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How to succeed? - Create a successful project.

Where should you place a successful project? - Of course, on a perfect server!

Hello! We are Perfect Quality Hosting (pq.hosting) and we offer to store your projects on perfect servers. For more than a year, we have been successfully growing, developing, improving and providing a reliable home for thousands of different projects.

Where exactly will the projects be stored?

At ten locations at your choice: Netherlands, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic. In each of these countries, we've chosen not just the best data centers, but the best of the best. However, to fully guarantee reliability in data centers, we use only racks and technical equipment, but all the "hardware" is completely ours from the world's leading manufacturers.

What will the projects be stored on?

Just on SSD and NVMe. We don't have another options. At your choice - super powerful dedicated servers or more economical VPS with flexible pricing system and KVM virtualization.

How fast will the projects work?

As fast as possible. Literally, instantly. And what about technical support, our specialist will respond to your request within 30 minutes on any day, at any time. Also, manu processes are automated, and it allows us to work faster: for example, your VPS will be ready to use in 15 minutes afret payment.

How can I manage projects?

We provide a huge choice of control panels and sofrware, depending on your needs. If you need a separate IP adress - we are members of the RIPE NCC with LIR status.

Who is responsible for the security of your projects?

First of all - we are. Even though our partners in data centers have the leading security systems installed, also our specialists additionally take care of all systems 24/7.

Is it official?

Of course. All software is licensed, and contracts are concluded in accordance with the laws of the country where the server is placed.

How much does it cost and how can I pay for it?

There are many ways to pay: from the most common Bank card to cryptocurrencies. Choose the most convenient one on our site. The cost depends on the tariff, and we have a lot of them for any project. By the way, as for the cost...

Our tariffs for VPS/VDS in 11 countries and namely: Netherlands, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Aluminium - vCore x1, 1 GB RAM ECC, 10 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 1€
Argentum - vCore x2, 2 GB RAM ECC, 20 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 3€
Ruthenium - vCore x2, 4 GB RAM ECC, 35 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 6€
Iridium - vCore x4, 6 GB RAM ECC, 50 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 10€
Palladium - vCore x4, 8 GB RAM ECC, 65 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 12€
Osmium - vCore x6, 10 GB RAM ECC, 100 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, ВKVM Virtualization. Price: 20€
Aurum - vCore x8, 12 GB RAM ECC, 130 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 25€
Platinum - vCore x10, 14 GB RAM ECC, 165 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 35€
Rhodium - vCore x16, 16 GB RAM ECC, 180 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 45€

Our tariffs Hi-CPU VPS/VDS:
The latest Intel processors, E2288G processors with a frequency of 5.0 GHz. In addition, all new machines have DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe SSD drives.
To top it all off, our Russian servers are under super-reliable DDOS GUARD protection, in the DataPro data center, TIER III certification.

Hi-CPU Aluminium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x1, 1 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 15 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 4€
Hi-CPU Argentum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x2, 2 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 40 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 10€
Hi-CPU Ruthenium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x2, 4 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 60 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 16€
Hi-CPU Iridium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x4, 6 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 80 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 22€
Hi-CPU Palladium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x4, 8 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 100 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 30€
Hi-CPU Osmium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x6, 12 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 150 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 45€
Hi-CPU Aurum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 16 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 200 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 60€
Hi-CPU Platinum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 32 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 300 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 100€
Hi-CPU Rhodium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 64 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 450 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 200€

All tariffs are subject to automatic discounts, if extended for 3-6-12 months.

We will not put too much strain on your eyes, please see the tariffs for dedicated servers on our website.

And that's not all. If you order a VPS (starting from the third tariff and higher), you will get a licensed ISPManager control panel for free!

Place your project on the perfect server – and we will do everything to make your project as successful as possible!

Thanks for your attention!

Best regards,

your perfect team https://pq.hosting/

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We want to share with you the good news: the authoritative directory of host companies HostAdvice sent us a secret buyer and tested our services. After that, they presented us with the TOP 10 WORDPRESS HOSTING award.
In honor of this, we are announcing a week of discounts on PQ.Hosting, namely 10% on the purchase and renewal of VPS.

Promo-code for a discount: hostadvice


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We come in English!

