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Found 12 results

  1. Now, all think about this, a wallet that can hold all the cryptos. Now add blockchain to blockchain transactions, no exchanges are required. Add mining and Staking, with a fee of just 0.001 LBY 16000 TPS and AI 4 node layer security system, you can say this is the NexGen. LibonomyOS is live on their website, I hear they add BTC, ETH, and DASH in the next few weeks. I have been testing the solutions they offer and I have to say these are going to be very big soon. LIBONOMY WALLET
  2. Best wallet ever created in crypto space Visit Here: LIBONOMY WALLET
  3. Decentralized wallet from Libonomy is 100% freedom, no 3rd party exchanges needed anymore. Check Out: Libonomy Wallet
  4. Wow impressive app by libonomy. Crosschain Blockchain to Blockchain transactions is real freedom of my finance's. No KYC makes this by far the future in money. LIBONOMY WALLET
  5. Now, all think about this, a wallet that can hold all the cryptos. Now add blockchain to blockchain transactions, no exchanges are required. Add mining and Staking, with a fee of just 0.001 LBY 16000 TPS and AI 4 node layer security system, you can say this is the NexGen. LibonomyOS is live on their website, I hear they add BTC, ETH, and DASH in the next few weeks. I have been testing the solutions they offer and I have to say these are going to be very big soon. LIBONOMY WALLET
  6. In order to work with the Binance Smart Chain network, you will need to use the MetaMask wallet. You can install MetaMask on your Chrome browser or install the Metamask app on your phone. If you want to generate new source of revenue then it is better to build your own BEP20 wallet like Metamask. For this you need to hire the best team of experts. Antier Solutions is a renowned name in the field of crypto wallet development. Whether you want to develop your own wallet like Metamask or Trust wallet, give a call to the company’s subject matter experts. Build now to enjoy the new revenue stream.
  7. I need a lot of crypto wallets for my company. Each of the employees must have a corporate wallet so that I can track and keep statistics. How do I bypass the number verification? need help as soon as possible, help... any wallets such as binance, coinbase, localbitcoin or others
  8. There days people are looking for white label bitcoin wallet solution for their DeFi project, that offer immense of benefits to both users and owners. It provide users with complete control over their private keys and funds. This is one of the reasons they are gaining popularity among users and why many business owners are interesting in developing thier own DeFi wallet. With the integrationg of robust and high-grade features in your DeFi wallet development process, you can gain a huge competitve egde. 1) Mnemonic phrase 2) Multi-sig support 3) API connection to exchange platforms 4) High-end security 5) Cross-paltform compatibility, and more I understand developing this emerging technology need experience and knowledge, so if you want to build your own DeFi wallet, hiring the best DeFi wallet development company is the best bet for you.
  9. Modern life can not be imagined without a smartphone, which does not solely fulfill the role of a telephone, but has become an integral part of our existence, a kind of universal communication tool. The best way to understand why we need a smartphone is to stop using it - it will be immediately apparent where we experience the maximum discomfort. Would you miss your smartphone, if you couldn’t use it? You won’t be able to take a picture (think how many really important photos you have taken? Not talking about those “oh look what a cute little puppy”), and how often do you feel the need to? You won’t be able to share a photo that you just took in instagram or another social network. But is it really necessary? To see yet another look or selfie with a car\castle\something epic in the background. You won’t be able to find out what's new in the lives of your friends those to whom you subscribed. You will lose the ability to read your daily portion of motivators/demotivators … According to these examples, it may seem that I am leaning towards the uselessness of smartphones. Not at all. All I did was mention the most common use cases. But there are others. Online banking: quickly pay utility bills, loans, make transfers, track your expenses, and more. Communication with colleagues and relatives: over time, the value of the communication has fallen dramatically, at the same time the quality and importance of the communicated content has also decreased which is completely logical. But among the heaps of spam (agree, that most of the information transmitted in messengers is not necessary, and it is quite easy to live without) there are really important bits of information. Work, family notices and others... Furthermore, the modern generation cannot be torn away from their phones at all, through smartphones they learn life. Good this is or bad is another matter. The smartphone has become a communication tool. Some download applications to play, others to correspond, others to manage money, others to keep in touch, and so on... But what makes a smartphone the main communication device are the apps. Let’s talk about this. Smartphone as the main communication device Which application solves your problems the most? Which apps do you spend the most time in? If you had the choice to use only one app - which one would it be? Let's see what role the phone plays in our life. We chat - it is communication, humans are social beings and communication is an integral part of people's lives. We earn and spend money - without this, it is not possible to imagine the life of a modern person. What else can we add here, what do you think? I want to tell you about an app called Channels which successfully covers all the needs above, including your additions. Communication: you can chat, share photos, make audio and video calls. This is enough to close all communication needs. In addition, the developers took the blockchain technology and modern encryption technologies and used them as the app basis. Thus, your communication will remain completely private. This is an element of true freedom and departure from total control. Money: Channels provides the ability to store, send and spend money in almost all currencies (including crypto). Developers are actively working towards expanding fiat and cryptocurrency options in the wallet. Today, the app supports 12 cryptocurrencies, 3 fiat currencies and 4 stablecoins. You can manage your money without any involvement from banks, thereby being secured from the imperfections of the banking system and, again, total tracking of your monetary actions by the government or the private sector. The entire implementation of the storage system is based on the blockchain technology. Without commissions, you can purchase currencies you are interested in right on your smartphone, send money to friends and family, participate in group purchases, save money, or manage your business. The funds that are stored in the wallet belong only to you, no one can take them from you. Thus, most of the communication needs, both social and financial are satisfied with this single application, Channels.
  10. Hello everyone! Been looking for a post about any crypto wallet in here, but found none. Maybe someone will be interested in one so I shall leave my little review here. Why Freewallet? I personally like the design and user interface. It is finally friendly even for a newcomer like myself. A friend of mine whom I called to join Freewallet from the HitBTC exchange, he likes it too. Also, the thing he likes is that the Freewallet has in-app exchange that requires basically no skill in trading, maybe some market knowledge so you won't lose. All you got to do is click here and register (email, google+, facebook, phone).
  11. Epay wallet has multiple functions except deposit and withdraw USD/EURO/HKD.1.Free to pay and receive Fiat such as USD/EURO/HKD. and Cryptocurrecies such as BTC,EOS,LTC,XRP,ETH,USDT,BCH.2.Buy Cryptocurrecies such as BTC,EOS,LTC,XRP,ETH,USDT,BCH.3.Secured transaction.The secured transaction is a function based on Epay to solve the trust issues in the transaction between the two parties.Epay as the intermediate guarantee party does not charge any fees, guarantees the security of the transaction between the two parties, and conducts fair and equitable statements with factual evidence, so that the large-value fund transaction no longer lacks security.Welcome to supplement if you find other functions of Epay wallet.

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