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Solid ECN

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Become part of the Solid ECN Affiliate Program and be a member of one of the most profitable affiliate programs globally. Start earning a tangible income from your existing traffic. 

With an affiliate program that grants the highest conversion rates, an extensive generous payment plan with the highest commission percentage available, Solid ECN is your safe trustworthy companion. 


At Solid ECN we enable our affiliates by offering technology, support, and tailored tools (including banners and widgets) to have a world-class, hassle-free experience!

> High-end Commissions
> True ECN/STP Execution
> Competitive Commission Model
> Global Payment Methods
> Fast & on-time Payments
> Marketing Materials & Generous Promotions
> 24/7 Client Support
> Daily Tracking and Reporting

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Advantages of an EA 
If you're prone to trade when your emotions get the better of you, an EA removes that factor from your trading. If you use an EA, your fears and drive for more profit won't affect your choices when responding to trading signals; the EA will carry out trades based on your input. It has no fear of loss or profit-making mentality; it only makes the trades for you.

If forex trading is your main source of income, using an EA can reduce stress levels, because it takes away the mental strain of trading. You can set your trades for the day and move on to other tasks or efforts.

An EA or robot can compare far more variables per second than a human can. Our brains are not fast enough to match an EA's speed at weighing options.

EAs can consider the variables for several different currency pairs at the same time. The speed at which they make decisions and act on them is the main reason many traders use EAs.


Disadvantages of an EA
One of the problems any trader face with a robot trader is that it cannot react to real-time news appropriately. If you are in your office watching the news, you can dodge making a mistake after a high-impact news release.

For instance, the EA you are using doesn't mind the interest rate decision being published in thirty minutes. It is programmed to continue trading if it is online. 
The EA can deal with numerous variables at the same time which is a big advantage, but it can trade as it has been programmed. You're not as strict in your thinking as a trading robot, so a human trader can respond to things that slip outside the set parameters. There may also be times when a trader has to make an instant decision to avoid a massive trading error or take a good opportunity.


Back-testing and Research
Whether a trader uses a third party's EA or creates his own, it's essential to test it over various time frames in a demo account. A demo trading account does not expose real cash at risk and allows the trader to observe how it functions for him. The trader may discover that it works well for him on major currency pairs but not on cross pairs.

If you're using an EA that you coded yourself, be ready to modify the variables from time to time. As movements in the market shift, your program may have to change accordingly.

If you're using an EA from another company or person, recall that the currency market is largely unregulated, making it a genuine place for scammers to operate. Beware of EA developers who pledge high profits. Acknowledge that some scammers know that overpromising is a red flag, and an EA developer who tries to strike a balance between expectancy and credibility may also be a fraud.

Beyond all else, do your investigation before engaging with any expert advisors, and keep your hopes sensible. There are good EAs out there, and some traders achieve year-over-year revenues using an expert adviser or a trading robot that trades automatically. However, their annual profits are usually in the high single or low double digits at the best of times.

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Today, the EURUSD pair renewed the 2020 low at 1.065, falling under the pressure of escalating the military conflict in Ukraine.

The decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to sell natural gas to "unfriendly" countries for rubles is forcing European officials to refuse supplies and look for an alternative, more expensive options, which leads to inflation rising to a record high of 7.4% YoY. Analysts suggest that the negative trend will continue, and in April, the figure will reach 7.5%. Also, German Economic Minister Robert Habeck said on Tuesday that the country can now stop importing Russian oil, and Poland is ready to help it search for new suppliers, which has already indicated its position on refusing to renew existing contracts. Authorities hope to find alternatives in the coming days, the official said.

Against the backdrop of high inflation, the European Central Bank (ECB) is forced to adjust the current parameters of monetary policy. There are no official statements about the upcoming interest rate hike, however, according to analysts at Goldman Sachs Group, the regulator may adjust the rate by 25 basis points in July, and by 2023 the value will reach 1.25%. If ECB officials confirm this information, we can expect the EUR/USD pair to strengthen, and until then, the instrument is waiting for trading in a downtrend.

The US dollar is rising ahead of the US Federal Reserve's interest rate decision on May 4th. It is expected that it will rise by 0.5% to 1%, which will help fight against high inflation.

The long-term trend is downward. Today, the asset has reached the support level of 1.0650, and after its breakdown, it may drop to 1.05, 1.035.


As part of the medium-term downtrend, the price reached the target zone 3 (1.0608 - 1.0589), after the breakdown of which the fall will continue with the target around zone 4 (1.0416 - 1.0397). Otherwise, we can expect a correction to the area of the key trend resistance 1.0799 - 1.078.

