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SIGEN is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Exchange, P2P platform and exchanger.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: News Based Trading

It is rightfully assumed that cryptocurrency prices are strongly affected by news. News based trading is one of the popular methods to trade on cryptoexchange. Let's have a closer look at some of the fundamental principles you need to adhere to in order to preserve and increase your funds.

Most traders operate as follows:

  • When news are bad, all traders fear a drop in price and engage in a “sale”.
  • When news are good, they buy cryptocurrency.

This is an adequate response to news. However, in terms of making profit this is not always the right strategy.

If you want to make profit, the right strategy would be the opposite one:

  • When news is bad, buy cryptocurrency.
  • When news is good, sell cryptocurrency.

In this case, you'll be able to make profit since cryptocurrency price is lower when news are bad.


A lot of beginning investors and traders notice that news have an impact on the Bitcoin price. A lot of them try to trade based on their own interpretation of the news. They soon can see that they suffer losses or fail to make profit by misinterpreting an event.

The key reason for misinterpreting is using an unreliable source of news or, more often, a source that publishes the news too late for making trading decisions.

Therefore, you need to find an adequate source of news. One of the best sources is forums and blogs. It's also important that forum and blog participants share their trading knowledge and experience and analyze errors and problems.

Local manipulators

Some players on cryptocurrency exchanges set up groups tasked with initiating cryptocurrency price movement in the right direction. They can have significant means and use them to rapidly increase or decrease the price.

However, local manipulators don't need to spend their own funds — they could just make a stir around a piece of news and force traders buy or sell cryptocurrency. This is exactly when manipulators make a profit by making the right bids.  If an exchange has a chat, it's an advantage for manipulators since they can use it to directly influence traders.

There's some speculation — though having no proof just yet — that certain global news regarding cryptocurrencies are also initiated by manipulator groups. Operations of some exchanges were even suspended this and last years on suspicion of using insider information.

Therefore, even if you trust your source, you must always double-check all news, employ analytical tools and compare price movement on various trading platforms.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: Arbitrage

In previous publications, we talked about some popular trading strategies, such as scalping and news based trading. Today, we'll tell you about another strategy — arbitrage.

The arbitrage strategy is when a trader trades on multiple exchanges. They use the difference in cryptocurrency prices on different exchanges and makes a profit on this difference. The trader compares prices on multiple exchanges and calculates the profit: where cryptocurrency can be bought at a lower price and sold at a higher price. In other words, the trader compares the price of the same cryptocurrency on different exchanges and calculates when the profit will be larger.

Arbitrage is not an easy-to-use strategy, but it's quite profitable

This strategy cannot be regarded as an easy-to-use strategy, but such trading can be the most profitable. To engage in arbitrage, you need to register accounts on multiple cryptoexchanges and carefully analyze and memorize their respective functionalities. You need to do it to rapidly respond and not to lag behind when you create buy/sell orders.

It's important to correctly calculate fees to be paid for transferring funds between exchanges and to account for the deposit/withdrawal rate. You should also analyze and memorize how prices usually change on specific platforms. Just like with any other strategy, it's good to master analytical tools, learn how to rapidly and competently read and understand charts.


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Scam or No Scam — This is the Question

All of you probably know that “scam” literally means con or fraud. However, in the online world, this term has a narrower meaning — raising funds for an allegedly promising project that will then disappear together with the investors' money.


Scam-projects usually spring up in hype industries, i. e. the fastest-growing sectors. 
Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are a hype sector now; therefore, a lot of conmen find their investor victims in this area.

A scam project is very hard to identify initially. Since cryptoindustry grows very fast, no developers can be confident their project will be a success.

The difference between a scam and any other project is that scam has no success embedded in it — it's just about collecting money from the investors.

However, there's a range of characteristics that might prove a project is a scam.

