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[KOPEECHKA.STORE] – A unique mail activation service. Less costs – more results

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And this is not the whole list! The service provides hundreds of domains for your aims.

You need our service if:

1. You are the owner of the program for registering accounts via email

2. You don`t have the program, but you still want to register accounts via email

3. You don`t want to overpay for unnecessary emails

4. You don`t want to waste your time on searching emails for work

5. You want to increase the registration speed

6. You have your own domains and want to recieve emails from them

Pros of our service

- Everything is as simple as possible. There is no need to search and purchase mailboxes, which in addition may not be valid.

- Payment is made only after receiving the letter.

- You only need to set the API of our service into the account registration program once to always have access to all our emails.

- The service works great with ZennoPoster / BrowserAutomationStudio

How to use the service

1. If you do not have a registration program, you can directly get a code or a link using our service.

How to order mail from the website

2. If you use software to register accounts, then you need to integrate the service into your program yourself.
How to use the mail service via the program

3. If you use ZennoPoster / BrowserAutomationStudio

Why you should work with us?

Our emails prices are the lowest on the market. Moreover, we also offer you a unique tariff plan, which you can receive letters in huge quantities almost for free.

*The tariff is valid only for our domains, you can get the list here.

Any questions?

Knowledge base

Technical support in Telegram – t.me/kopeechka_support_bot

Ask your question directly on the website (dialog box in the lower right corner)KOPEECHKA.STORE

Telegram channel with cool promotions and news
Subscribe to follow our news !

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On May 9, 10, we worked very unstable

However, we have changed a lot of things:
1) Lines for mails are generated quickly
2) Stock of the emails in @kopeechka_bot responds quickly
3) Added 20K+ our new domain
4) You can take your added domains using mail_type=mine

For all our non-working days, +2 days added to each active tariff
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We have changed the previous messages delivery system during two last hard-working weeks. Now, there are some new advantages:

- Less errors;
- Emails` in stock count rapid and accurate;
- Timeouts and "OUT_OF_STOCK" errors was fixed;

New system allows us to set DIFFERENT cost of each site SEPARATELY.
Current prices
are on the website in the ordering box.
We will notify you about prices change on the channel.

For example, based on the in stock count and the demand, we can make the cost of HOTMAIL for instagram.com 0,1 rub, and for a site with low demand and huge count - 0,05 rub!

We have reduced ALL prices (except of gmail.com for all services) by 50%, as we want to understand the whole situation with a demand, test the system and warm your interest !

We plan to keep such prices for a long time
, perhaps we will make it even lower.

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1. Fixed MAIL.COM , EMAIL.COM , GMX.COM - price 0.05rub

2. If you have timeouts when working with any of our products, it is now possible to use the mirror by changing the hosts file kopeechka.store api.kopeechka.store agregator.kopeechka.store

3. Now, you can work with our mail gmail.com (and other emails, if it`s allowed), using "+", "." etc.

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It was the source of cheapest emails at the beginning.

Mail.ru emails was the first accounts which we sold via API system for 0.01 rub per message.
We had no repeated emails at that time, such we had no other domains for selling. Frankly speaking, customers had not opportunity to add their sites without support
So, due to lowest prices I chose the name "KOPEECHKA" (it means 0.01 rub in Russian).

As time went on, the service got into various troubles. It`s expenses grew and more funds were needed for surviving. Prices began to rise and it helped us to rising too.

Nowadays, we don't have to fight for our survival. High prices are not a matter of life and death. We can think about the original idea, look into the bright future, when we will achieve it!

Cut prices for everything except some destinations (hotmail.com/outlook.com/gmail.com for discord.com, gmail.com for instagram.com and few others).

In most we have:
- Hotmail.com/outlook.com - 0.05 rub
- Gmail.com (we have, but not for all) - 0.05 rub
- Mail.com, yandex.ru, gmx.com - 0.02 rub
- Rambler.ru - 0.01 RUB!