Resistance levels: 1.0850, 1.117 | Support levels: 1.065, 1.05


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The euro is actively losing value in tandem with the US currency, dropping to its lowest level since 2017 against the backdrop of investors redirecting capital from risky assets to "protective" ones. Traders fear a slowdown in global economic growth and acceleration of inflation, and also hope for decisive steps to adjust monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve. In the event of an increase in the interest rate immediately by 0.50%, the US dollar will receive support, and experts believe that the US economy will be able to cope with geopolitical challenges better than the European one. Now the quotes of EURUSD are trading around 1.0502.

After the refusal of countries "unfriendly" to Russia to adhere to the new scheme of paying for energy resources in rubles, the day before, the PJSC Gazprom announced the termination of gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. Against this background, the exchange price of gas soared by 16% and rose above 1.35K dollars per thousand cubic meters. A number of countries have already recognized this step as a violation of the terms of the contract, but assured the population that in case of force majeure, fallback options have long been provided. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen noted the unreliability of Russia as an energy supplier, saying that Poland and Bulgaria will now receive "blue fuel" from other countries, but she did not specify the cost of these supplies. In addition, eurozone macroeconomic indicators continue to deteriorate. The German Gfk Consumer Confidence Survey fell to -26.5 points from -15.7 points a month earlier, and the French Consumer Confidence Index fell from 90 to 88 points.

The American currency, on the contrary, continues to rise and yesterday reached its highs over the past six years, having consolidated above 103.000 in the USD Index. The dynamics of the dollar cannot be pressured even by the deterioration in the borrowing market, where for the seventh month in a row the growth of the rate on 30-year mortgage loans has continued. The day before, the indicator reached 5.37%, up from 5.20%, which once again leads to higher cost of loans for those wishing to purchase housing in the United States.


EURUSD continues to trade within a wide downward channel, coming close to the support line. Technical indicators maintain the global sell signal: the fast EMAs of the Alligator indicator are below the signal line, and the histogram of the AO oscillator continues to decline in the sell zone, forming descending bars.

Support levels: 1.0432, 1.005 | Resistance levels: 1.0636, 1.112

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On the daily chart, the development of the third wave of the higher level (5) of 3 continues, in which wave 3 of (5) has formed. At the moment, there is a downward correction as the fourth wave 4 of (5), within which wave c of 4 is being formed.

If the assumption is correct, after it is finished, the growth of XAUUSD will continue to the levels of 2100 - 2200. The level of 1827.33 is critical and stop-loss for this scenario.


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MetaTrader 5 offers a wide variety of functions for the modern forex and exchange market trader:

> Full set of trading orders for flexible Forex, Stocks and other securities trading
> Two position accounting systems: netting and hedging
> Unlimited amount of charts with 21 timeframes and one-minute history of quotes;
> Technical analysis with over 80 built-in technical indicators and analytical tools
> Fundamental analysis based on financial news and economic calendar
> The largest store of ready-to-use trading applications at MetaTrader Market
> Powerful algorithmic trading with the built-in MQL5 development environment
> Trading Signals allowing you to automatically copy deals of experienced traders
> A system of alerts to keep track of all important market events
> Built-in Forex VPS

Use all the advanced trading and analysis tools while trading Forex, Stocks and Futures!

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Solid-Holy accounts (also known as swap-free accounts) for customers who cannot earn or pay the interest due to their religious views.

The swap-free option is available on Solid-Standard account types on the MT5 platform.

Solid ECN is devoted to providing its clients with the best trading conditions. Solid ECN Islamic accounts offer state-of-the-art trading infrastructure and execution speeds enabling our traders to win a competitive edge.

For more information, please visit our website.

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Crypto is a relatively new asset class that began with the creation of the Bitcoin blockchain in 2009. The primary benefit of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology is that they don’t have a central authority, payment processor, or company owner.

Instead, crypto networks are peer-to-peer, meaning people can transact directly with one another. Many of the additional benefits of cryptocurrency stem from their decentralized and peer-to-peer nature. Let’s look at some positives of cryptocurrency in this crypto guide.

1. Easy Transactions
2. Incredible Security
3. Short Settlement Times and Low Fees
4. Exponential Industry Growth
5. Outsized Returns
6. More Private Transactions
7. Portfolio Diversification
8. Inflation Hedge
9. Cross-Border Payments
10. A More Inclusive Financial System
11. Transactional Freedom
12. 24/7 Markets


The above are just a few of the most important advantages of cryptocurrency. Of course, there are potential flaws as well — its volatility being a major downside. As with anything, those interested in buying, selling, and trading crypto would be wise to do their research before getting involved in the crypto market.

Ready to trade crypto? With a MetaTrader trading account from Solid ECN you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Cardano and more.