Scam Characteristics
- Regular technical issues on the project web-site, DDoS attacks and failures may indicated a project is a scam.
- An important scam characteristic is the low activity of the support service. No one answers your questions, no one responds to your comments or replies with trivialities.
Despite the announced big plans, the project makes no headway and does not grow.
 - Problems related to withdrawing or getting back your funds are probably the most obvious characteristic of scam. In the case of cryptocurrencies, it may be an issue related to selling the tokens. Unfortunately, if the investor reaches this stage, it's hardly possible to get back the invested funds.
 - A lot of negative reviews are published online, there's a strong negative feeling around the project on professional forums — this is what you should look out for. Cryptocurrencies are still an area for the “advanced” investors who understand what they invest in — don't ignore their opinion.

These are the key characteristics of scam projects. Each characteristic on its own may simply mean that a project is experiencing some growth difficulties. Together, however, these characteristics are a sign it's not safe and the project is, in all probability, a scam.


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What is an Order Book on the Cryptoexchange?

An order book is a serious and efficient tool that can be used to analyze the cryptocurrency situation. This is how it works.

Buying and selling

The order book is a visualization of bids and asks on the exchange. It provides you with in-depth information about the correlation and volume of cryptocurrency demand and supply in real time.

On SIGEN the blue part (green or other colors on other exchanges) of the order book shows Buy Orders. The red part shows Sell Orders. Consequently, the market price is most often between the best sell price and the best buy price.

Information in the order book reflects the depth and sentiment of the market and can be used to make pretty accurate forecasts regarding cryptocurrency price movement. The order book shows the biggest orders that can be used to make trading decisions.


The order books allows you to simultaneously see two price categories: the topmost Buy Order reflects the highest price buyers are ready to pay for cryptocurrency while the topmost Sell Order reflects the lowest price sellers are ready to sell the asset for.

For instance, the price in the order book is fixed the following way: when cryptocurrency is sold at a favorable price, it's replaced by another order with the ask price higher than in the previous order. Transactions follow one another, with each subsequent one more expensive than the previous one. With falling prices, the situation is similar, except that the buyer creates a low-price order and when this order “plays out”, another order is created, with an even lower price.

As a rule of thumb, picking the entrance point with the help of the order book works best for players who aim to hold their positions over some trading sessions.

Whatever purposes you are to use the order book for, you should do so carefully. Why? We'll tell you in our next publication.

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Movement in the order book: Trend and Manipulation

As mentioned in the previous publication, the order book may be a useful aid in determining the trading strategy on the cryptomarket.


The information in the order book clearly reflects the predominating market sentiment — buy or sell. You can see how demand and supply correlate. Each trader makes their own decision as to how they are going to trade using the order book data. However, most of them will follow the trend while strengthening it further.

When the price change dynamics is especially high, aspiring traders must be very careful not to fall victim to the stir around buying at a high price and not to take part in the panic selling of cryptocurrencies.

The trend may be modified by a big player or multiple players who create very big orders against the general trend. The price may also change under pressure from a lot of traders who simultaneously respond to certain events on the cryptocurrency market, such as the news.


Aspiring traders often confine themselves to the order books since the latter visualize things very well, and traders think they don't need any other tools. This strategy, however, is a mistake.

The truth is the order book does not show the entire picture of the market:
- Big players may create false order and later cancel them. This will cause the trader to respond to changes in order book data randomly and incorrectly, thus suffering losses.
- Big orders with the price being 1 or 2 points lower or higher than the market price can be created for manipulation purposes, to create the feeling a massive buy or sell is about to happen.
- Some players don't even create orders — they just store coins on their balance and sometimes use orders previously created by other players; therefore, the order book will not reflect the real demand / supply picture.

Order books are often manipulated; to prevent it, you need to crosscheck order book data using other tools for price movement analysis or even turn to the order book as the last thing. If price movement seems suspicious, you should compare prices on a few exchanges.

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How Can You See the “Double Bottom” and Use It to “Hit the Skies”?

A lot of trading players look forward to the so-called “double bottom”. The name derives from a very particular charting pattern. Why this name and what's interesting about it?


The “double bottom” looks like the letter W. This chart pattern is generated when the price hits a low (the “first bottom”), then rebounds and drops again (the “second bottom”) to finally soar.

