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💥New MinePlex product💥

This is the MinePlex 2.0 blockchain. A blockchain based on the Tendermint Core architecture. Compared to the first version of the MinePlex blockchain, it is faster and can scale to all ecosystems.

The new blockchain is based on two native coins: non-volatile MPX and liquid XFI.

In the near future, new coins will be introduced into all MinePlex products. In the summer, the XFI coin will be used in the updated
http://MinePlex.Finance application along with PLEX and fiat🔥

More information here:

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BIG NEWS from MinePlex

This is the MinePlex 2.0 blockchain! The main thing you need to know:

The XFI token issue will work for 20 years,

instant inclusion of MPX in staking, no need to wait 7 days,
accrual of awards in XFI each block, can be withdrawn at any time,

64 validators, you can choose one or more,

from April 10, the possibility of converting XFI to USDT,

listing XFI in May 2023.

More information here: https://twitter.com/mineplexio

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Tokenomics of the new MinePlex 2.0 blockchain

The new MinePlex 2.0 blockchain tokenomics has recently been published. This is the most detailed document on how blockchain coins work, MPX and XFI issuance, stacking features, how validators work and much more.

Learn more about tokenomics and get ready for a better blockchain experience with MinePlex! More information can be found here:

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MinePlex partnership with UBC Group and expansion of the community in the Middle East

Our key partners, the DFMX Platform, signed an important cooperation agreement with the UBC Group yesterday. DFMX provides and implements technical solutions for MinePlex. UBC Group is a group of companies operating various enterprises in 22 countries of the world for more than 20 years in the fields of finance, trade, tourism, etc.

New strong partners are the expansion of the community for the company, new cases of CrossFi technology implementation and new ways of using and utilitarianism of MinePlex tokens. Let's tell you more.

Main points of the agreement
As part of the partnership, the companies will work together on:
✔️introduction of CrossFi technology in the sphere of banks and financial companies in the Middle East, 
✔️issuance of MasterCard, VISA cards and MinePlex's own payment systems, maintenance of a network of ATMs and POS terminals
✔️development and launch of a commodity exchange of digital assets,
✔️money transfer system, 
✔️development of football clubs in the Middle East.

What will the partnership do for MinePlex users?
Active expansion of the MinePlex community in the Middle East,
additional liquidity flow for PLEX and XFI,
active оdevelopment and implementation of CrossFi technology.

What will the partnership bring to UBC Group customers?
New payment methods,
advantageous options for cross-border and local transfers,
a new advanced community.

The Middle East is one of the leaders in terms of cryptocurrency adoption in 2022, according to Chainalysis report. Over the past year, the number of crypto transactions in the region increased by 48%. The main ways of using cryptocurrencies are: storing savings, money transfers and investing. 

We are expanding the use of CrossFi technology. Thank you for being with us!

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Updated MinePlex.Finance: survey for users We are preparing for the release of the updated MinePlex Finance application. This will be your personal bank account in euros, sterling pounds and cryptocurrency in your mobile phone. The ability to order cards, pay for purchases and make transfers and payments in one click using cryptocurrency and fiat.

It is important for us to make the application convenient. We ask you to take a survey and help us choose the most relevant services for the updated Finance. What exactly you want: what transfers you use, what statistics you view, what type of card you prefer and more.

The survey will take no more than 5 minutes. We will invite the authors of the best answers to become testers of the updated Finance.

👉Answer questions: https://forms.gle/EckfwC5a4D9MN6dBA

We thank you for participating in the app update!

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MinePlex is migrating to the new Tendermint Core architecture

MinePlex, the digital ecosystem that creates advanced and modern payment solutions, announces a phased transition to the new Tendermint Core architecture and the launch of two new tokens to the MinePlex ecosystem, which users will be able to profitably stake for up to 20 years.

The move to the Tendermint Core architecture offers a number of benefits, including unlimited scalability, high throughput, and a Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus protocol that is secure and eliminates fraud.

Don't miss out on new updates, follow the project here:

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This event is a great opportunity to expand the audience of both companies and promote their brand. The beatbox battle will be held as part of the MinePlex and SBX partnership and promises to be an exciting and entertaining event.
Here's a recording of the stream featuring all the participants

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MinePlex in numbers

46,000+ MinePlex wallets

🌐 220,000+ project audience

📈 78%+ of PLEXs already issued

🏢 6 MinePlex offices in Europe, UAE, South America

🌍 68 countries with MinePlex community

💸 MinePlex 2.0 with a 20 year steaming opportunity

«Looking at the development of the project, you realise how powerful teamwork can be. It's the community that makes a project successful, not the creator or one person.» Alexander Mamasidikov, CEO and co-founder of MinePlex.

If you're not already familiar with MinePlex, now is the time to learn more about it:

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Waiting for the MinePlex Marketplace🔥

A wide range of items available for purchase with cryptocurrency. An online platform where users can purchase merchandise directly for PLEX, XFI tokens. The innovative tool of commodity stacking allows you to get an item for a fraction of its value.Is in the process of being updated.

Stay tuned for the latest releases:

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