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Where should we advertise TGF?


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We have an advertising budget that I would like to spend on bringing new members here on TopGoldForum.

That's why I'm looking for places where we can advertise to people interested into crypto, making money online, investments or trading, gambling and crypto-gaming.

Please help us and recommend us websites (forums, blogs, advertising networks, groups, etc, etc) where we can buy advertising space that will bring people to TGF.

Also if you have any idea that you think it will help (it can be crazy, I want to hear it) feel free to post in.


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  • Root Admin
On 12/13/2022 at 5:17 PM, GPTEvolution said:

Well While I launch my advertising services to fill this void :D,

May I suggest https://www.herculist.com and similar sites?

Interested. Can you please tell me more/send me an advertising offer?

12 minutes ago, 1Shot1Opportunity said:

I recommend getting some ads into PTCs and all these crypto money making sites that pump up every day. Can't recommend a specific one but I remember I made some good money with Neo Bux or something similar.

That's a good idea. Going to try a couple of bux/ptc sites. We have an entire forum here in TGF about them.

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