature, many investors and creators readily try to offload their NFTs preferring the secondary marketplaces. However, there are still many ways to generate an income from NFTs rather than selling them putting up a higher price than the users have paid/created them for. The tactics to earn passive income specifically for a crypto holder is one of the most fascinating facets in this crypto ecosystem. Either lending tokens in DeFi lending pools, assets yielding and farming, or staking tokens, there are a plethora of scopes to earn income on every crypto investment. Earning Passive Crypto Income You can now earn crypto passive income using various methods and platforms; however, it is crucial to consider the amount and value of money you are looking to invest. As some passive income openings are more capital intensive in comparison to others, while some requisite more research and time than others. Remember that cryptocurrencies are susceptible and might fluctuate to strong market corrections. In fact, the price of the specific asset that the user HODLs might falls or can also eat into the percentage of user’s passive income earned. YearnNFT uses an innovative approach to offer exclusive passive income, and let them earn while inventing and creating to an NFT. How to generate Passive Income from NFTs? Rent out NFTs- The user can earn passive income by renting out the NFTs those in high demand. NFT Royalties- The creators can earn passive income by selling their creations within the market stats to collectors and attain royalties. Stake NFTs- The user can stake their assets and NFTs by depositing, or locking away crypto assets into a decentralized protocol smart contract. Examples of platforms that facilitate NFT staking include: Liquidity to Earn NFTs- Due to the integration of NFTs and DeFi protocols, now users can enjoy greater liquidity and earn NFTs in return to own the position in any liquidity pool. Adopt NFT-Powered Yield Farming- Many people are looking to farm for yields using NFT-backed products. They are leveraging diverse DeFi protocols to create the highest possible yield with the crypto assets owned. Earn 500 BNB Worth Passive Income | 1 NFT Holdings of 1 BNB as a Reward Looking at the low market cap, if any buyer holds YFNFT tokens, the person will be able to hold and earn tons of profit per day in millions worth passive income based on the average trading volume of 5% of the total sold value for the owner and 3% of the total sold value for the creator. The passive income comes with 2 types of slots- 1. Every time the NFT is sold, the Creator will receive 2% of the total sold value. 2. Every time the NFT is sold, the Owner will receive 5% of the total sold value. YearnNFT Ecosystem is developing and introducing diverse products and decentralized applications to raise the utility of YFNFT Tokens along with its trading volume. YFNFT team is the world’s first DeFi NFT minting project to occupy the trader’s spot. The entire project is deployed on Binance Smart Chain network. Soon, the YearnNFT Finance protocols and token assets will reach 300x value, as this is the world’s first low supply NFT token. The team has also announced its standard whitepaper and streamlined roadmap. On the other hand, YFNFT token presale is live since 19 November extended till Jan 5, 2022.
  2. Project "Binance Verse" - a financial strategy game for the exploration of the cosmic multiverse, conducts an airdrop of BNBVerse tokens. For participation, you can earn : Up to 100 million BNBVerse (~50$), for 1 referral : 30 million BNBVerse (~15$). Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot - https://t.me/BinanceVerseAirdropBot?start=776434220 The distribution will be received by all participants in the airdrop. Distribution starts on December 10th. Social tasks to be performed in the Telegram bot : * Join the "Binance Verse" group and channel on Telegram. » 30 million BNBVerse (Mandatory task). * Follow the "Binance Verse" Twitter profile and retweet the pinned tweet. » 30 million BNBVerse (Mandatory task). + Subscribe to the project's YouTube channel. » 20 million BNBVerse (Additional task). + Join the project's promoter channel in Telegram. » 7 million BNBVerse (Additional task). + Follow the "Binance Verse" promoter's Twitter profile and retweet the tweet with any airdrop. » 13 million BNBVerse (Additional task). BNBVerse token contract address on the BSC network : 0xaEdc098fbBd9a6908F0d2483ACb12eE808510Cf1. Listing : 1 BNBVerse = 0.0000005 USD. You can also participate in a good 2-level IDO pre-sale of BNBVerse tokens. IDO pre-sale link - https://ido.binanceverse.io/?ref=0x06DA2BfEeDa768EA37152307Cf04A6814060D027 You can buy BNBVerse tokens for any amount, there are no limits. Your profit will be - 10% BNBVerse from the investment of 1st level referrals and 2% BNBVerse from investing referrals of the 2nd level. Your referral link will be generated automatically if the right connect your wallet in the upper corner. You can copy the link in the upper left corner of the site, next to with the link "Home Page" leading to the main site of the project. There are 5 rounds of IDO pre-sale planned : - ROUND 1 (December 01.2021 - December 31.2021). 1 BNBVerse = 0.00000005$. - ROUND 2 (January 01.2022 - January 31.2022). 1 BNBVerse = 0.00000007$. - ROUND 3 (February 01.2022 - February 28.2022). 1 BNBVerse = 0.00000009$. - ROUND 4 (March 01.2022 - March 31.2022). 1 BNBVerse = 0.00000011$. - ROUND 5 (April 01.2022 - April 30.2022). 1 BNBVerse = 0.00000013$. In the 1st round, the price of BNBVerse tokens was underestimated by ~10 times compared to the listing. "Binance Verse" Project Will Reward BNBVerse Token Holders With Passive Income by distributing transaction fees.
