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Start: 23/08/2022


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Henbbo Ventures holding was founded in 2014 by a graduate of Yale University and has at that time experience in corporations such as JP Morgan and Bank of America, Mr. Simon Russel, who is the holding's technical director (CTO).

In the same year, Simon Russel's foresight has been clearly confirmed and proved by the fact that he decided to buy bitcoins for a large amount at a minimum price, after which this digital asset began to show a huge rate of value growth, forming the initial capital turnover of the holding.

In 2017, Henbbo ventures initiated a new business direction that is relevant for us today, the investing to promising startups at the initial stage of their formation using the ICO mechanism, which over time has been transformed into the most progressive IDO system and made it possible for us, thus, early access to innovations with high potential for future stable profits.

In addition, these types of business activity are as much protected from possible risks as possible, since using a smart contract, launchpad websites initiate an airdrop option, the main feature of which is the fact that this guarantees the elimination of any fraud risks and, in addition, invested money can be return if the startup for some reason did not realized itself to the extent it declared.

1.65% daily for 14 working days; principal returned ( roi 123.1%; net profit 23; 1% );
145% after 14 working days; principal included ( roi 145%; net profit 45% );
10.5% daily for 14 working days; principal included ( roi 147%; net profit 47% );
2.4% daily for 28 working days; principal returned ( roi 167; 2%; net profit 67; 2% );
240% after 28 working days; principal included ( roi 240%; net profit 140% )

Referral Commission:

Payment Processors:
Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, AdvCash, Tether, Tron, NixMoney, Binance Coin

Minimum Deposit:

Minimum Withdrawal:
PAYEER ,PM, Adv, Nix - 1$ BNB - 5, ERC20 - 15, TRC20 - 8, Tron - 5, Doge -5, Dash - 10, Litecoin - 5, Ripple - 5, Ether - 15, Bitcoincash - 10 , Bitcoin 15

DDOS Protection
Licensed H-Script
Licensed Goldcoders script
Unique Design
Registered Company

Our deposit:
Electronic receipt
Account number:161246
Customer:Incredible Earnings
Date of payment:20/02/2023 12:09
Amount:50.25 USD
Description:Invoice #161246, IncredibleEarnings

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  • TGF Premium

Funds have been credited to your balance.
Transaction ID: 1654520
Date of transaction: 02.05.2023 15:35
Amount: 1.5 USD
Note: Invoice #338016, XtraProfit
Best regards, henbbo. com

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