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[automatic Store]avs Vcc, Vba And Vcc Are Delivered Automatically (just $2)

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Welcome to WikiVerify's Online Store!

Automatic Online Shop : HTTP://WIKIVERIFY.COM

PayPal VBA and VCC are delivered automatically within a few seconds after successful payment through Webmoney or Liberty Reserve. Enjoy!



We provide various types of VCC for online shopping purposes and verification of your account such as PayPal,Ebay, Amazon, Ioffer, ...

We deliver your products instantly.

We offer a cheaper price than the other

Micro Deposit - Instant or After 24-36 Hours.

Bulk price can be negotiable

Guarantee - Works 100%

EXP : 1,4,9,10 Years

The only service which offers expuse code in 30 secs max is 5 min

After used VBA, VCC pls send a REQUEST to us on REQUEST PAGE on website , We will check code and send fast.

Purchase our VBA & Get Verified with PayPal Ebay Facebook, MSN Center, Amazon,

VBA For USA Paypal : $2

VBA For Canada Paypal : $4

Private VBA : Contact

Purchase our AVS VCC& Get Confirmed with Paypal Ebay...

AVS VCC For USA Paypal, Amazon, Ioffer

Exp : 1-9 years

Purchase our VCC card & Get Verified with Paypal Ebay...

- PayPal : $7

- eBay : $5

- Payza

- Adwords

- Amazon - IOffer

You will get the following VBA ,VCC details:

VBA details ;

Bank Account Number : xxxx766

Bank Routing Number : 6xxxa6

Bank Name : xxxx

Bank Type : Checking or Savings

VCC Details

VCC Number : 16 Digit Virtual Credit Card Number

CVV2 : 3 Digit CVV2/CVC2 Code Number

Expiry Date (mm/yyyy)

Accepted Payment Methods : LR,WMZ, Moneybookers, Payza, PR, Western Union, MoneyPak...

Contact :

Yahoo : WikiVerify

Skype : WikiVerify

Email : [email protected]

Online Store : http://wikiverify.com

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