If the demand for some destinations will be too high, the price will be regulated (upward) so that everyone has enough for everything.
To check the actual prices for your site, please visit our website and fill the ordering form.

We wish you a productive week and good work with us!

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So, friends, my name is Petya and I am your guide to Kopeechka.store

While others only think, I work hard
That's why recently I created for you a new version of our module for BAS (v2.7).
Certainly, I fixed the old bugs, removed the error on the variable in the launch mode, and a lot of little things, removed Karma completely.

I also built a password generator for BAS, it makes passwords harder and your life easier.

For those who work at python, there will be good news: we created our module on it. Again - make your life a little easier)

Place where all our modules are collected (for convenience).

Follow the news on our channel, as we will try to please you with something new and useful.

We wish you a productive week and good work with us!


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So, I continue to please you with news.
Every day, together with our developers, I fix small bugs,
which improves the receiving of letters.
If we speak in the language of numbers, then a month ago we had 200 to 500k mail cancellations per day. Now the maximum is 80k.
We work 24/7 so that you can earn every day

More good news:
We have made several useful modules for your convenience. The first is fiverr (https://community.bablosoft.com/topic/21125/%D0%B1%D0%B5%D1%81%D0%BF%D0%BB%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B9-%D1%88%D0%B0%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%BD-fiverr-com)
the second is livejournal (https://community.bablosoft.com/topic/21084/%D0%B1%D0%B5%D1%81%D0%BF%D0%BB%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B9-%D1%88%D0%B0%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%BD-livejournal-com)
and the third is pinterest (https://community.bablosoft.com/topic/21158/%D0%B1%D0%B5%D1%81%D0%BF%D0%BB%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B9-%D1%88%D0%B0%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%BD-pinterest-com).
I'm sure some of you will find them necessary for your work. Spoiler - soon there will be more modules on BAS.

For the first 50 fastest - a small bonus to the mail balance:
 (Here instruction how to use coupon (https://kopeechka.store/forums_img/coupon_activation.gif))

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Hachi did not wait, but you waited. We have gmail.com again)

We made it difficult , but it was checked that everything would work through the api.

Plus, we made lower prices. It is necessary to justify the name of our company.
Google for 0.5rubles. Cheap and cheerful (but there are always exceptions, and for discord.com they are 2rubles each).

We know that for a long time, do not scold, but every day I followed that we`re made it with high quality.
So we finished with them.
They work perfectly, letters come quickly (we are still debugging something, so it only gets better)

Volumes will grow!

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Hello again
You voted - I do it.
Since I am responsible for telling you about the news, even some small one, I consider it necessary to tell you about it :

1. rambler.ru added again (yes, they did`t work for some time, now everything is ok). The price is more than pleasant - 0.01rub Cheaper - it's only free).

2. We continue to debug gmail.com so that everything is okay with them. I remind you that the price has been reduced to 0.5rub from 2rub (for discord.com we have made it 1rub).

- a coupon with a nice bonus on the balance (hurry up! only 7 coupons)

3. The volume of downloaded emails is growing every day. And we continue increasing.

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Friends, I want to continue one story.

Working here, a colleague advised me to upload mail to our service. “I don’t promise gold mountains, but every day you will drink an extra cup of coffee,” he said.
I listened to him, started investing in this way. First I drank one cup of coffee, then two
And at one point I realized that it won`t be better buy coffee.

I uploaded mail for us - now the coffee machine brings me coffee into my cup.
I increased the volume. Bought more expensive and better quality coffee.
And I realized that in this way, you can consistently earn some extra money.
And now, I would like to recommend it to you. I don`t insist, but it's worth trying, isn't it?
Working together with us you will have only goodies.

Do your main task. And throw the investment at the balance. Or withdraw and please yourself with what you need.
In our support, managers are ready to share information with you about what and why.

P.S. Unfortunately mail.com/email.com has been disabled for the time being - we do not give deadlines yet, since we need to work on them.