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Crypto transactions can be made easily, at low cost, and in a manner more private than most other transactions. Using a simple smartphone app, hardware wallet, or exchange wallet, anyone can send and receive a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Some types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, can be bought with cash at a Bitcoin ATM. A bank account isn’t always required to use crypto. Someone could buy bitcoin at an ATM using cash then send those coins to their phone. For people who lack access to the traditional financial system, this may be one of the biggest pros of cryptocurrency.

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Solid ECN gives multiple account types on the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to help individuals and corporate customers to exchange Forex and Derivatives online.

All Retail, associates, and White-Label clients have the possibility to access various spreads and liquidity via state-of-the-art automatic trading platforms. Solid ECN grants an exceptional type of account options that clients can choose to experience a tailored trading experience that perfectly fills their needs.

United with excellent trading conditions and lightning-fast execution, Solid ECN provides all the tools and aids required for clients of any level to accomplish their trading goals.


Min Deposit

 | Max Leverage

| Min Spread





   2 pips





   0.3 pips


Swap Free



   0.3 pips







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The British pound is trading ambiguously against the US currency during the morning session, consolidating near 1.2360. After a sharp decline in the trading instrument the day before, which led to an update of record lows since June 2020, trading participants are in no hurry to open new positions, preferring to take short profits.

Noticeable pressure on quotes was put by the results of the meeting of the Bank of England on monetary policy. As expected, the regulator raised the rate by 25 basis points and brought it to a 13-year high of 1.00% per annum in order to contain the maximum rate of inflation, which reached a 30-year high of around 7%. The decision was taken unanimously, which allows us to hope for the smooth implementation of further plans for a gradual tightening of monetary policy. By Q2 2023, it is planned to reach the rate level of 2.5%. The Bank also said that it expects consumer prices in the UK to rise by 10.25% this year (the highest since 1982) due to the Ukrainian crisis and coronavirus restrictions in China. Department officials have warned that prices are likely to rise faster than the incomes of many citizens, exacerbating the cost-of-living crisis. In general, according to the regulator, in the last quarter of the year, the country's economy may expect a recession. The latest comments have greatly disappointed investors and put pressure on the pound's position. In addition, officials have adjusted downward the forecast for GDP growth in 2023 from 1.25% to 1.00%.


On the daily chart, Bollinger Bands are steadily declining. The price range is expanding, making way to new record lows for the "bears". MACD has formed a new sell signal (the histogram is again below the signal line), and Stochastic is showing similar dynamics, reversing downwards approximately in the middle of its area.

Resistance levels: 1.2400, 1.2500, 1.2600, 1.2674 | Support levels: 1.2323, 1.2250, 1.2200, 1.215


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Outsized Returns
It’s no secret that Bitcoin has been the best-performing asset of the last 12 years. When it began in 2009, Bitcoin essentially had no value. In the following years it would rise to a fraction of a penny and then eventually to tens of thousands of dollars. This represents millions of percentage points’ worth of gains. By comparison, the S&P 500 index of stocks returns an average of about 8% per year.

Some altcoins have outperformed Bitcoin by wide margins at times, although many of those later saw their prices collapse. Gains like these might be among the most well-known cryptocurrency benefits. (The losses, on the other hand, may be among the most well-known drawbacks.) Volatility has characterized prices in the crypto space, which has been one of the key benefits of cryptocurrency for day traders and speculators.


More Private Transactions
Privacy can be one of the benefits of cryptocurrency, but crypto isn’t as private as some people might think. Blockchains create a public ledger that records all transactions forever. While this ledger only shows wallet addresses, if an observer can connect a user’s identity to a specific wallet, then tracking transactions becomes possible.

While it’s worth noting that most crypto transactions are pseudonymous, there are ways to make more anonymous transactions. Coin mixing services group transactions together in a way that makes it hard to pick them apart from one another, confusing outside observers. Individuals who run a full node also make their transactions more opaque because observers can’t always tell if the transactions running through the node were sent by the person running the node or by someone else.

Methods like these are for more advanced users and could prove difficult for those new to crypto. So while absolute privacy is really not one of the main positives of cryptocurrency, transactions are still generally more private than using fiat currency with third-party payment processors.


Portfolio Diversification
Cryptocurrency has become known as a non-correlated asset class. Crypto markets largely function independently of other markets, and their price action tends to be determined by factors other than those affecting stocks, bonds, and commodities.

Any asset that has risen by millions of percentage points over just twelve years, as a number of crypto coins have, clearly is not correlated to anything else. But it’s worth noting that during the last few years, cryptos have begun to sometimes trade in tandem with stocks for short periods of time.

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Volatility often occurs in the market. Solid ECN has always been committed to the highest standards.

With the Solid-Shied feature, the traders don’t have to worry about having a negative balance with Solid ECN. This means that even under highly volatile situations when margin calls and stop-outs do not function accurately, no client with Solid ECN is responsible for paying back a negative balance.

