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The fact about recovering lost bitcoin

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No doubt, losing bitcoin is inevitable, and bitcoin can be lost to many things. The strongest and most common of them is bitcoin scam, what do we mean by bitcoin scam, this is a situation whereby you make payment for a service in bitcoin and you do not get the service done, or a situation where people ask you to invest in some not so clear business using bitcoin. 
Bitcoin scam is on the high side at the moment, many people lose millions of dollars daily to bitcoin and crypto scam. 
Now this article will explain in details, how to avoid getting scammed online using bitcoin and how to successfully recover your bitcoin incase you fall for a bitcoin scam. 
Firstly do not invest on any unverified online platform, some platforms are made so perfectly that you might not be able to differentiate from a original website. Some also copy popular bitcoin wallet holders like binance, blockchain, coinbase etc. 
In all sincerity fraud will still happen because some will still not verify before they invest. 
There are many ways to trace a lost bitcoin or lost wallet, but there are not many ways to recover bitcoin when lost. There are many stories online that discusses how to use blockchain tracking to recover bitcoin but it never works. There are fully licensed operators, who have legal and government backing to recover and trace bitcoin, they carry out investigations as a team and forward the result to authorities who then analyze and give permission for recovery or not. There may be several options to choose from, but of course in all situations a particular firm will always stand out. prudentrecovery has the highest rating in service delivery as their team works round the clock. Visit their website www.prudentrecovery.com to lodge a formal complaint and give them time to investigate and get back to you.             

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