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$210 Posting Contest Sponsored By Exchangesimple

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  • Root Admin

Contest Details

1. Period of holding – one months. The contest will end on June 23

2. The most active members posting in TopGold Forum will be awarded with prizes. In order to participate in the contest you should 1)register an account on ExchangeSimple and 2) post in this thread a message like: "I participate in contest and I currently have x posts. My username on ExchangeSimple is xxxxx". Example : " My name is Dennis and I currently have 953 posts.My username on ExchangeSimple is topgoldforum";

3. Every registered member of TopGold Forum, besides HYIP Monitors has a right to take part in this contest.

4. Members may post messages in any forum's threads.

5. Members who spam the forums to build their post count will be excluded from the competition and will have their accounts warned/suspended.

Prizes Details

1. prize - $20 CASH in your PayPal or LR Account + KasperSky Internet Security 2013 one year license ($80 total prize value)

2. prize - $10 CASH in your PayPal or LR Account + KasperSky Internet Security 2013 one year license ($70 total prize value)

3. prize - $5 CASH in your PayPal or LR Account + KasperSky Internet Security 2013 one year license ($65 total prize value)

4. prize - $5 CASH in your PayPal or LR Account (consolation prize) ($5 total prize value)


Security is taken very serious on ExchangeSimple so you should do it too if you want to stay safe online and don't loose your hard earned money.

Spam Messages

The following statements are considered as spam and will not be counted:

- Meaningless posts or posts in foreign languages besides english

- Useless posts like "thank you" & others that add nothing to a discussion

- Same post repeated in several threads

- Posts copied from others including copy/pasting articles from article sites or blogs without adding your point of view

- Posts deliberately containing fake information

- Posting consecutively in the same thread in a short period

- Posts that try to trick the minimum post length requirement (by adding a repeated character for example)

- Savage advertisement

- Any other abusive posting

- Answering multiple introduction threads or bumping old threads

Hyip Monitors that posts only payment proofs can not enroll in this contest as we are looking for fresh,interesting content not copy/pasted payment proofs.

Good luck everyone.



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Guest ScrapeBrokers

Looks like a nice contest. I'm going to purchase a new laptop soon so I cna really use the Kaspersky Security licese so I'm in.

My name is ScrapeBrokers and I currently have 32 posts.My username on ExchangeSimple is scrapebrokers

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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