Solid-Shield automatically adjusts the balance to zero in case it becomes negative after a stop-out. The process of reset is automatic.

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Gold prices show moderate corrective growth, consolidating after an active decline yesterday, returning the XAU/USD pair to the local lows of May 3. Currently, the instrument is testing 1860, receiving support from technical factors.

The strengthening dollar and the growth in the yield of US Treasury bonds put pressure on the positions of the metal. Thus, the underlying 10-year securities reached 3.185%, which is the highest level since November 2018, but now, it has corrected to the area of 3.040%, while the USD Index exceeded the high of December 2002 at 104.120, but now it has fallen to 103.590. Also, last week, the US Federal Reserve expectedly increased interest rates by 50 points to 1.00% and announced the start of a phased reduction in its balance sheet. In subsequent comments, the head of the regulator, Jerome Powell, dispelled reports that in the future, officials could accelerate the pace of monetary tightening and, for example, adjust the rate by 75 percentage points. Against this backdrop, gold quotes are supported by the prospects for continued growth in consumer inflation in the US during the current quarter, although it has already reached its highest level in 40 years, around 8.5%. Tomorrow, American investors will be watching the April statistics, which may show the first signs of weakening. In particular, it is assumed that the consumer prices will be only 0.2% MoM after rising by 1.2% for March and may fall 8.5% to 8.1% YoY.


Bollinger Bands show a moderate decline on the daily chart: the price range narrows, reflecting the emergence of ambiguous trading dynamics in the short term. MACD falls, keeping a poor sell signal below the signal line. Stochastic falls close to its lows, indicating that instrument may become oversold in the ultra-short term.

Resistance levels: 1877.83, 1900, 1930, 1952.53 | Support levels: 1850.2, 1823.09, 1800, 1760.74


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Buy Signal
Buy stop @1.6805 | TP: 1.6970 | SL: 1.6650
Sell signal
Sell stop @1.6650 | TP: 1.631 | SL: 1.6505


Please note that foreign exchange and other leveraged trading involve a significant risk of loss. It is not fit for all investors and you should make sure you realize the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary.

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Forex trading doesn’t take place on a regulated exchange (like shares or other assets do), as it occurs between buyers and sellers from anywhere in the world, through an over-the-counter (OTC) market. To be able to access this market, you need to use a Solid broker.

As this market is not centralized, you’ll quickly realize that you can access different exchange rates and trading conditions, depending on the broker you use. For this reason, choosing the right broker for your trading style is essential in becoming a successful Forex trader. It’s important to note that even if there are many brokers out there offering similar products and services, there are a few things you should check before deciding which one to use, to be sure you’ll be giving yourself the best chance to succeed.


You need to be sure it offers the right kinds of trading platforms and trading accounts for your trading style – not to mention other details such as trading conditions, spreads, minimum deposit, payment methods, main currency of the account, and the availability of the technical support.

Another very important thing to consider when choosing a broker is what type of broker that they are, as they are different kinds – predominately, Market Makers and ECNs.


Market Maker vs. ECN broker
Understanding the definition of a Market Maker is pretty straightforward – it’s a broker that “makes the markets” by setting the bid and the ask prices via its own systems. Then, they display these prices via their platforms, so that investors can open and close trading positions.

Usually, a Market Maker broker will not hedge its client positions with other liquidity providers like an ECN broker would do. Instead, what Market Markets do is they pay winning client positions out of their own accounts. It also means that when a client has a winning trading position, a Market Maker broker loses.

An ECN broker stands for Electronic Communication Network (ECN). Solid ECN provides its traders with direct access to other market participants via interbank trading prices. This network allows buyers and sellers in the exchange to find a counterparty of their trading positions.


Solid ECN uses different liquidity providers, we are able to allow prices from these providers to compete in the same auction, which usually means that traders get better prices and cheaper trading conditions. Moreover, by using an ECN broker, traders usually trade in a more efficient and transparent environment.

Solid ECN Securities makes money with the trading volume of its clients, charging a commission on each position.

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Solid ECN Securities added more than 50 cryptocurrencies to its payment system. Our clients at Solid ECN can manage their account funding by a wide range of cryptos, from bitcoin to Zilliqa, all are available in the Solid-Dashboard > Account funding.

Solid ECN took this step to offer cost-effective payment methods for its customers. The blockchain transfer fee of the major cryptocurrencies have been increasing, therefore, retails are interested in trying the alternatives. 


With Solid ECN, any trader can take advantage of +50 crypto payments. 

> It is secured;
> It is undisclosed;
> it is decentralized.

Solid ECN brings vital advantages for forex traders in the US, EU, and beyond. High levels of market transparency mean price manipulation is not possible.

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