This movement demonstrates that the market is out of balance, with traders fighting to close transactions during the “first bottom”. When the price starts to rebound, some traders open positions, and the price drops. Traders with a good reaction manage to make quite a profit from the W-shaped pattern. Holders, i. e. traders who hold their assets and do not respond to minor market movements.

The “double bottom” may be forecast even before it starts to form. For example, when a long-term slump in price is interrupted by good news and the price starts to slowly grow.

Using the double bottom

It's important to promptly notice that the “double bottom” is forming: drop – rebound — drop and subsequent price growth. The point is that a part of investors leaves on each curve of this pattern believing that they know how the trend is going to change further. Obviously, they make the same mistake three times before they can see that the price, having gone through the drop – rebound – drop sequence, starts to soar.

In this case, the most patient players are the ones that win. This patience is based on a better knowledge of how to use the tools for price movement analysis and on not jumping to conclusions.

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Accumulating and Distributing: a Thing or Two About the Accumulation/Distribution Indicator

The Accumulation/Distribution indicator (AD) was first described by L. Williams in 1972 in his book “How I Made One Million Dollars”. Let's talk about it in a little more detail.


Accumulation/Distribution is a volume-based indicator accounting for the general trend, volume of trading as well as the opening/closing prices and low/high prices. On the plus side, this indicator is synced with the price rather than based on calculating an average value. AD is primarily a trend indicator that both adequately determines the price at the observed point in time and is a useful tool for making forecasts. If selected, this indicator is usually displayed below the main chart of security price movement.

Interpreting AD

There's a mathematical formula that helps interpret this indicator. However, most traders confine themselves to the visual observation since the Accumulation/Distribution indicator is sufficiently insightful in itself.

The indicator shows that the nearer the closing price is to the high or low price, the bigger share is obtained by the bulls (traders operating for a rise) or bears (traders operating for a fall).

Accordingly, if the indicator shows the price closing in a downtrend (the indicator value is less than zero), bears are dominating; if the price closes in an uptrend (the indicator value if greater than zero), bulls are dominating. On other words, the market is owned by the former or the latter.

Moreover, if the trend updates the extreme value (maximum or minimum) while AD does not reproduce this update, it may mean the trend is about to reverse.

As we can see, the Accumulation / Distribution indicator may be the key indicator for selecting the trading strategy on the cryptomarket.


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SIGEN Resuming Operation! Lots of Useful Upgrades!

Dear friends! SIGEN platform maintenance has been successfully completed, and you can resume trading. The website was temporarily down due to a large-scale upgrade that will make your user experience on the platform even more secure, convenient and enjoyable.

What's new:

- Platform security features have been upgraded and taken to a new level.
- Protection against DDOS attacks has been stepped up.
- Funds can be withdrawn without password re-entry.
- The header now includes available funds only.
- Messages from the P2P trading chat are now also sent via e-mail.
- The message signing button is now more visible and text-based.
- The exchanger page has been modified — repetitions have been removed, and infographics link has been added.
- Non-key sections have been hidden under an icon.
- The deposit/withdrawal feature has been moved to the “Balance” page.
- Fees have been moved to a separate column.
- Lots of visual changes have been made: design improved, bell icon added to the header, new dashboard icon added, balance data visualization modified, button color changed to blue, QR code on the wallet page is now displayed sideways + lots of other minor changes.

We apologize for the temporary website unavailability, but, as you can see, it was not for nothing. We're happy to do our best for you. We wish successful trading!

Sincerely yours, SIGEN team.

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Important Rules of Cryptotrading: No Greed, No Panic

In one of the previous publications, we already told you about the main rules to be followed by a trader on the cryptocurrency market. Today, we'd like to consolidate this knowledge and tell you about the two key rules to be known by each trader.

Don't fall victim to greed

Don't fall victim to the desire to earn as much and as fast as possible by buying cryptocurrencies with no regard to the price and the trend. Don't expect the price to always soar or slump unless analysis tools unambiguously prove it. If an aspiring trader feels the thrill that cannot be analytically explained, it's time to stop and exit the trade.

