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NFT Gateway To Create, Discover, Collect and Sell NFTs- YearnNFT Marketplace!

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Non-Fungible Tokens are the digital assets depicting real-world entities such as art, music, in-game items, videos, etc that are linked to the proof of ownership. To earn massive profits and income, major creators, artists and animators are starting to invest their ideas in NFT and making a master plan to sell such NFTs through trusted NFT Marketplace.

NFT Marketplace is a field where investors, users, enthusiasts and business persons play great business opportunities. Therefore, any individual can purchase and sell their virtual properties such as collectibles, music, artwork, etc. without any worries of counterfeiting. To be precise, these NFT platforms are designed and built using blockchain technology to validate the provenance of digital content.

Some NFT marketplaces provides a “burn” option to remove the duplicate one, where royalty shows a crucial role. If the NFT is somewhere traded and is ready for second-hand sale, the creator automatically receives a sharing of revenue each time evaluating the NFT. The bold fact says that the NFT marketplace owners earns more profit in comparison to the NFT creators.

The users have the credibility to freely create NFT using variant marketplace on different blockchain networks including BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, etc. Testing these blockchain networks, Binance Smart Chain is considered to be the most preferable network chain for entrepreneurs in order to create and establish their own NFT marketplace platform.

BSC is mostly referred while choosing an NFT Marketplace to create, trade, reserve and sell the NFT assets. YearnNFT is a NFT Marketplace developed in the BSC blockchain network. Here, the users can sell, bid, reserve, sell and buy digital collectibles. The individuals can even explore and trade using BNB coins and BEP20 tokens.

This new project is more popular among entrepreneurs due to the BSC blockchain architecture comprises less complications as compared to other networks which seems perfect for the development of NFT and Marketplace altogether.

The YearnNFT marketplace also consumes lower gas fees and provides instant transactions using BSC blockchain network. This project now has potential huge fan base among investors and depicts a great future. Creating your NFT at this marketplace gives you exclusive profits and takes your business career to the next level.

All transactions on the YearnNFT marketplace are performed through the native utility token- YFNFT token. The team members working behind this project have rich experience in traditional as well as digital arts. They evenly participate, keep discovering NFT artists around this vast globe, empower YearnNFT functionalities, and fuel the productivity of the project in the crypto art world.

Roadmap Version 1.2 is Live

NFT has been said the newest implementation of blockchain technology that has gathered everyone’s interest right from fame artists to emerging creators. This concept is relatively new to some individuals wherein some find it pretty polished, however, we believe that our platform brings exceptional features to create and buy NFTs in easier way. Not only artwork but also, we are preparing a way to make the transaction experience smoother.

Check out the milestones of YearnNFT marketplace with updated, finished and future planned stages:

October 2021

·         Website Release

·         Whitepaper Launch

·         Airdrop Begins

November 2021

·         Smart Contract release

·         YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Interfi Network

·         NFT Marketplace Setup

·         YFNFT Presale Start

December 2021

·         Achieve 5000+ holders

·         Airdrop distribution

·         Airdrop Ends

January 2022

·         NFT Marketplace (Beta version)

·         Achieve 10000+ YFNFT Holders

·         CMC Listing

·         Launch YOFO token

·         Start YOFO token Airdrop

February 2022

·         YFNFT Burning- 50% tokens

·         Marketplace — Music NFT’s launch

·         Achieve 12000+ YFNFT Holders

March 2022

·         YearnNFT Dex Launch

·         YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Certik

·         YOFO Token Contract Audit

·         YOFO token airdrop Ends

April 2022

·         YFNFT Token Presale ends

·         Listing YFNFT on Pancake Swap

·         YFNFT token Staking program

·         YOFO Token ICO on launchpad

New NFT Marketplace

YearnNFT is a new NFT marketplace developed on Binance Smart Chain to make it available for users to buy, sell and create NFTs. We have a mission to drive this project and NFTs to the mainstream. YearnNFT marketplace presents a well-designed website, standard roadmap and an easy way to create NFTs.

Not only the documents but also our features are appreciated by the holders, community members and mainstream consumers. Small creators can affordably use our NFT launchpad to attain the exclusive exposure. Additionally, we offer a massive variety of NFTs like artwork, game, videos, photography, music, etc.

Our new marketplace allows the general users to mint NFTs on the BSC and altogether the minting does not ask for any gas fee. NFTs such as jpg, png, gif, is acceptable with a maximum file size of 100 MB. There is very low transaction fee and creators/owners can set the royalty that gets paid each time these NFTs are sold on the official platform.

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