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Represent an Affiliate Marketing Network? List it

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TopGold Forum has been established as one of the internet's premier destinations to help those interested in affiliate marketing. If you own or represent an affiliate marketing network check this page to find out the benefits of representative accounts and how you can get one.


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On 4/3/2022 at 6:32 AM, sanjeev kumar said:

can you please suggest some affiliate marketing website lists.

What kind of affiliate marketing website lists are you referring to? Websites where you can learn affiliate marketing?

I recommend monetize.info, affiliatefix.com and ofcourse TopGoldForum.com 😉

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An affiliate marketing network is a platform that connects advertisers with affiliates. Advertisers are companies that want to promote their products or services, while affiliates are individuals or companies that want to earn a commission by promoting the products or services of others.

Here is a list of the main components of an affiliate marketing network:

  1. Advertisers: These are the companies that want to promote their products or services through the affiliate network.

  2. Affiliates: These are the individuals or companies that promote the products or services of the advertisers and earn a commission for each sale or lead they generate.

  3. Affiliate Manager: This is the person responsible for managing the relationship between the advertiser and the affiliates, including recruiting new affiliates, managing commissions, and ensuring that the affiliates are following the terms and conditions of the network.

  4. Affiliate Tracking System: This is the technology that is used to track the sales or leads generated by the affiliates and calculate the commissions due to them.

  5. Affiliate Links: These are unique URLs that are provided to the affiliates by the network and contain a special tracking code. When a customer clicks on an affiliate link, the tracking code is activated, and the sale or lead is credited to the affiliate.

  6. Commission Structure: This is the system that is used to determine how much commission the affiliates will receive for each sale or lead they generate. The commission structure may be based on a percentage of the sale price, a flat fee, or a combination of both.

  7. Payment System: This is the system that is used to pay the affiliates their commissions. The payment system may be based on a threshold amount, where the affiliates are paid when they reach a certain level of earnings, or it may be based on a regular schedule, such as monthly or quarterly.

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Dear Gold Forum members,

We allow only premium members (TGF Premium and Company representatives) to post live links in their messages.

---> Upgrade your membership

We tried NOT to impose this rule for years, but some members signed up to drop messages with links and never returned. Also, our community was flagged by Google as deceptive because some members posted links to phishing sites.

We can not allow these members to destroy our nice community.

So to be able to post links in your topics, you have to upgrade your subscription to TGF Premium or Company representative if you represent a company.

----> Upgrade your membership

Questions? Contact us

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