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Solid ECN Securities - solidecn.com - Trust Score 4.8/5

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Solid ECN

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Payment Methods

Solid ECN Securities added more than 50 cryptocurrencies to its payment system. Our clients at Solid ECN can manage their account funding by a wide range of cryptos, from bitcoin to Zilliqa, all are available in the Solid-Dashboard > Account funding.

Solid ECN took this step to offer cost-effective payment methods for its customers. The blockchain transfer fee of the major cryptocurrencies have been increasing, therefore, retails are interested in trying the alternatives.

With Solid ECN, any trader can take advantage of +50 crypto payments.

> It is secured;
> It is undisclosed;
> it is decentralized.

Solid ECN brings vital advantages for forex traders in the US, EU, and beyond. High levels of market transparency mean price manipulation is not possible.
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Trading with Solid ECN allows investors to buy/sell financial instruments outside traditional trading hours. Solid ECN provides a mechanism for traders who either can’t be actively involved during normal bank times. It also bypasses spreads and commissions that are common when using a bank or a traditional broker. An ECN broker such as Solid ECN provides a tight spread and small fees for trading more than 250 products.

Solid ECN can deliver a level of anonymity to those who are concerned about their privacy.  This can be especially appealing to investors interested in making larger trades.
Solid ECN Securities is a non-dealing desk broker, meaning that we do not pass on order flow to market makers. Instead, we match participants in a trade electronically and pass the orders to liquidity providers.

Solid ECN facilitates trades for interested investors across the ECN market. Trading with a broker who would offer this nature often results in lower commissions as well as additional trading time availability because of how the ECN functions.


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Solid ECN delivers an electronic system for buyers and sellers to come together to execute trades in the market. We do this by providing access to information about orders being entered, and by simplifying the execution of these deals. The network is created to fit buy and sell orders presently in the exchange. When detailed order information is not available, Solid ECN supplies prices mirror the highest bid and lowest ask recorded on the available market.

Benefits of Electronic Communications Networks
Price feed clarity is also a byproduct that many think is a benefit because of how the information is shared. At Solid ECN traders have access to the same feed and trade at the precise price that is provided. A particular amount of price history is also readily available in Solid ECN market watch, authorizing for a more straightforward analysis of certain trends within the marketplace. This helps limit price manipulation, as existing and old data are readily available to all, making it more difficult to act unscrupulously.


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Forex Trades 24 Hours a Day, Five Days a Week

Retail traders have the blessing of highly leveraged trading with lower margin requirements than in equity markets. But before you get involved with trading in the forex world, you'll have to know about the popular currency pairs.

Here's a shortlist of the six most tradable currency pairs in forex.

The EURUSD currency pair tends to have a negative correlation with USDCHF and a positive correlation with the GBPUSD. This is because of the positive correlation between the euro, the pound, and the Swiss franc.

2. USDJPY, trading the "Gopher".
The next most traded pair has been the USDJPY. USDJPY has been exposed to political sentiment between the United States and Asia. The instrument tends to be positively correlated to the USDCHF and USDCAD currency pairs due to the U.S. dollar being the ground currency in all three pairs.

3. GBPUSD, Trading the "Cable".
The GBPUSD pair tends to have a negative correlation with the USDCHF and a positive correlation with the EURUSD. This is expected to be the positive correlation between the British pound, the Swiss franc, and the euro.

4. AUDUSD, Trading the "Aussie".
The AUDUSD currency pair tends to have a negative correlation with the USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY pairs due to the U.S. dollar being the quote currency in these cases. The correlation with the USDCAD is also because both the Canadian and Australian dollars share a positive correlation with each other as both are commodity block currencies.

5. USDCAD, trading the "Loonie"
The USDCAD currency pair tends to be negatively correlated with the AUDUSD, GBPUSD, and EURUSD pairs due to the U.S. dollar being the quote currency in these other pairs.

6. USDCNY, trading the Yuan.
The USDCNY currency pair describes the connection between the US dollar and the Chinese renminbi, generally known as the yuan. In recent years, it has represented about 4% of daily forex trades.

The US-China trade relationship has been volatile in recent years, feeding USDCNY traders with plenty of speculative possibilities.




