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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF verify and approve but does not endorse any products. Add your 728 x90 banner here.🔥

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Found 4 results

  1. Tronies.net ffers 0.05% hourly until 250% profit as minimal profit for investment. Plans: 0.05% hourly until 250% profit (+0.15% bomus every 24 hours without withdraw) Minimum Deposit: 100 TRX Referral Commission: 6%-2%-1% Payment systems: Tron This is what it says on Tronies.net website: TRONies platform smart-contract is published on TRX blockchain. Nobody can change its rules or algorithms, even administration. This provides our participants unconditional confidence in safety of their funds. Anyone can check smart-contract code and be sure that TRONies platform is honest. Joining link here
  2. GGBTC announced that, as one of the world's top 5 exchanges supporting TRON ecological trading market, it has fully opened TRX trading market and opened TRX/USDT, WINK/ USDT, BTT/ USDT trading pairs. Through the advantages of GGC, GGBTC will perfectly support the free circulation of all TRC tokens in Tron Protocol, maximize the synergies of GGC as the world's first platform coin based on Tron and the only trx20 token marked V on TronLink. Thanks for the recognition of GGBTC from TRON and its ecological quality projects. In the future, GGBTC will list more encrypted digital assets based on Tron public chain and ecology, and become one of the most important builders of Tron ecology, creating a new future of GGC and Tron in terms of value, technology, community, market, charity and consensus.
  3. GGBTC is going to list WINk (Token: WIN) on August 9, 2019. At that time, deposit and trading services will be opened. Trading opening time: August 9, 2019, at 12:00 (GMT+8) Deposit opening time: August 9, 2019, at 12:00 (GMT+8) Withdrawal opening time: August 9, 2019, at 12:00 (GMT+8) Trading pair to be opened: WIN/USDT、WIN/TRX Deposit WIN and get free GGC Activity time: August 9th - August 15th Activity Rules: Deposit 40,000 WIN and get 10 GGC. Deposit 80,000 WIN and get 30 GGC. Deposit 120,000 WIN and get 50 GGC. Note: GGC will be distributed to the users’ accounts within one working day after the activity ends. The withdrawal rule: All the GGC are locked, and there are 3 types of lock-up time: GGC will be locked for 30 days: deposit 100USDT GGC will be locked for 15 days: deposit 300USDT GGC will be locked for 7 days: deposit 500USDT Project Introduction WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems. Through behavioral mining, innovative token economy design, and other incentive mechanisms, WINk has built an ecosystem that provides quality gaming experiences, enables developers to build dApps that drive adoption, and engages users to participate as active stakeholders. WIN Official Website:https://www.wink.org/#/ Risk Warnings: Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. Please make a rational judgment on your ability to invest and take cautious investment decisions. GGBTC attempts to screen all tokens before they come to market, however, even with the best due diligence there are still risks when investing. GGBTC is not liable for investment gains or losses. We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding. GGBTC will continue to provide you with better products and service!
  4. On July 16, GGBTC, the world’s leading digital asset trading platform, officially announced an in-depth cooperation with TRON. TRON (token: TRX) will will be listed on GGBTC on July 20 and TRX/USDT trading pair will be available. On July 26, GGBTC will open GGC/TRX trading pair. To celebrate the launch of TRX, GGBTC will host Trading Ranking Competition from July 19 to July 31: the first place wins 8,000 TRX; the second place wins 5,000 TRX; the third place wins 2,000 TRX; 4th — 10th place will share 3000 TRX. After TRX gets listed on GGBTC, it can increase liquidity, making it easier for institutional investors to obtain TRX, making Tron blockchain more suitable for enterprise partners and institutional investors. In addition, since GGC is the world’s first platform based on Tron, trading all encrypted digital assets based on Tron public chain and ecology in GGBTC will be easier. The user experience will be better, and the trading speed will be faster. Next, GGBTC will also support the TRC20-based USDT token (USDT-TRON) launched by Tron and Tether. GGBTC will actively support the 200 million TRC20-based USDT rewards program , as well as gradually open up the TRX ecological market, and launch more encrypted digital assets based on Tron public chain and ecology. Through the advantages of GGC TRC Token, GGBTC is expected to become the largest trading platform of Tron ecology, achieving comprehensive coverage of assets in Tron ecological network, perfectly supporting the free flow of all TRC Tokens in Tron protocol, and maximizing the synergy effect of GGC as the world’s first platform coin based on Tron. It can be said that the cooperation with Tron highlights GGBTC’s belief in liberal market values and willingness to support the development of Tron, other types of tokens and their communities in the ecology, and to serve the free circulation of more valuable digital assets based on Tron. In addition, more dimensions of cooperation will also be kicked off. For example, as early as June, GGBTC jointly organized Binance Charity Poker Cup with Tron and Binance, and raised 5.55 LTC, 116.32 BNB and 1329567.77 TRX for Children Campaign and GGBTC gained a lot of attention. In fact, as the backbone of the new digital currency exchange in the blockchain industry, GGBTC has been paying attention to the blockchain + philanthropy, and intends to hold periodic charity competitions in the future, hoping to work with Tron and other industry partners to empower charity with blockchain. As a cutting-edge exchange, GGBTC has created the cost-effective promotional activities, effectively promoted the growth of users and trading volume of the platform, and enabled the project to realize the market value expectation. Since the launch of cost-effective promotional activities, GGBTC has made great efforts in cooperation with various popular projects and achieved good results. The natural advantages of GGC TRC Token and the cooperation with Tron are beneficial. On the one hand, it facilitates the free flow of all the encrypted assets of Tron ecology on the exchange. On the other hand, the cooperation with Tron also marks the expansion of GGBTC’s ecological layout. GGBTC team is very optimistic about the cooperation with Tron. GGBTC hopes to become one of the most important builders of Tron ecology, and create a new future for GGC and Tron ecology.

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