Hooray! PQ.Hosting has successfully crossed the English Channel, and our supernova servers are now in England!
Our partner is UK Servers, a company with servers in London and Coventry, operating since 2004.

The data center is equipped with a modern eco-cooling system, which is 80% more efficient than traditional air conditioners, as well as a multi-level backup power system, including a diesel generator with a fuel reserve for 2 days of full operation of the entire complex.

The data center has access to the London Internet Exchange traffic exchange point, also known as LINX. The building is guarded around the clock by people and automatic security systems, every corner of the data center is under video surveillance in recording mode.

The UK is one of the leading world powers, and we are proud to offer our customers servers on its territory. Also, this is the 12th country in the world where ideal PQ.Hosting servers have appeared. And we promise that it will not be the last!


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Legendary tariffs are for you!

You may have noticed that our VPS rates are named after precious metals. Firstly, because these metals are used in high-tech technologies. And secondly, because they fully meet the capacities of our machines and our quality standards.

But now we have prepared something absolutely epic for you: the most powerful servers for incredible projects and achievements. And their names are appropriate: Mithril, Adamantium and Obsidian. Weapons made of such metals helped the greatest heroes to perform feats, and our servers will help you to reach the highest peaks.

Just look at these parameters!
Mithril-vCore x20, 24 GB ECC RAM, 300 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, ∞ Traffic, KVM Virtualization. Price: 75€
Adamantium - vCore x24, 32 GB ECC RAM, 400 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, ∞ Traffic, KVM Virtualization. Price: 100€
Obsidian - vCore x32, 64 GB ECC RAM, 500 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, ∞ Traffic, KVM Virtualization. Price: 150€

One could only dream of such a server once. Now – we are happy to put them at your complete disposal. Enjoy using them!



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Shalom, dear forum participants!

We are pleased to announce that since August, the geography of our servers has been replenished with a new country – Israel!

Our Bezeq data center is located in the city of Petah-Tikva, one of the largest cities and economic centers of this country.

Three separate underwater Internet lines, two sources of electricity and air conditioning, a concrete building, earthquake protection. All included!

As for security, there is not much to say about the level of Israeli security and security systems. The whole world knows about it! Security, of course, is round-the-clock, and access to the data center is possible only after biometric identification of the individual.

Very soon you will find another new PQ-country located both in Europe and in Asia. And no, this is not Russia. Follow our news!


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The traditional summer vacation season is coming to an end, and it's time to say: "Goodbye, summer - hello, discounts!"

Let's clarify everything in order.

We are infinitely happy that the world is actively opening borders, and we, in turn, are actively opening our servers around the world! This summer, the worldwide network of PQ hosting has been replenished with four countries.

Ideal servers appeared in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain and Israel. Thus, now our geography includes 13 countries of the world. What we congratulate all our customers on: both old and new.

And what usually happens after congratulations? Of course, gifts! And we are happy to give our customers an 11% discount on all tariffs until 09.09.2021.
Promo code: "summerfinal2021".
Use it, enjoy it – and wait for new good news from us. After all, Black Friday and New Year's holidays are ahead, and we have already started preparing super-pleasant surprises for these dates!


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В последнее время запрос на наши серверы значительно возрос и появилось много клиентов, которым нужно сразу 50 или даже 100 VPS. Возможно, вы – один из них. Что ж, тогда у PQ.hosting для вас есть мегаприятная новость: мы запустили оптовый магазин хостинга!

Обычно опт – это дешевле, но дольше. Но только не у нас. Наши оптовые тарифы не просто выгоднее, но и оформляются и подключаются так же быстро, как и обычные! Вам достаточно просто при покупке указать количество нужных тарифов – и больше не нужно подключать их по одному.

Наш оптовый сервер-хаб с линейкой тарифов находится здесь. Открывайте, выбирайте, наслаждайтесь идеальным хостингом сразу на всех ваших новеньких серверах!

А если вы уже пользуетесь нашими услугами в оптовых количествах, то скидки, указанные в сетке, отныне будут применяться для вас автоматически!