Don't surrender to panic

Panic is even more dangerous than greed. It's harder to tackle since usually it attacks you when the price collapses — it seems you could lose all your assets. However, you often need to stop and exit the trade to avoid becoming a part of panic selling.

As regards cryptocurrencies during panic selling events, it's worth remembering that, despite their volatility in the short and medium term, in the long term cryptocurrencies demonstrate a constant growth, and it's best to be able to trade in the current prices rather than surrender to emotion, sell all your assets and quit trading for good.


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Hidden Order: Why You Need It and How You Can Submit It

For certain reasons, some investors prefer to hide large-size orders submitted for trading. These orders are the so-called “hidden orders”.

A hidden order allows the trader not to display the real number of buy / sell transactions for large amounts of cryptocurrency. This order is not displayed in the order book.

Creating a hidden order on Sigen.pro

On the Sigen.pro cryptocurrency exchange, you can create a hidden order whenever you fill up the “Buy” or “Sell” request. You can just tick the relevant checkbox, and the market players will not see your order.

According to research, hidden orders are a manifestation of growing trading activity on the market.

Finding a hidden order

Observant traders may notice the exchange has a hidden order out there. If you can see a certain number of buy or sell requests, but you can actually buy or sell more at the indicated price, it means a hidden order has been activated.

Moreover, the total volume of the order book will be larger than the amount of all visible orders. Finding hidden orders may be useful to amend the forecast for the cryptocurrency exchange.


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What is a “Short” and a “Long”?

The terms “long position (a long)” and “short position (a short)” are key concepts for the stock exchange. Despite what their names suggest, these fundamental trading strategies have no connection with the transaction duration.

Long Position (or Long)

A long (or long position) is the main method of trading wherein a trader expects the asset to rise in value over short or long term. In other words, the trader buys cryptocurrency “in the hope of growth”. This is what “bullish” traders do. Traders who go long on cryptocurrencies virtually shoulder the entire market preventing cryptocurrencies from falling in price too much.

Short Position (or Short)

A trader who “goes short”, i. e. enters into a short position, sells cryptocurrency with the expectation that it will fall in value.

Short positions allow the trader to make profit when cryptocurrencies become cheaper. In this case the trader borrows tokens or buys them on credit. They sell the tokens at the current price during a downturn and buy them back at a lower price in order to cover their debts. Traders who choose this strategy are “bearish”.

Experienced traders can make profit on both long and short positions. However, most of them will only opt for one option rather than use both. Please note that long positions are much more favorable for the growth of the cryptocurrency market.


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What is a Node in a Cryptocurrency Network?

A node is, in essence, any computer connected to the blockchain network and using the P2P protocol. Nodes use this protocol to communicate with each other distributing information about transactions and blocks across the network. Strictly speaking, nodes are the key component of the blockchain network.

Nodes may be lightweight and full

A full node is any computer that is fully synced with the blockchain network. Each full node has a copy of all blockchain data — starting from the genesis block and ending with the last generated block — on its hard drive. After each new block is created, information is updated, i. e. it's always up-to-date.

A light node is also fully synced with the network, but it does not store all the information from the blockchain on its hard drive — it only services the network. Most nodes in the network are lightweight; however, full nodes form the backbone of the network.

What are nodes for?

All nodes support network operations: they automatically validate transactions and generate new blocks while protecting the network from fraudulent activities. In many networks, node owners (miners) are rewarded with new coins that are generated with new blocks.


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Using Exchange on SIGEN Platform

The SIGEN platform has its own cryptocurrency exchange with easy-to-use and convenient functionalities. You can use it to make profit on price fluctuations. Buy cryptocurrencies at one price and sell them at another price to make money.

How do I start trading?

First of all, fill up your exchange account. To do this:

- Click the profile icon in the upper right corner of the page to open the menu. In the Deposit/Withdrawal section, select the line with the appropriate cryptocurrency wallet and click it to see your one-time address to deposit funds (the address will automatically change after each deposit).
- Transfer funds to the indicated address and wait for the proper validation of the transaction in the blockchain for the transfer to be deposited on your account.

