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Tier 1 countries firmly hold the leading position in the dating market. Huge traffic of free and active people seeking to have fun. Don't miss this great chance to boost your income:

Flirt AUS $6.0/$6.0
Hottiematch, Voisinssolitaires CAN  $4.5/$3.5
Quickflirt, Meetwild GBR  $5.0/$4.0
Loveaholics, Askme4date USA $2.5/$2.0

Run Tier 1

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Dear partners,
Welcome to the long-awaited conference that brings together all individuals related to the dating industry - i-Con Cyprus. We are excitedly preparing to attend and extend our invitation for you to join us!
Exciting news for all attendees - get ready for a special treat! We are proud sponsors of the Aura Lunch Break, where you will indulge in an exquisitely prepared meal.
In addition, brace yourself for two days of bustling business networking at the City of Dreams, Europe's largest casino resort. Are you up for the challenge? Mark your calendars for June 29-30, 2023.
Don't forget to visit booth ME12 and meet us in person within this luxurious setting!


Book a meeting!  

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We're excited to inform you that AdsEmpire Smartlink continues to provide exclusive boosts to our partners to maximize their profitability.

Today, we have great news for you regarding GBR traffic!
As one of the most lucrative regions among the Tier 1 countries, the United Kingdom ensures significant profits for quality dating traffic. Therefore, targeting the UK can be a game-changer for your earnings.

Our exclusive bump is meant for affiliates who have never run traffic to GBR via AdsEmpire's SmartLink before. We're offering a sweet bump: $4,5 web/ $4 mob.

To claim your boost, simply reach out to your dedicated account manager!




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Uncover Germany, home to fairy-tale castles, rich history, and... enticing dating offers!
With the highest number of singles in Europe, Germany presents a flourishing market for your affiliate campaigns. 

Explore our exclusive selection of top-performing German dating offers and ignite your earnings:

Swipe-next €2.20 / €2.20
Flirtfreunds €2.20 / €1.80
Flirt2Match, SeniorFlirting €3.40 / €2.70
Singleflirt  €3.40 / €1.60
AnonymeDates €3.60 / €2.00
Einfach69, TeenFinder, ExtremeDates  €3.20 / €1.60




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Join our trusted partner Adkaizen and gain access to the most valuable traffic sources with an extra bonus of 50$!

If you’re in search of exclusive traffic, best rates and premium quality, you’ve come to the right place. Adkaizen - the leading premium traffic provider has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.
 - Worldwide premium traffic on both desktop and mobile
 - Internal and exclusive traffic sources
 - All formats available
 - Advanced targeting and optimisation options Adkaizen media buy team has put in the work to test and select our best offers. We're excited to present you with the perfect match:
 :flag-au:AU zone 1454 Back Button 0.033$
:flag-au:AU zone 1185 Tab 0.143$ :flag-ca:CA zone 2021 Banner 0.32$
 :flag-ca:CA zone 1094 Push 0.145$ :flag-no:NO zone 3015 Back Button 0.065$
 :flag-no:NO zone 3762 Email Passing 0.47$ :flag-pl:PL zone 1899 Back Button 0.026$
 :flag-pl:PL zone 3454 Banner 0.18$ :flag-nl:NL zone 3437 Back Button 0.044$
 :flag-nl:NL zone 999 Email 0.4$ :flag-dk:DK zone 3429 Popunder 0.056$
 :flag-dk:DK zone 997 Email 0.61$ Check out the results from the mediabuy team :point_down::skin-tone-3:


Adkaizen’s premium traffic combined with our unbeatable offers equals sky-high conversions!
Sign up at Adkaizen now and don't miss the opportunity to easily increase your profit

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In the land of bicycles, we're pedaling to success!

AdsEmpire has handpicked the best dating offers for the Netherlands, ensuring you maximize earnings with quality traffic. Explore now:

Swipe-next €2.2/ €2.2
Priveberichten, Flirting2Day  €4.5 / €3.6
FlirtAnoniem  €3.8 / €3.1
Singleflirt  €3.6 / €2.8
TeenFinder, Casualdating, Flirthits, MilfFinder  €3.12 /€2.16


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At AdsEmpire, we're excited to bring you yet another fantastic opportunity – this time focusing on the enchanting land of Greece! Known for its mesmerizing islands, historic ruins, and lively locals, Greece presents an exciting playground for your marketing initiatives.

If you're a first-timer in driving traffic to Greece via our Smartlink, we've got a treat for you: a $10 bump for web traffic and a $9 for mobile.

Speak to your AdsEmpire account manager to take advantage of this superb offer!


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We are glad to share a great case study focused on driving traffic to AdsEmpire Dating offers.

We picked Germany, one of the most popular locations in Europe, and made use of in-page push ads, the trending placement.

Watch the video, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask your manager.


Watch now!

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