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21 hours ago, Ajakwayin said:

What platforms and traffic channels are recommended for promoting 18+ gaming offers?

To promote 18+ gaming offers, it is recommended to use platforms and traffic channels such as push notifications, native advertising and pop-ups. These channels allow you to achieve high audience engagement and effectively convert traffic.

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11 hours ago, Ishesualor said:

How does the retargeting of the Push notification work, and how can it help to retain and convince users?

Push notification retargeting allows you to send personalized notifications to users who have already interacted with your product or service. This can help retain and convince users by providing them with relevant offers and reminders, which can increase engagement and conversions.

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Exciting News from EVADAV!

Hello, Gold.forum Community! We're thrilled to share the fantastic news with our partners and advertisers.

Introducing PIX: A New Payment Method for Brazil Users

Why PIX?
– Instant Payments: Add funds instantly for swift actions.
– Cost-Effective: Low transaction fees, optimizing your budget.
– Hassle-Free: Simplified payment process for easy top-ups.

Elevate Your Advertising:
– Add Funds with PIX: Effortlessly add funds to your EVADAV balance.
– Launch Profitable Campaigns: Explore our offers and boost revenue.

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On 8/28/2023 at 3:53 PM, Cemianine said:

What results can be expected from using push notification retargeting in advertising campaigns?

Using push notification retargeting can increase audience engagement, boost conversions, and increase customer loyalty. This can lead to increased sales and the overall effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

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22 hours ago, Prelalka said:

What are the best deals you have for sports and betting verticals?

We provide a number of high -quality offers for sports and stow verticals. You can find detailed information in our last blog "Best Offers for Sport and Betting Vertical

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Ready for Affiliate Success? Discover Top Insights!

Hello, Advertisers & Affiliates!

Autumn's here, and EVADAV Leading Ads has your back on the path to advertising dominance!

Swipe the carousel and take note of
- Traffic volumes in popular countries.
- Recommended bids for each format.
- A list of GEOs to find the right offer.

Launch new ad campaigns with updated targeting right now!

Read our blog article where we've added killer creatives for push advertising just for you!

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20 hours ago, Dolds said:

How can I monetize a football event on your platform?

To monetize a football event, we recommend that you read our article “How to Monetize a Football Event”, which provides detailed recommendations and best practices.

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  • EvaDav changed the title to EVADAV>> Empowering Publishers & Advertisers with Leading Ads
20 hours ago, Janausing said:

What is DSP and how can direct advertisers use it?

DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a platform that allows advertisers to buy advertising impressions from a wide range of media sources. Direct advertisers can use DSPs to automate the ad buying process, optimize and manage advertising campaigns. You will find more information about DSP and its use in our article “What Is DSP and How Direct Advertisers Could Use It?

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On 9/29/2023 at 6:55 AM, Doculisi said:

How can I earn $4000 from a popunder trade offer on your platform?

We conducted a study in which we looked at the successful case of one of the advertisers. Detailed steps and recommendations for achieving such results are presented in the article "$4000 on the trading offer with a popunder format from Evadav: a case study for advertisers

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