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BITYX Reviews - bityx.com

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Whether you're an inspiring trader just testing the waters in the crypto ocean or a veteran investor making a living out of digital assets, London-based cryptocurrency exchange Bityx has got you covered. 

Trusted by over 5 million users around the world, we know firsthand that trust isn’t something given but needs to be earned, and still more so with respect to such transformative ideas as blockchain technology. That’s why we see our mission in giving our customers the best trading experience in the crypto space and beyond.

And to do that, we offer you the opportunity to easily trade digital assets – no matter who you are and where you are. 

Equipped with our suite of trading products, you get access to over 100 cryptocurrencies which you can trade with your own funds or on margin, with a leverage of up to 100x. We offer an array of advanced order types, which allow you to get exactly what you want from the market – at what price and in what amount.

For traders who are looking to bet on the future action of cryptocurrencies and thus potentially achieve more profit, as well as for investors who want to manage risk and fine-tune their exposure to digital assets, we provide access to derivatives markets for trading Bitcoin and Ethereum futures contracts.

We offer traditional contracts with an expiry date, and perpetual contracts which have an unlimited shelf life.

You can automate your trading process with our industry-leading API via both a RESTful API that uses HTTP requests to send and receive data, and Websocket API with which you can send messages to our servers and receive event-driven responses from the Bityx platform. 

Now you can control your orders right from within your application.

We know how important security of funds means – and here, at Bityx, the safety of your funds is our top priority too. All funds of our customers are fully protected at all times against loss, theft, and misuse by BitGo’s insurance coverage. 

Chart your path toward financial success and independence with Bityx!

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Guest Elsejean
On 11/26/2022 at 9:29 PM, Kreatoe said:

I have been actively trading for a long time already, almost all the time through the site. The TradingView terminal is simple and functional, I didn’t notice any technical problems, transactions are carried out quickly

Yes, all orders go through very quickly. When I do research on exchanges to decide whether or not to trade here, I pay attention to liquidity. If orders are executed quickly and trading volumes are high, then there are a lot of traders on the exchange and they trust it. That's why I registered on bityx and trade here

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Guest Liasayaht

good news from the bityx, they added a deposit with cards, I can immediately warn you about the commission for the deposit, the exchange does not charge commissions, you can check it yourself, the exchange simply integrated an easy simple way, they promised to make an auto-convert for any crypt in the future.

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Guest Breiranto

I sat down and thought about how far Bityx has come and how far it's come and the answer that comes to me is that Bityx was the best because it's the only exchange I've found that allows margin trading with leverage x100!

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On 11/18/2022 at 4:05 AM, Drion said:

On the technical side, in general, everything is fine, the trading terminal hung up a couple of times, but such situations are a clear exception. I recommend for simplicity and convenience

I don’t know what you are talking about and why hangs there in the trading terminal but after 7 months I have never been dedicated to what you are talking about. Me trad every day, and sometimes I like the scalping trade, and I would definitely notice if the schedule hung even for a few minutes. Friend, I think you should check your Internet. You can’t trade with a bad Internet...

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Guest Damisius

Without a doubt, in the recent past, Bityx exchange has become very popular, and it has become a favorite exchange of many people, including me from his wonderful functions. The way it happens can definitely be the best crypto exchange. I wish you success to the exchange team and ask them not to stop the work. Then in the bull market we will get rich with you.

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Guest Efinieve

Bityx has definitely been one of the best exchanges this year, no doubt with a lot of liquidity, good volume, safety and reputation, but I feel and know that it still needs to perform better to be the best exchange or to be in the top 5. I can see it still going up

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Guest Edridan

I think it's not a bad platform and it's good because it's easy for beginners to work with and doesn't require a lot of capital. You can make even the smallest deposit and try trading. I would like to see the possibility of passive income on the exchange. Hope they implement it soon

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