  3. Before talking about YearnNFT YFNFT token presale we would like to throw light on the details about token presale. You need to know about the things to consider prior to participate in a token presale, why we advise you to be an early bird joining a token presale. This is all for the benefit of newcomers willing to enter the crypto community and the ones unfamiliar with the concept and industry. Initially, tokens or assets that startups offer are launched before making them available to the general public where it is still under development. The token presale comes after the demonstration of ICO to the community. The funds raised during this event is either used to future development of the project or to fund the operations required for the lined-up releases. Our presale will offer investors and artists an opportunity to retrieve the projects tokens at a discounted rate with bulk rewards. Before grabbing the token assets, you should check the volatility of the project, understand the depth and core objective of the project and examine the entire team working behind the project. This article will give you an overall detail about the YearnNFT YFNFT token presale. Here is why you shouldn't miss the opportunity and be an early participant joining the presale. About YearnNFT Finance Project YearnNFT Finance is a DeFi and NFT marketplace built and powered by Binance Smart Chain network. This is a unique project dedicated to offer fast, smart, reliable, accessible, profitable financial services and a stage to showcase talent and creativity. Any artists and creators can display their efforts and work on YearnNFT easily while using the sophisticated user interface. As a user of YearnNFT marketplace, you can list your artwork and collectibles for future availability to buy, bid, sell, reserve and create their owned NFTs. YFNFT holders can earn digital assets and also use this token as means of payment. This is relatively new yet a promising project for the users intending to explore the concepts of blockchain. This platform is offering lots of quality services being decentralized for all users. Our team consists of developers holding vast experience in establishing and developing decentralized and advanced protocols in blockchain and new tech as a whole. We integrate the latest standards and trusted security practice in our smart contract and the model application. We own a community driven and transparent system to be open about. Why YearnNFT Presale is a Good Option? YearnNFT YFNFT token is built on a very reliable BSC blockchain network, with wallets that are highly compatible in terms of lending and saving. They depend on a strong decentralized governance protocols unrestrained by any authority or government however is an independent board. The core development includes · Creating decentralized applications; · Building and listing assets on cryptocurrency exchange; · Enabling the use of YFNFT tokens for purchase over the digital sphere; and · Allowing the use of YFNFT tokens to leverage and receive payments. These functionalities and use cases make this project and tokens exceptional and will amount to YFNFT token becoming a demanding token to influence the long-term price positively. YearnNFT YFNFT Token Presale YearnNFT YFNFT token presale is live on the website https://yearnnft.finance/index, from 19 November 2021. The Round 1 is already in action distributing over 20% of the total supply, with a price of 1 YFNFT = 0.12 BNB. The Round 2 will run from 1 December 2021 with a 20% token supply. The price is set as 1 YFNFT = 0.16 BNB for the Round 2. Shortly, after the presale, the YFNFT tokens will be listed on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap. You can visit the website to join the event and be the early bird for grabbing benefits from the YearnNFT marketplace. The buying process is quite simple and straightforward. Click on the “BUY TOKENs” icon on the website; signup/register and go with your required purchase accepting the price of the token in terms of BNB and YFNFT of your choice.
