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Crypto Bridge 24 - Cryptobridge24.com

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Crypto Bridge 24- a unique resource that will allow anyone to conduct a quick exchange at the best best rates, as well as additionally earn on the affiliate program and passive income from the Pool!

The exchanger operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can ask any questions you have by contacting:
[email protected]
Telegram support bot
Support Contact

Exchange Directions:

Bitcoin/ BinanceCoin / Cardano/ Bitcoin Cash /Tether/ USD Coin/ Dai/ DASH/ Binance USD/ Dogecoin/Polkadot /Ether/ GMT/ Litecoin / Shiba Inu / Solana/ Tron/ Stellar / Ripple.

Minimum and Maximum exchange:

$50 - $20,000 and the equivalent in cryptocurrency.

Liquidity Pool:

Funds just lying on wallets, unfortunately, do not bring any dividends.

There are several ways to earn income in cryptocurrency:

Trading on the stock exchange
Investments in pools
Each of the methods has its advantages, at the same time, the first two have a number of limitations related to market knowledge, trading skills and free time.

The pool may be of interest to holders of cryptocurrencies who do not have free time and do not want to take risks on the exchange.

We offer several options for placing funds in the Pool, which will bring stable passive income, due to the flow of customers in our exchange office.

We will be happy to use your funds to increase the liquidity of our exchange office and pay you a commission from each exchange in which your cryptocurrency participates.

The exchange of is the least risky operation, since at first we receive funds from the client and only after that we send the necessary amount to the client's wallet.

The profitability of each transaction varies from 1% to 5% depending on the direction of the exchange, and we are happy to share the income with those who provide our pool with liquidity.

You can find out more about the conditions for placing funds in the Pool on the official website in October 2022.

For the convenience of customers, the site has been translated into the following languages:



Referral Program:

Cryptobridge24 accrues a portion of the profit from each exchange made by your referrals.

Your income grows with the increase in the volume of exchanges:

The turnover is summed up for all exchanges made by your referrals.

The percentage is calculated from the exchange amount in Tether.

Withdrawal of funds:

Enter the UDST TRC-20 wallet address to withdraw funds.

The withdrawal fee is 1 USDT.

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