С уважением,

Команда PQ.hosting


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Мы чуть не забыли отправить вам это письмо – ведь знаете, как оно бывает. Много дел, множество клиентов, усталость, плотный график – удержать все в голове сложно. А иногда и просто нереально. Наверняка вы тоже периодически попадаете в подобные ситуации.

Но теперь, по крайней мере, с оплатой услуг PQ.hosting эта проблема полностью решена. Теперь вам не нужно помнить о своевременной оплате хостинга – мы ввели функцию автоматического пополнения счета. Активируйте ее в своем Личном кабинете, укажите банковские реквизиты, и сумма по вашему тарифу будет ежемесячно списываться, автоматически продлевая услугу.

Автооплата не требует никаких дополнительных комиссий. Кроме того, ее можно отключить в любой момент.

Наслаждайтесь жизнью и идеальным хостингом, не отвлекаясь на лишние заботы. Об этом позаботимся мы!

С уважением, команда PQ.hosting


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Travel around the PQ world. The first photo report: Netherlands

Our services are completely online, and, in principle, we could work without leaving the office. But is it interesting? Travel is cool, and we love it as much as you do.

And when a trip allows you to combine business with pleasure– it's doubly cool.

We recently visited Serverius, the largest data center in the Netherlands – that's where our (and your) servers are located. Firstly, I always want to make sure personally that the real level of the data center fully corresponds to the description. Secondly, it is a useful exchange of experience with foreign colleagues. And thirdly– we have prepared a photo report for you so that you can, as they say, not only feel, but also see.

A detailed photo report can be viewed on our website: https://pq.hosting/news/news34

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Hello! We have urgent news from the Netherlands!

A whole landing force of unprecedentedly powerful, cool and convenient dedicated PQ.Hosting servers landed there. And now these super machines are available to everyone - you just have to make the appropriate order on our website.

Black Opal - 2x E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz, 20 cores, 40 threads, 32 GB ECC RAM, 2x480 GB SSD, Port 1 Gbps, unlimited traffic. Price 150€
Red Beryl - 2x E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz, 20 cores, 40 threads, 64 GB ECC RAM, 2x480 GB SSD, Port 1 Gbps, unlimited traffic. Price 220€
Pink Diamond - 2x E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz, 20 cores, 40 threads, 128 GB ECC RAM, 2x960 GB SSD, Port 1 Gbps, unlimited traffic. Price 330€
Blue Diamond - 2x E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz, 20 cores, 40 threads, 256 GB ECC RAM, 2x960 GB SSD, Port 1 Gbps, unlimited traffic. Price 380€

There you can also learn more about the configurations of the new tariffs. And here we will briefly describe their features:
• Automatic installation.
• No payment for installation.
• Organization of a private network.
• There is no mandatory binding to the first days of the month when paying for the service. The rate is calculated from the rental date.
• No hidden and additional payments – payment is clearly according to the tariff and not a cent more.
• Free AntiDDoS.
• The possibility of organizing BGP.
• All servers are connected to the 1Gbit port.
• Discounts when paying for hosting for a period of 3 months or more. The longer the term, the greater the discount.
• Backup power supply – two units plus two independent power supplies.
• Unlimited traffic.
• A wide range of operating systems and control panels with automatic installation.
• Access to the Network is provided by the best Internet providers in Europe.
• Free control panel with full access (ipmi/ipkvm/ilo) for the entire period of hosting use.
• The possibility of renting additional IPv4 (up to 32 addresses per server or network / 24 and above).
• IPv6 rental option.
• Provision of CISCO ASA, Failover IP - on request.
• Free reinstallation of the operating system in one click
• Hardware RAID controller on each server.
• Two processors on each server.
• All equipment - from leading brands, in particular – DataCenter disks from Intel on all servers.
• The ability to select a network over 1 Gbit.
• Personal manager in Telegram and round-the-clock VIP support.
• Super fast activation – just half an hour, and your server is ready!
• Turnkey server with your individual settings, parameters, requirements.

Four new supertariffs are waiting for you. Connect and enjoy the perfect hosting!

View: Dedicated servers with instant installation in the Netherlands.

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Hello, dear Forum members!


Perhaps you are already tired of our constant messages about expanding the geography of PQ hosting. But we just can't stop! And now we have opened in Turkey, or rather in Izmir, in the Netdirekt data center of SPDNet.