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The European currency shows moderate growth against the US dollar during the Asian session, developing a "bullish" signal formed the day before, when the instrument retreated from its March 7 local lows. The growth of buying activity in the single currency is facilitated by technical factors, as well as some correction of the US dollar after the publication of consumer and industrial inflation, which, as expected, renewed record highs. The Producer Price Index released the day before rose by 1.4% in March after rising by 0.9% a month earlier. Analysts expected an acceleration of only up to 1.1%. In annual terms, the growth rate of producer prices accelerated from 10.3% to 11.2%, which was also higher than the market forecast at 10.6%. Such statistics once again confirm the fact that many politicians and economists were mistaken last year, arguing that the rapid rise in prices is only a temporary phenomenon. Support for the single currency is also provided by the meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB), which will be held today. Despite the fact that analysts' forecasts do not imply any changes in the vector of the monetary policy of the European regulator, the comments of its representatives will be extremely important. Traders are primarily interested in the timing of the start of the rate increase, since the central banks of developed countries have already managed to resort to tightening monetary policy.

The British pound is trading with the uptrend against the US currency during the morning session, updating local highs from April 5. The day before, the instrument formed a confident "bullish" signal, retreating from record lows since November 2020, despite the fact that there were few significant reasons for growth. Yesterday, investors were focused on statistics from the UK on inflation, the growth of which has long gone beyond the target levels of the Bank of England, and therefore creates only additional threats to the economic recovery process in the period after the coronavirus pandemic. The Consumer Price Index in the UK rose by 1.1% in March after rising by 0.8% a month earlier. Analysts had expected the indicator to slow down to 0.7%. In annual terms, consumer inflation reached new record highs at 7%, while market forecasts suggested an increase from only 6.2% to 6.7%. The Core Producer Price Index (excluding seasonal adjustments) in March accelerated from 0.7% to 2.0%, while the forecast was 0.9%. In annual terms, the same indicator rose from 9.9% to 12.0%, contrary to forecasts of growth to 10.6%. Finally, the Retail Price Index increased in March by 1% MoM and by 9% YoY, slightly exceeding the expected values of 0.9% and 8.8%, respectively.

The Australian dollar has shown moderate gains against the US dollar during the Asian session, testing 0.7450 for a breakout. The instrument follows the general trends in the market in recent days, which can be characterized by a corrective decline in the US currency. However, a more confident growth of the Australian dollar is hampered by weak macroeconomic statistics from Australia. The report on the Australian labor market for March, released today, reflected an increase in Employment Change by only 17.9K jobs, while analysts had expected an increase of 40K. Last month, the figure showed an increase of 77.4K. The Unemployment Rate remained at 4% in March, while optimistic experts predicted its decline to 3.9%. The Participation Rate also remained unchanged: in March, the figure consolidated at 66.4%. At the same time, the Melbourne Institute significantly raised its Consumer Inflation Expectations in April: from 4.9%, the figure rose to 5.2%, although initially analysts expected it to be revised down to 4.6%.

The US dollar shows a slight decrease against the Japanese yen in Asian trading, retreating from the record highs updated the day before and again testing 125.00 for a breakdown. The decline of the US currency is largely due to technical factors, while the general news background changes slightly. The day before the US released a block of statistics on producer inflation, which, as expected, reflected the rise in prices to new record highs at 9.2%. The US Federal Reserve has less and less freedom of action at the upcoming meeting in May, where, as expected, the rate will be raised immediately by 50 basis points. Similar measures were taken by the Bank of Canada and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, bringing their interest rates to 1% and 1.5% respectively. The Japanese yen came under pressure as the US Fed's expected aggressive monetary tightening contrasts sharply with the Bank of Japan's ultra-soft stance, but the general inflation situation around the world could push the Japanese economy, which has long suffered from deflation, to rise. It is still premature to say when the Japanese regulator will think about raising the interest rate, and therefore the dollar will remain more in demand as a safe-haven currency for a long time to come. Today, investors are waiting for the publication of statistics on jobless claims in the US. In addition, March Retail Sales figures will be released, promising a significant increase compared to February.