After the transfer is completed, you can start trading on the exchange. Navigate to the Exchange section and create an order with the terms you want. To do this:

- Select the cryptocurrency pair of your choice in the upper right corner of the page.
- Create a buy or sell order. Click the amount next to the Available label, and the system will automatically make a calculation for the entire amount based on the current market price. If you want to change the price and the amount, do so manually. You can also create multiple orders with varying terms.
Please note: you can buy/sell cryptocurrency instantaneously if the Buy orders and Sell orders columns already include orders that comply with your terms. If currently there's no match, your order will need some time to work — you'll need to wait for other exchange users to respond.
An order may require one or multiple transactions to work, depending on the market demand. After each transaction, the appropriate amount will be displayed on your balance.
As you can see, using the SIGEN exchange is really easy, and your profit may be quite large since cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and their price may change by hundreds of percent in a single day. All you need to do is understand how the exchange works and start trading.
We wish you successful trading and large profits!


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Happy New Year from SIGEN

Save on fees with SIGEN

Different crypto exchanges charge different fees on transactions, deposit, and withdrawals. Most often the fees are pretty high. Is there a way to avoid high fees? Yes.

Fees are a headache for traders and investors.

When trading in crypto exchanges, the thing traders and investors complain about most is high fees. A fee is in the amount of some percentage of each transaction. Moreover, in some crypto exchanges only buyers are charged with a fee whereas in others both buyers and sellers have to pay a percentage.

A crypto exchange can also charge different fees on withdrawal to different payment systems.  Sometimes, with the help of the amount of a fees, crypto exchanges give preference to a particular cryptocurrency. In other words, most of cryptocurrency exchanges use fees as a great possibility to manipulate users' behavior and make money on it. However, not all exchanges stick to this policy.

SIGEN has no fees charged for cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals while the transaction fee is just 0.1%.

The SIGEN platform doesn't use fees as a means of pressure on traders. It has the lowest possible fees.

- No fees are applied to cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals
- The fee for a transaction on P2P platform and exchange is charged both for the buyer and the seller, and equals to 0.1% from each party.

These conditions are attractive for all traders but they are most favorable for newbies who due to high fees on other platforms, can't make a big profit.

Low transaction fees and no fees applied to deposit and withdrawal allow traders including those trading with a small amount to trade with no losses. We follow this policy as we intend to make cryptocurrencies available for anyone.

Use the SIGEN platform and take advantage of the lowest possible fees.


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Le 17/06/2018 à 20h45, SIGEN a déclaré:

PRIZM (PZM) - maintenant sur SIGEN!

Chers amis, nous avons de bonnes nouvelles pour vous: une nouvelle crypto-monnaie a été répertoriée et peut être échangée sur notre bourse, notre plateforme P2P et notre échangeur  https://topgoldforum.com/topic/327843-sigen-is-a-cryptocurrency-trading-platform-exchange-p2p-platform-and-exchanger/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-948465  https://downloader.vip/turbotax/  https://downloader.vip/gogoanime/ instantané. La plaque-forme SIGEN à ajouté PRIZM (PZM) à son portefeuille. Ce crypto-monnaie est en croissance rapide et unique.

Caractéristiques et avantages de PRIZM:

Frais fixes - 0,5% du montant du transfert, mais pas plus de 10 PZM. Alors que les autres jetons sont utilisés pour les transactions, dans le réseau PRIZM, les frais sont fixés à 0,5% du montant du transfert. 10 PZM, ils sont bloqués à ce niveau et ne croient pas quelle que soit la taille de la transaction. En d'autres termes, même si vous effectuez un transfert de 10 000 000 PZM, des frais de 10 PZM vous seront facturés. Paramétrage basé sur une preuve de participation. C'est un moyen unique et facile d'exploiter de nouvelles pièces développées pour PRIZM. Le paramétrage ne nécessite pas d'ordres puissants, et la récompense dépend du solde du compte. Plus le mineur possède des pièces de monnaie, plus la récompense est grande. To start the paramétrage, il vous suffit de transférer vos jetons sur votre compte. Il ne vous reste plus que regarder le solde de votre compte augmenter constamment. Programme de partenariat. Le paramétrage vous permet également de gagner de nouveaux utilisateurs, ce qui n'est pas possible avec d'autres crypto-mécanismes. Si vous construisez votre propre structure, votre récompense pour le paramétrage augmenté. Plus vos filleuls possèdent de jets, plus grande sera votre récompense.

