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If you are working with traffic, it's important to use special tools that make it much easier to create ad campaigns, select targetings, and choose audiences. If you are new to the affiliate industry, you need to learn all the tools you need for work with traffic 💡

Today, we are going to look at what resources are in demand for affiliates in 2023 ⬇

🔴 Tracker

This is a tool for analysing incoming traffic and distributing it to a set of viable landing pages and offers.

Tracker features:

- Traffic analysis, quality assurance
- Allocation of traffic to suitable GEO, offers and landing pages
- Fast redirection of traffic in case of problems
- Split tests
- Management of multiple campaigns

Popular trackers:

- Keitaro
- Binom
- Octotracker

🔴 Cloaking service

It's using to hide campaigns, landing pages and offers from bots. Using Cloak means creating two variants of ad campaignes: "white" for moderators, and real for users. The tools use their own IP databases.

Popular cloaking services:

- Keitaro
- Binomo

🔴 Anti-detect Browser

This is a most important tool for every advertiser. It allows you to create visibility of unique logins on platforms, because if this happens through a device and an IP address, the accounts will be blocked immediately.

List of anti-detect browsers:

- Undetectable.io
- Dolphin Anty
- Indigo browser

🔴 Spy service

They allow you to hide the ads campaignes by other advertisers.
Like any other tool, different spy services specialise in different traffic sources. Many of them offer holistic solutions.

Among the commonly used services are:

- Adheart
- AdPlexity

Of course, these are not all the tools used by affiliates, but they are the most important ones. To do affiliate marketing, you need to have all the necessary tools at hand, which will significantly speed up the process of dealing with traffic 😉

The ADxAD DSP platform is integrated with trackers, spy-services and other tools you can use to run traffic. Join ADxAD and take advantage of all the possibilities: https://bit.ly/3OjTXWK


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