Why this particular data-center? At least because it has an officially confirmed 99.99% uptime guarantee. For reliability, the connection of the data center with the World Wide Web is provided by six major telecommunications operators at once - Türk Telekom, Turkcell Superonline, Vodafone, Cogent, Seabone and DE-CIX.


89 surveillance cameras are installed in the data center, backup power is provided by two 770 kW diesel generators (N+1) and a Newave battery from ABB (N+2). Liebert Hiross cooling systems are installed in absolutely all working rooms and are monitored around the clock.


Turkey is already the 14th country in the international hosting network PQ. What's next?


And then - only better! Follow our news here and on the website https://pq.hosting/vps-vds-turkey-izmir


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Black Friday on PQ.Hosting!

Caution! Our delicious black friday discounts can cause an irresistible desire to order more and more servers! In order not to become a victim of server mania, doctors recommend ordering hosting wisely, with a fresh head and only from a perfect hoster. Well, you understand.

But jokes are jokes, and discounts are discounts. Naturally, we have prepared a very special offer for Black Friday: namely, a collapse in prices for all VPS and discounts on dedicated servers.

With the promo code blackfriday2021 you will receive discounts:

On order and renewal of VPS/VDS 26%.
To order and extend dedicated servers, for tariffs:

Black Opal - 111 euros instead of 150 euros.
Red Beryl - 170 euros instead of 220 euros.
Pink Diamond - 250 euros instead of 330 euros.
Blue Diamond - 300 euros instead of 380 euros.

Please note, the issuance of a dedicated server is automatic and will take you 30 minutes! There is no installation board.
(the number of dedicated servers for the promotion is limited)

Hurry up! The offer is valid until 29.11.2021.


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We are expanding our geography again: now the ideal servers have appeared in Poland. Of course, they are already available for order.

Our Warsaw data center is located in the largest Polish telecommunications campus Atman, less than 8 km from the city center.

Complete isolation from any external factors, N+1 air conditioning and other charms of a modern data center in a complete set. Backup power supply is provided by UPS systems of 12,780 kVA and 16 diesel generators with a total capacity of 23.8 kVA.

To fully protect the connection, separate fiber-optic lines are drawn from different sides of the building.

Which countries will be next? It's a secret for now, but we can already say for sure that there will be two of them, and both are also located in Eastern Europe. How soon will there be new discounts? Very soon, because the New Year holidays are coming! Follow our updates, promotions and new rates on the PQ.hosting website.



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Breaking into 2022!

211221... two-one-one-two-two-one... No, it's not a cipher, it's just today's date. It's like some kind of digital magic. Isn't this the best moment to sum up the results of the year and announce new magic discounts on PQ.Hosting?

That's a great time, isn't it?

I don't want to start an already beaten bagpipe about a "difficult year". Yes, there are more successful years, there are less, but we all know: doing your job efficiently, so that you feel proud of it, is far from the easiest task, even in 2021, even in 2022, even in 2022 BC.

And we're really proud. Here, for example, are just some of our achievements for 2021.

- The geography has expanded significantly, now PQ.Hosting servers are already in 17 countries around the world (and new ones are planned)

- Dedicated servers are now issued in full readiness 30 minutes after ordering (with free installation)

- In the Netherlands, we installed just fantastic hardware (and this is just the beginning!)

- Launched a new version of the site (by the way, how do you like it? write us a review, please)

- We have introduced internal quality control of services and our own service standards, as well as improved payment methods

- Opened a knowledge base https://pq.hosting/help / - where our experts share useful information with you (if the topic you are interested in is not yet in the database, also write to us about it)

- We have introduced a convenient system of wholesale tariffs (which has already proven itself among our customers)

- Received the prestigious TOP 10 WORDPRESS HOSTING award from the HostAdvice profile catalog

This list can be continued for a long time, but probably you are more interested in the action that we have prepared for the New Year holidays? Let's say right away: we were inspired by the same magic of numbers and dates for this action, so here we have solid ones and twos. So: when ordering or extending any VPS tariffs, you will receive a 12% discount, and a whole 21% - if you order or extend our server for 12 months. The promotion will be valid until 21.01.22 inclusive.