Plus d'informations sur PRIZM (PZM) -
Commencez à négocier maintenant! -

PS Veuillez noter que nous n'avons aucun frais pour les dépôts / retraits de crypto-monnaie, alors que les frais de transaction ne sont que de 0,1%.

Commerce sur un échange. Echangez des crypto-devises avec d'autres et gagnez de l'argent grâce aux fluctuations du taux de change. Nous facturons des frais minimums et vous permettriez de retirer le crypto-monnaie automatiquement et sans retard. Pour en  
savoir plus:

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Cryptocurrency Trading: Where to Start

Investing in cryptocurrencies attracts more and more people, as does cryptocurrency trading. However, before entering the cryptocurrency market, one should do certain things to create a solid base for further success.

Sources of knowledge

First, you need to try and find out as much as possible about the blockchain, cryptocurrency, crypto market — study all materials you possibly can. But don't delve too deeply into the technical details and blockchain history — focus on the financial aspect instead. You can find abundant information on YouTube, Telegram channels, etc.  

Storage for money

When working on the crypto market, you must select a storage for your coins. Historically, cryptocurrency exchanges are not a safe place for storage — they're prone to technical glitches, hackers carry out successful attacks on them, exchange management can even change the rules at their discretion. This is why a more reliable option is a wallet or multiple wallets on computers that must also be copied to the external media. You should, however, retain some money on the exchange — just in case you will need to rapidly react to leaps prices.

Market gurus

The key and most influential news of the cryptocurrency market originate with cryptocurrency founders, advanced crypto enthusiasts with multi-million income and successful crypto investors. Among others, they include Charlie Lee, Vitalik Buterin, Roger Veer and about 10 more names. You should follow them in the social media.


You should also join chats of cryptocurrency traders. Here you can find practical knowledge about trading and consult experts avoiding mistakes. But don't trust all of them blindly. First of all, trust what you've learned yourself.

Cool head and iron nerves

One of the first rules to be adopted by a fledgling cryptocurrency trader is avoiding to trade on an impulse. In other words, don't give in to excitement or panic. Learn to play cool from the very beginning, stay reasonable casting aside greed and fear.


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Learning Trading From Scratch

Can you learn how to trade if you're really out of subject? The answer is “yes”. Here's a more complicated question: how do you learn how to trade from scratch and do it the right way to get a good result?


Courses for traders are a fairly popular method of learning. You just need to select the right course without reservations. Finding a course by a really wealthy and successful trader is complicated since a pro would hardly share their knowledge — they have no time to do it, and they don't want more competitors.

However, there're courses by well-informed traders who operate in smaller amounts. These could be a good way to learn basics of trading and use of exchange tools.

Online webinars

Some traders, sometimes successful, can arrange webinars for newbies. They can be really useful to learn basics of trading — talking to a professional is good for a novice trader in itself. A guru might give you a few tips on how to avoid mistakes when trading on your own.


Most traders learn how to trade independently: using books, articles and online video tutorials. It's best to start by studying the easy-to-understand and popular sources of knowledge.

Specialized resources for traders — forums or exchange chats — may become an invaluable source of knowledge. Naturally, novices are often sneered at on such resources, but most successful traders have walked this path having gained a lot in return. Feel free to ask questions. It may seem weird, but traders who refuse to share their knowledge for a price often do it for free while chatting on forums.

Posts by SIGEN

Additionally, in our posts we always give tips to both novice and experienced traders to help them improve their knowledge and make more money. Subscribe to us and regularly read interesting information. We really hope our articles are useful.

Lastly, we'd like to note you don't have hurry into putting all your newly-gained knowledge into practice. You need to test it in real trading step by step while carefully analyzing each action; otherwise, there's a good chance you could fail. Be vigilant and careful!

