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Winnest - The story of spectacular features!

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The evolution currently taking place in various economies in the world is going through a digital phase as well. Additionally, the global market has experienced competition between business models, which is growing swiftly just like the technology that carries them. In spite of this, there is a question in the hearts of many, which is how will the digital and social media era meet the expectations of customers today?


In line with this question, Winnest is offering a revolutionary platform that will provide collaborative economy and shared advertising. The Winnest project focuses on eliminating the intermediaries in the e-commerce industry by creating a social marketplace, which increases participant buying power and rewards users using a collectivized earning process. The Winnest platform will have integrated services essential for its growth and viability, which comes in the form of social marketing place. 

Furthermore, the Winnest platform is driven by its own cryptocurrency (the WNC token), which is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed to enable users to transact with one another without the need of third-party fees. It also has the loyalty token (TWNC).

Features of the Winnest Innovation Marketplace

•    Paid Sharing and Sponsoring of Content: Sharing social media post isn’t something you recommend to a friend on the Winnest platform but a way of earning revenue from each sale generated by such content. You get 10% of the price of the product sold and the amount is instantly credited to your WNC cryptocurrency on your virtual wallet. The paid sponsorship is one of a kind, which hasn’t been heard of on various online sales platforms. Interestingly, you can sponsor products using your loyalty tokens to increase the product visibility on the home screen of the platform.

•    Influence and ambassador: The Winnest platform enables you to interact within the platform using individual missions, with two or more people and expedition that will enable you to improve, win TWNC, and turn into an influencer of the moment. 

•    Broadcast and advertising: Another intriguing feature of the Winnest online sales platform is the way information is disseminated while providing the opportunity of increasing the visibility of your publication. Importantly, a user can buy visibility and carry out make publications which are targeted either by location or interest on the network of the influencer. Furthermore, to increase the reach, such buyer can share posts which enable him/her to add a budget in TWNC. 

Winnest revolutionizes the mode of communicating information and keeps the borders of targeted and shared advertising open.

The Winnest Token and its unique offers

Winnest is introducing the first general public cryptocurrency that is aimed at serving the mass market. As stated earlier, it is known as WNC. There is a need for the creation of a token considering the purposes of the platform. Furthermore, the regulatory flexibility makes the WNC perfect for consequent tax optimization while offering users the opportunity of making a smart and profitable investment.

The sale of the Winnest token is scheduled to start from October 2018 with a limited number of 5,000,000,000 WNC to be sold during the ICO. During this period, there will be special offers, which are broken down into two offers. The first offer gives users the opportunity of taking advantage of bonuses by sharing the initial money offered by the platform to their contacts. 

The second offer is dependent on the amount of money invested in the Winnest platform. Winnest offers the following bonuses during the entire ICO period. Those who invest up to $1000 get 1% bonus, while those whose investment amounts to $3000 get 3% bonuses. However, those with investment up to $10,000 and $50,000 get 6% and 10% respectively. Finally, people with investment over $100,000 and $500,000 upward are awarded 15% and 25% respectively.

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