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The fastest, easiest and safest way to earn passive income.

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DeFi is a very early stage, but there are several ways investors can earn passive income.

The entire reason for the existence of such platforms and products is to deliver liquidity to the DeFi space through incentivization.

I think this is a great way to earn crypto income. The platform provides users with automatic staking and a pool of lottery tickets.

About Phenix Finance

The Phenix Finance Project is a revolutionary initiative launched and based on the CRONOS Chain. 

Their main desire is to build a full interconnected eco-system that continues to grow and thrive through development, technology, and community. 

They aim to have an eco-system that promotes strong utility through Yield Farming, dApps, NFTs, P2E, DeFi Security, and much more! Most importantly, they want to make DEFI easy, safe, and education for newer generations entering the DEFI world!

What does PHNX Token provide investors?

In their mission to make DEFI easy-to-use, they provide powerful and simple tokenomics that allow you to become an automatic stakeholder as soon as you acquire or increase your holdings. 

Utilizing the TITANO TAP Protocol, their token contract provides flexible and sustainable.

Phenix Auto-staking

Phenix Finance token offers a wide array of expanding benefits as their ecosystem grows. 

One of their major incentives is providing a sustainable and consistent method of powerful rewards through our RX3 Protocol. 

This is a unique offering on the CRONOS Blockchain.
Our RX3 Protocol offers PHNX Token holders over 66,666% APY which is ultimately sustained through controlled weekly burns and buy-backs through the Phenix Fund Reserve (PFR).

RX3 stands for Rapid Relative Rebase. What this means is that after each interaction with the contract, a positive rebase is performed relative to the last rebase time and the set reward rate.

The current reward rate is a minimum of 1.79% daily ROI. This amount rapidly scales up depending on the amount of activity. 

The more transactions, there will be an exponential increase in yield for all token holders.

Phenix Lotto Pool

What is the Phenix Lotto Pool?

The Phenix Lotto Pool is a P2E (Play-to-earn) lottery pool that offers consistent and large prize pools for all participants. 

Entry into the Phenix Lotto Pool (PLP) will require the user to deposit tokens into the pool in exchange for tickets. 

As long as your tokens are inside the pool, you're in the draw to win a prize generated over the course of the lotto period.

How do I enter the Phenix Lotto Pool?

Once the PLE has launched, investors will be able to deposit tokens into the pool via our dashboard application on the dedicated PLE page. 

It will be a simple process of approving X amount of PHNX Tokens and depositing into the draw! There will be no minimum token amount to enter the PLE.

What rewards can I expect in the Phenix Lotto Pool?

Each draw of the PLE will be run over the course of a week (7 day entry period). 

Rewards generated from tokens within the pool via the RX3 Protocol will go towards the total prize pool. 

To ensure users that have tokens within the PLE still earn rewards even if they don't win, they have the following reward structure:

Phenix Lotto Prize Pool Rewards: 90% of RX3 Protocol Rebase
10 lucky winners

Guaranteed PHNX Rewards: 10% of RX3 Protocol Rebase

Rewarded to everyone inside the PLE

Phoenix Token ($ PHNX) owners receive over 66,666% APY through the Rapid Relative Rebase (RX3) Protocol. 

Taking advantage of aggressive supply rebase means more rewards, which lasts through buybacks and burns. Just have and earn. It's that easy!

Phenix Finance Tokenomics

The information below is an overview of the Phenix Finance tokenomics:

Token name: Phenix Finance

Token symbol: PHNX

Initial token supply: 10,000,000

Public token allocation: 3,000,000 (30%)

Public Presale allocation: 4,500,000 (45%)

Whitelist Presale allocation: 1,000,000 (10%)

Team and Partnership allocation: 1,500,000 (15%)

As I know here, this platform offers multiple income opportunities for passive income.

For more info visit https://phenix.finance/





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Passive income ideas:
Create a course.
Write an e-book.
Rental income.
Affiliate marketing.
Flip retail products.
Sell photography online.
Peer-to-peer lending.
Dividend stocks.


You can invest on agro crypto because this is the best coins which helps to reverse the climate change. Greencrypto (like stellar) that does not use mining and so is 99.995% more energy efficient than Bitcoin and Ethereum and those older crypto technologies. 


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