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SOLVPROTOCOL- solv.finance

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SOLV Protocol Newsletter!!!

The last weeks have been very busy and we would like to tell you what happened during this time.

Our latest newsletter is out and you can read it h

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✦#DreamVoucher Issuances✦

#metawarriorclub| P2E zombie-killing game
#FitRofficial| Social AI fitness platform
#oinmirrorworld| Web3 game matrix with NFT/GameFi elements
#YeehaGames| Incubation/publishing platform for GameFi‌ projects

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  • MrD changed the title to SOLVPROTOCOL- solv.finance

Solv Protocol's latest newsletter, we covered topics such as:
Status updates on ERC-3525 token standard
Using ERC-3525 to issue SBT with real value
Expanding to Fantom Network
Successful Repayment for Strips's Bond Voucher

For more information, you can read the full letter via:
https://www.getrevue.co/profile/solvprotocol/issues/solv-protocol-newsletter-07-06-2022-07-20-2022-issue-11-1256492?via=twitter-card&client=DesktopWeb&element=issue- card

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Solv Protocol is delighted to announce our integration with #Snapshot, a decentralized voting system, allowing the community members holding #SOLV Vouchers to participate in the Solv governance on-chain and effortlessly.

Connect your wallet & make your voice heard.

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The new NFT concept from Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol is the first and largest decentralised marketplace for the creation, trading and management of vouchers - NFTs that represent financial rights. 

Vouchers are a new asset class designed for various fundraising and community building tasks for a project.
Solv's mission is to create visualised and intelligent vouchers and a trading platform for these vouchers.

More information about vouchers can be found here: https://solv.finance/home

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A new DeFi era has arrived ERC-3525 powered by Solv!

#EIP3525 Semi-fungible Token Standard powered by Solv officially becomes the final standard for Ethereum. 

This token standard is designed to represent semi-fungible assets, which are most suited for financial instruments, such as bonds, insurance policy, or vesting plans.

More information about #EIP3525 coming soon. Read the standard here ⬇️

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