Gold prices are consolidating during the morning session near 1970.00. The instrument remains in the area of local highs from March 14, updated the day before, and tends to further increase. However, many markets will be closed tomorrow on the occasion of Good Friday, and therefore traders in general are in no hurry to open new positions, preferring to fix existing profits. The instrument is still supported by high inflationary risks, which are recorded in various regions and confirmed by macroeconomic publications. The day before, the US released data on Producer Price Index, which in March reached a new record at 9.2%. Great Britain, in turn, yesterday reported on the acceleration of consumer inflation to 7%. Against this background, the world's central banks hastily raise rates by 50 basis points at once, which slightly reduces the demand for gold. Markets expect similar actions from the US Federal Reserve, but only in May. At the same time the US regulator plans to launch a cycle of quantitative tightening program in order to reduce its balance sheet.

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How Does Slippage Work?
Slippage doesn't indicate a negative or positive motion in price movement because any difference between the intended price and an actual price can be referred slippage. When an order is executed by a trader, the asset is purchased or sold at the best price offered by Solid ECN or its liquidity providers. This act can deliver results that are more favorable, equal to, or less favorable than the demanded price. The final quote vs. the planned price can be categorized as positive slippage, no slippage, or negative slippage.

Market prices can change quickly in a high volatility market, allowing slippage to occur during the delay between a trade is requested and when it is executed. The term is used on many market platforms but definitions are similar. However, slippage manages to occur in different circumstances for each venue.

While a limit order stops negative slippage, it has the risk of the trade not being executed if the price does not return to the limit level. This chance increases in situations where market changes occur more quickly, limiting the time for a trade to be finalized at the requested price.

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The main unique feature of Solid-Micro accounts is that the minimum trading volume starts from 0.001, while the trading conditions are similar to those for standard accounts. As a result, these account types suit both beginners and professionals, because they may help them test new trading strategies or Expert Advisors in market conditions without any significant financial investments.

> Minimum Deposit $5
> Minimum lot 0.001 lots (100 units)
> Leverage 1:1000

Feel free to open an account and start trading Forex with as low as $5!


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How to invest online

It's never been easier for retail traders to finance in today's volatile markets with MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Yet, with so many choices, selecting an online platform that fulfills your exact investment requirements can be both time-consuming and frustrating. To speed up the learning process, we would like to go through the basics of online investing and summarize some of the vital factors traders ought to consider before positioning their first trade.

Online investing authorizes investors easy and frugal access to global financial markets.

  • Things to consider when selecting an online broker include reputation, platform security, fees/commissions, products, payment options, and customer reviews.
  • When trading online, traders should be able to use market, limit, stop, and take-profit orders.
  • Newbie investors can always utilize Yahoo and Google Finance as a starting point for studying stocks, futures, options, and cryptocurrencies.

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Understanding Basic Order Types

Traders must educate themselves with necessary order classes which are common across all trading platforms. Understanding how these order types work and when to utilize them assists get the best execution and managing the market risks.


Market Order: This is a type of execution to purchase or sell a trading instrument at the best-offered price. For instance, consider the bid/ask spread in Apple was $180 – $180.1, and a trader decided to buy the stock at the market price. They would get a quick fill at $180.1, the best ask price. Traders generally use market orders when they want a fast execution.

Limit Order: A limit order establishes the maximum quote a trader is willing to pay for a trading product (buy limit order) or the minimum they're ready to receive a security product (sell limit order). For example, let's say the bid/ask spread in Apple is $180 – $180.10, but the trader believes they can sell at a better price. They could place a limit order at $190, meaning that their securities won't be sold unless the bid price reaches at least $190. Limit orders are very useful for traders who are more concerned about the price than a quick execution

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Solid ECN gives multiple account types on the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to help individuals and corporate customers to exchange Forex and Derivatives online.

All Retail, associates, and White-Label clients have the possibility to access various spreads and liquidity via state-of-the-art automatic trading platforms. Solid ECN grants an exceptional type of account options that clients can choose to experience a tailored trading experience that perfectly fills their needs.

United with excellent trading conditions and lightning-fast execution, Solid ECN provides all the tools and aids required for clients of any level to accomplish their trading goals.


Min Deposit

Max Leverage

Min Spread





2 pips





0.3 pips


Swap Free



0.3 pips








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Stop Loss Order.
A stop loss order helps traders by closing a trade at the market price as soon as the instrument has been dealt with or through a marked price. 