  4. YearnNFT, an NFT-based community-driven decentralized project has announced the YFNFT token presale distributing 40% of the total token supply. This platform is building an NFT minting decentralized applications on the Binance Smart Chain Network and is prepared to commence releases after the closure of presale. The YFNFT Token Presale is live at YearnNFT.Finance from 19 November 2021. This presale will run in two rounds, where Round 1 will raise 20% token supply and Round 2 will distribute 20% token supply. The price for Round 1 of 1 YFNFT is 0.12 BNB and price for Round 2 of 1 YFNFT us 0.16 BNB respectively. This project provides an easy-to-use user interface and functionalities that allows digital creators, artists, and online enthusiasts to reserve and trade digital commodities and collectibles as NFTs for redeemable goods. The entire platform is operating on BSC network and advanced protocols. The development of in-built gallery, assets and collectibles serves as means to embrace the platform for more competency as it pushes the bars in the blockchain world. YFNFT token is behind the project to power up and as governance tradable asset. We are here to bring users and art creators with exclusive experience specifically with the NFT space. Our team cited this while demonstrating our delight in the development. We are running the presale of low token supply to reach its productivity and value worth 300x. YearnNFT team is thankful for the engagement and interest coming from the community with respect to every event handled on the project especially this YFNFT presale. Along with the current NFT market, YearnNFT is moving quite ahead in the blockchain world and inches closer to the goal of becoming top trusted NFT artwork project and marketplace. The efforts behind this project are all due to the knowledgeable and experienced team trying to seek the best opportunities and protocols. We will showcase the community via our digital artwork NFT marketplace as we believe that community members will seize this chance to encounter the NFT world. In a motive to make the YFNFT token participation at YearnNFT Finance Marketplace available for everyone prior to getting on exchanges, this project has hosted its presale event for the native token. Therefore, now the users can earn YFNFT tokens at cheap rates and earn 10% rewards with the kickstart of the event. Yes, there is an extra 10% bonus on each purchase as reward for YFNFT tokens purchased at the event of presale. Every Round has big bang for you! The Round 1 has started from 19 November 2021 and Round 2 will start from 1 December 2021. Right after the presale, we will list the YFNFT tokens on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap as mentioned in our working business plan.
  5. NFTs are flourishing in popularity yet this concept is not properly recognized in terms of value by many investors within the digital sphere. Especially in the sectors of music, artwork, collectibles, esports, etc; NFTs are certainly becoming more profitable asset. The core aim of YearnNFT marketplace is to provide an easy, flexible, open source platform, and secure way to buy, bid, reserve, sell and mint NFTs. YearnNFT Finance is an open platform for everyone to feasibly join the world of NFTs where user, creators, artists and investors can freely create, bid, reserve and display their NFTs. This project was launched back in September and now it is ready for its token sale. The project has already faced a successful closure of Airdrop and Bounty program. YearnNFT also announced its Registration and Referral Campaign distributing 100 NFT points on each registration and additional 100 NFT points as reward on every referral. This project ecosystem operates on the Binance Smart Chain, as we believe that this is among the most progressive network in blockchain existing today. Facilitating the BSC network will encourage its overall performance to acquire the base mission in this artwork and NFT industry. The low supply NFT token holds potential to go 300x with its NFT reserve and trading. After the launch of the YearnNFT project, the project is known as the new yet stable NFT industry's first decentralized artwork and collectibles offering network. This NFT marketplace supports diverse firms and project alike to raise funds and assets while allowing investors to garner early positions and earn exclusive rewards through the project profile. Let’s succeed together! Feature-Rich Ecosystem YearnNFT Finance is now following a trend of successful tokens and NFT project. The team is tracing the footprints based on most grounded tokens within this entire cryptocurrency space. YearnNFT Finance is considered a perfect standard of a long term project incorporating an engaged community within few months of launch. Additionally, this project influences openness using the public-facing figure and functionality. YearnNFT is an easy-to-use interface platform that makes the dashboard and sections easily accessible with straightforward forms to navigate. On the other hand developers are included in the narrative as the YearnNFT decentralized portal allows them to display and showcase their creativity within the space. We also embrace creator and artists to leverage our advisory, marketing, artwork, collectibles, and investment services to bring the ideas into reality. Using BSC, we offer the ability to converse with different blockchains, promoting interoperability. This project upend as one method from which our dashboard can use to enhance scalability and liquidity within the NFT ecosystem. Soon, after the presale on YearnNFT Finance, we will join forces with ApeSwap and PancakeSwap to list YFNFT tokens. This will raise the reputation and value of the token as well as the project alike. YearnNFT YFNFT Tokenomics YearnNFT’s token, $YFNFT, has a maximum supply of 73339 tokens. The platform has dedicated 40% of the token supply to the upcoming presale starting from 19 November 2021. 3% of the total token supply is reserved for NFT Publishers reward and 2% for marketing team. 35% will be raised for liquidity injection, 4% for Registration bounty, 4% for referral bounty, 4% for influencer and airdrop reward, 3% for the development team, and 4% for advisors and investors. Meanwhile, we believe that this is just the beginning of entering a new age for YearnNFT Finance Marketplace where major projects can freely benefit from its ecosystem. Our team decides to undergo auditing and authenticated verification to secure the artwork collections and galley pictorials from threats. YearnNFT YFNFT Presale The total token supply dedicated for the YFNFT presale is 40% out of 73339 tokens. 20% tokens will be raised in Round 1 with a price set as 0.12 BNB. The remaining 20% tokens will be allotted to Round 2 with a price set as 0.16 BNB. The YFNFT token presale will start from 19th November 2021. Early registration will receive 10% presale bonus to get started from 13 November 2021. We are also planning to list our ICO on PancakeSwap and ApeSwap to raise its liquidity. For more announcements and updates you can follow up on social media channels and get precise dates on our upcoming events.

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