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Trading Volume as a Trader's Basic Tool

The trading volume indicator reflects the number of cryptocurrency transactions over a period of time, i. e. whether traders are interested or not in a coin. Let's review this indicator in more detail:

Volume and price

Volume is a basic cryptocurrency trading indicator that can be used to make decisions regarding investment and trading. It allows you to forecast price movements fairly accurately. It's because, surprisingly enough, it's not the price that dictates the volume; rather, it's the cryptocurrency market volume that determines the cryptocurrency price.

It's easy to prove. You can just have a look at the share of Bitcoin on the crypto market and at its price in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin price hike is made possible by a huge market volume. Volume always comes first, ahead of price. Volume indicators are the first to change followed by price. Accordingly, when a cryptocurrency falls away in traders' interest, volume shrinks first followed by a decrease in price.

Price patterns

Trading volume may be used to analyze price patterns based on the established dependency between volume and price. With any price pattern, volume growth must be followed by cryptocurrency price growth. Additionally, you must pay attention to the stability of support and resistance lines. A stable support line shows that the volume is high.

Moreover, it's important to analyze volume movements both vertically — based on the current volume — and horizontally which allows you to assess trend stability over time.

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Free TON is now on SIGEN.pro!

Dear friends! Our platform continues to actively develop, and the addition of new promising coins for trading is one of the most important and mandatory steps along this path.

TON Crystal (TON), the main coin of the Free TON decentralized crypto project, is being traded on SIGEN.pro from today.

The Free TON project is based on the Telegram Open Network code, which was developed by the brilliant programmer Nikolai Durov (Pavel Durov's brother and one of the founders of VKontakte) and the Telegram team.

And although Pavel Durov was unable to launch the project because of the SEC, the developers and the community launched it themselves based on open source. Telegram Open Network was developed by the best Telegram programmers. Blockchain has many advantages over other decentralized protocols and tremendous prospects. He is able to change the world!

TON Crystal was added to 3 directions at once:

- On the exchange in a pair to BTC;
- To a p2p platform for buying / selling TON Crystal for fiat money;
- To the automatic exchanger for 1-click transactions;

Especially for the Free TON community, we emphasize the key advantages of SIGEN.pro:

- 4 in 1: exchange, p2p-platform, exchanger and your convenient multicurrency crypto wallet;
- 0% commission;
- Reliable protection of your account;
- Transactions for cryptocurrencies and fiat money;
- Safe system ESCROW and Social Trust Scoring;
- Automatic input / output;
- 24/7 technical support and live chat;
- Convenient TradingView interface and charts;
- Automatic exchanger for instant purchases / sales;
- Convenient multifunctional mobile application;
- And much more.

SIGEN.pro becomes the first trading platform to fully add the Free TON project. We fully support the beginnings of the project, their idea of decentralization and wish them a happy future. The future together with SIGEN.pro!

And yet, especially for our users, we wrote an article where we spoke in detail about the Free TON project, its features and prospects. Enjoy reading!

Link to article: https://teletype.in/@sigen.pro/hxM6CR0us
Buy / sell TON Crystal at SIGEN.pro: https://sigen.pro/

Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!


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New version of the mobile application and new functionality!

Dear users! We have released a major update to the mobile app, which is already available for download.

The key innovation is the addition of the TON Crystal coin from the Free TON project. The application has added full support for the new cryptocurrency, including the wallet and trading functionality on the exchange and p2p platform. Update and be among the first Free TON users. Join the legendary project!

List of other changes:

- Fixed some bugs;
- Optimized the application.

Download update for Android:

Download iOS update

In addition to updating the application, we have made several changes to the functionality of the platform itself:

Changed the settings for TON in the wallet, reducing the network commission for withdrawals by 10 times. Total:

Minimum input - 1 TON
Minimum withdrawal - 5 TON
Network commission - 0.1 TON

Updated the TON listing banner and added the option to hide it.

We remind you that you can learn more about Free TON in our article: https://teletype.in/@sigen.pro/hxM6CR0us

Have a nice day and enjoy using the application!
Thank you for choosing SIGEN.pro!


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