In other words, if the trading instrument reaches the trader's stop price, the order flips to a market order and executes at the subsequent best-known price. For instance, a trader buys Apple stock for $200. But the trader is reluctant to keep the trade running if the share price falls below $150. In this case the trader places a stop-loss order at $150. If the stock slumps t0 $150, the stop-loss order activates and converts to a market order, and the trade closes at the closest bid price. Any trader should consider using Stop-loss orders to minimize trading risks and secure their assets. 

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The commission our customers pay for adding funds to their trading accounts via any payment options is zero at Solid ECN.

When a transaction is made to a trading account, a part of the transferred amount is deducted by the payment processor as commission. Solid ECN covers transaction fees, and we named it the Solid-Cover! All clients of Solid ECN receive the actual deposit with no deduction instantly to their trading account.

> Instant Deposit: Deposit to your trading account to catch the market opportunities instantly
> No Fee: No fee applies on any transaction of yours
> Receive Full Amount: Receive the actual deposit with no deduction instantly to your trading account.

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Almost every trader spends time seeking that perfect entry or exit point in the market. While the searching process can be interesting, the outcome is still the same. The fact is, there is no one solution to trading the stock markets. Therefore, traders should learn that indicators can only help them find good opportunities to purchase or sell a trading product. 

There are four distinct market indicators that most prosperous forex traders are using. 

Trend following indicators.
A trend-following tool helps traders find the direction of the current wave. It is feasible to make profits by going against the trend, but more risk will be involved. Therefore, experienced traders find the trend direction to ease their approach to the market. 

Most traders use trend-following indicators as a separate trading strategy, and since this is considerable, the real aim of using a trend-following indicator is to locate where you should consider buying or selling an asset. One of the most popular trend-following indicators is the moving average crossover. 

A simple moving average symbolizes the average closing price over a specific number of days. 

The chart beneath shows the 50-day/200-day moving average crossover for the euro/yen symbol. The approach here is that the trend is good when the 50-day moving average (in yellow) is above the 200-day average (in blue) and negative when the 50-day is below the 200-day. As the chart below indicates, this blend did well in determining the primary trend of the market. You should know, that there will be whipsaws or fake break-outs regardless of your moving-average settings.


The chart below shows a different mix. The 10-day/30-day crossover. The advantage of this blend is that it will respond faster to changes in the market price movements than the last one. The downside is that it will be more exposed to whipsaws than the longer-term 50-day/200-day crossover.


Many traders may claim that the settings they are using for moving averages are the best, but the fact is, there is no so-called "the best" moving average combination. 
The important is, that forex traders will benefit from using trend-following indicators regardless of their combinations, and gradually they will find that combination fits their trading strategy. 

The trend shown by moving averages should be used to notify traders if they can trade long or short. It should not be relied on when to enter or exit trades.

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In forex trading, a trading robot or an EA (expert adviser) is a software that suggests to traders when to make a deal or the EA trades on behalf of the user. Dealers can program their expert advisers to manage accounts using their trading measures and standards. 

Expert advisors are often used within the MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading platforms. Traders can utilize a current EA or make their own based on the trading parameters they want. These robots are in MetaQuotes Language (MQL) and could be coded within the platform or by purchasing from the MT5 store. 


Expert advisor lets traders deal in the securities at any time, even when they are sleeping.
The expert adviser can find trading patterns and deal with them based on the given instructions.
An EA should be used with caution. Mostly have errors during high volatility markets such as when there is high impact news. 
Traders still have a part to play in trading by peeking out for the circumstances that could impact their trades.

What Is an Expert Advisor?
An expert advisor is a coded program that is made to automate trading in the securities market. As you know, the market is running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Traders can take advantage of expert advisors or a trading tool called a "forex robot" to carry out trades when they are away.

These tools allow traders to execute trades while they are at work, asleep, or spending quality time with their families. Like other artificial intelligence platforms, they have some advantages and problems that any trader must be aware of.

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Solid ECN - %40 Deposit Bonus

One of the essentials in trading forex and other leveraged products is having more margin. It is a common and rookie mistake to trade in a high volatility market such as cryptocurrencies with a low balance.

Solid ECN has a backup plan for its customers. We boost deposits by %40 and it is up to $2,000 per account. All profits are free for withdrawal. Where most companies remove the bonuses on stop-out and margin calls, the given credit at Solid ECN is %100 tradeable, and it can be lost.

Solid ECN buys itself %40 more risks to make sure the clients are trading with more confidence. Try us today, and let us know about your trading experiences with us.

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