Promo code: 12/21/2021

Well, the results of the year were briefly knocked out. And although the time for celebrations and congratulations has not yet come, we already want to thank you for another year with us. After all, in fact, there can be many achievements, but the main thing is only one thing: these are satisfied and happy customers. That is, you. And we wish you success, reliability, prosperity and perfect communication in every possible sense of the word. Hurray!

Always yours, the PQ.Hosting team

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Hello, dear forum members!

Let's make two assumptions.

First: you have your own website or server.

Second: you probably often visit your website/ server just to check if everything is in order there.

Did we guess right? If yes, then we have a supernova: you don't need to check anything else on PQ.Hosting! Saving time and nerve cells of our customers, we have launched a monitoring service that automatically performs these "checks" in the "full online" mode.

Let's say right away: the service is absolutely free for all tariffs without exception!

How it works:

- You enable the monitoring service of your website or IP address in your Personal Account

- Specify your Telegram in your profile (or make sure that it is specified correctly)

- The system automatically checks the operation of your website / server around the clock

- In case of a failure, you instantly receive a notification in Telegram (by the way, we were the first on the market to introduce such a service!)

And that's it, no more worries. In the future, we plan to improve the monitoring functionality, so follow our news in the mail and on the website.

And while our perfect monitoring saves you time, we are getting better and better for you every day!

Sincerely, the PQ.Hosting team

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Here it is, a special day, a magic date, and today - the score is 22:0 in your favor, dear customer! Because within 22 hours of receiving this email, you have a 22% discount on ordering dedicated PQ.Hosting servers!

We have never done such discounts before and we probably won't do it. Check out the configurations: https://pq.hosting/dedicated-server-netherlands

Taking into account such a huge discount, we are waiting for a big hype. Therefore, we immediately want to warn you that we may not have time to provide ready-made servers in 30 minutes, as usual. But! Firstly, maybe we will keep up. And secondly, you will certainly get your server with an excellent discount.
Long live the magic of numbers and the promo code "22022022"!


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Hello, due to the current situation in the world, our company has some news for you!

We would like to inform you that our company's servers are under a law firm in Moldova and sanctions will not affect us. All our customers are safe.

If you want to transfer your servers from Ukraine or Russia to any other country that we offer, make a request to technical support.

We also launched VPN tariffs with automatic installation of OpenVPN in the Netherlands and Moldova in case you lost access to any resources due to the difficult situation.

If you are in Ukraine and you have problems with the extension, we have a separate processing connected that accepts cards of Ukrainian banks for payment

In addition, if you currently have problems with payment for the extension of services, please contact our financial department. We will extend your server for free.

The data center in Ukraine is operating normally, there has not been a single interruption in its operation over the past few days. The employees servicing the data center notified us that the fuel tanks for the generator are fully filled, while the generator itself is refueled and ready for activation. Technical specialists provide remote round-the-clock support.

The PQ.Hosting team #nowar

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Dear readers, customers.

We want to reach out to you and convey the following information.

We are a company from a neutral country, sanctions from either side will not affect us.

At the moment, everyone knows what is happening in the world. Many of our clients and potential clients face various problems, including payment.

We would like to inform you that at the moment we have various acquiring merchants connected, as a result of which we have the opportunity to accept Visa/Master Card payments for: Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the world.

In particular, we accept many different cryptocurrencies, QIWI, Yoomoney and other payment systems for payment, read more https://pq.hosting/payments

There are still a lot of questions about the rise in prices? No, the prices will not go up either for old customers or for new ones.

Our servers in all countries are operating normally, our technical specialists are still available 24/7.

Also, we remind you about the promo code for new customers, 15% discount on the first order, code: "TAXI15"

Sincerely, the PQ.Hosting team

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Great news! We have added Italy to the hosting map of PQ.Hosting!

Our partner data center is located in Rome, the capital of Italy. The ower supply and cooling infrastructure of the data center is designed for the highest loads and uninterrupted operation (N+1 with full redundancy - UPS, diesel generators, high–tech air conditioners).

The same can be said about fire protection, as well as humidity control. All equipment meets the standards.

A team of specialists provides round-the-clock support and data protection in the data center.


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