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Nebula 41, the free and open platform for artificial intelligence-powered art creation

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It's time to join the powerful AI-assisted art engine. I think this is a great platform for art workers.

About Nebula 41

Nebula 41 is a free and open platform for users of any artistic ability to create art. The platform utilises artificial intelligence to generate unique pieces of work at full 8K resolution from inputted text. 

The platform also gives the user the ability to mint the created artwork on the Ethereum blockchain to tokenize the Nebula 41 created artwork into an unchangeable and tamper-proof piece of art.

Nebula 41 is working to make AI-generated art more mainstream. We are providing a platform that can facilitate peoples' increased interests in art and the culture associated with it. 

Nebula 41 makes this possible through the technology being implemented.

Nebula 41 was founded on the vision that anyone and everyone can create art. Art is a foundational part of the human experience, and too many of us have restricted ourselves from embracing creativity.

Artificial Intelligence

Groundbreaking artificial intelligence is utilised to eliminate the difficulty of painting or drawing the artwork, while still enabling the user to project their ideas and input. The idea of “text to art” performs through algorithms that are programmed to learn and find thousands of images to create an art piece that reflects the text input. 

Nebula 41 also has the option to help with choosing characteristics that will define the generated artwork with properties medium, colour palette,style,effect, landscape, and theme at the user's disposal. More stylistic options are under development for future generations to allow the user to truly make the product their own.

Minting Process

Once you have a generated piece of artwork that you find satisfactory enough to purchase, you can mint the artwork by making an Ethererum transaction through the MetaMask wallet. Every art piece minted will be unique and limited to 1/1 due to its specific uniqueID and metadata, which prove ownership. 

Nebula 41 is also looking to move away from the traditional way of using a plain website to mint and create a Metaverse and “in real life” minting experience via a 3D interactive virtual art gallery. 

This will open up a whole new and personal experience with a combination of art, video, and music in an unprecedented environment.


The Nebula 41 shop will allow the user to purchase NFTs and modify their creation by using acquired $PAINT. 

By holding an NFT, you will accrue $PAINT tokens and be able to claim them.

The shop will also make immortalising the NFT possible by placing your NFT onto the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). 

Be aware that this will mean that no further modification or change can be made to the NFT.

But why keep your NFT digital? Accrue enough $PAINT tokens and you can receive physical copies of your NFT in real life.

The Experience

The Nebula 41 experience and interface is designed to be user-friendly to attract a wide community of people. Increased simplicity enables a variety of age ranges with varying technical knowledge to access the platform.

Connect Wallet

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Nebula 41 website.

Input Text

Input text & properties for the Nebula 41 artificial inteligence to process algorithms and create a digital piece of art

Generated Art

Once your art has generated, you can repeat the process until you are happy to proceed to minting

Mint as an NFT

Once you have minted your artwork, it cannot be recreated by another user and becomes your own unique NFT

They are combining AI, art, music and blockchain to create an immersive experience where the user can curate, create and mint NFTs on the blockchain. 

Once minted, the user then has complete control and ownership of the NFT.


$PAINT is an ERC-20 token that has a hard-cap supply of 205 million tokens. Initially 105 million tokens, approximately 50% of total supply, will be allocated to the community through an ongoing reward pool and multiple airdrops. 

$PAINT will be the currency that can be used to make purchases with the utilities available to Nebula 41.

Nebula 41 was founded on the vision that anyone and everyone can create art. Art is a foundational part of the human experience, and too many of us have restricted ourselves from embracing creativity.

Nebula 41 is a free and open platform for AI powered art creation. 

The website allows users to create artworks based on simply inputting text into the platform. Users can then mint their artworks on the Ethereum blockchain.

For more info visit nebula41.io

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