If you have any questions - feel free to ask our support for help
@kopeechka_support_bot (working hours 9.00-21.00 GMT+3)

Official project`s chat (RU)
Service`s statistic channel


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Hi all!

Today I will show you a very interesting material about how our service got started. As they say - enough is enough, so the interview will be published in parts.
Also, inside a nice bonus for those who are on the subject.



If you are interested in any personally questions to Georgii - write in the comments, I will ask him and you will see them in the next post)


If you have any questions - feel free to ask our support for help
@kopeechka_support_bot (working hours 9.00-21.00 GMT+3)

Official project`s chat (RU)
Service`s statistic channel

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Today is a wonderful day and I want to share something useful.
I reminded you about investing and I want to remind you about something else interesting and functional in our service.

So, someone knew, someone didn't, but we have the ability to add your domains to our service. Maybe you need long-term accounts (from a month or more), or maybe just certain domains. Add your domain in our bot (https://t.me/kopeechka_bot ) and enjoy the results (by the way, a special tariff applies to your added domains).

After adding, you need to specify them in API request like this: mail_type=mine and that's all, magic is out of Hogwarts)
Or if you're through a website, you choose "our domains -> your domain".

For those who upload their mails, but also want to work with them yourself, we have a feature. You upload in the same bot, you specify for which site you want to use yourself.
Then in the request mail_type=example.com and investor=1

P.S. Info from developers:
If you see any errors with gmail.com (for example, in the bot says that we have it, but you get out_of_stock) - don`t worry, we are improving gmail.com and can be small bugs.


If you have any questions - feel free to ask our support for help
@kopeechka_support_bot (working hours 9.00-21.00 GMT+3)

Official project`s chat (RU) 

Service`s statistic channel (  https://t.me/kopost_statistic )


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And the dollar went up again. It likes these swings.

Speaking of something interesting, every day our developers are making small changes to make sure you have less trouble with registration.
At the moment, we have enabled mail.com/email.com again. We look forward to your feedback.

Also I want to remind you that all domains "live" (go to ban) for different period of time, which we can't predict. We guarantee that you get fresh email for the activation time (20min).

The risk it`s get an email after the first activation. Working with our domains -> 50% risk. If we talk about popular domains, there 90%.

Further life of mail we can't control. So consider the totality of these factors when choosing domains to work with.

We'll be releasing the BAS module for Reddit.com registration for you in the next few days. So stay tuned.


If you have any questions - feel free to ask our support for help
@kopeechka_support_bot (working hours 9.00-21.00 GMT+3)

Official project`s chat (RU)
Service`s statistic channel

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*Started a fire, got you all together*

I want to tell you a story:
I registered at Kopeechka and start creating accounts for me. At first I earned money by selling these accounts. Then the service began to be known, it grew, the customer base increased, but I needed more and more. Then the referral program was born.

It's simple - you invite a friend and get 10% of his spending, and if you are also a developer - you invite your users and earn another 10% of their spending. With soft_id will help our support. Yes, that's not much. But if you have 100 friends and each spent 10 rubles, then the sum is already 1000rub. ( And if you invite a friend and a user of the software - in the sum of 20%).

Kopeechka grown. I have more friends at this service. Yes, and I began to make more passive money just because I called those who need it.
Yes, they would have come here yourself. But, I would not make 10%.

Small steps make a big result. So my advice to you, friends, remember that you can make money in this way.

A little bit of visual numbers:
We have a user who has a total of 374 referrals. (Not bad, right?)
In the best month, he takes 55492rub. In the ordinary is not much lower. So maybe you need to think about it?

Coupon for our great customers - dont_forget_about_referrals (15 at all)

Module BAS for Reddit.com is ready.


If you have any questions - feel free to ask our support for help
@kopeechka_support_bot (working hours 9.00-21.00 GMT+3)

Official project`s chat (RU)
Service`s statistic channel

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