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EURUSD: Detailed Technical Outlook For Next Week

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Looking at the EUR/USD pair for 4 hours,s it is noticeable that it is gaining some pips at the price level of 1.0640 Should there be a continuous appreciation in the price, the next resistance level will be 1.0680 with the next support level at 1.0630.


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Hey Traders, taking a look at DXY seems like the market has changed the plan and wants to remain indecisive until the release of CPI to have more of a clear vision what would be the Fed's next move. From now on USD choose to take a break and I think this break will continue in the short term as we approach CPI data.
Technically we have noticed a decent breakout on EURUSD downtrend so i will be monitoring the price action around 1.063 zone for a potential retrace.
Trade safe.

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So, the latest data released by Eurostat shows that the Eurozone's Retail Sales in February were not as good as expected. Year-on-year, there was a decline of 2.3%, which was worse than the 1.9% decline that was anticipated. Month-on-month, there was an increase of only 0.3%, compared to the expected 1.0%. However, this was still an improvement from the previous month's decline of 1.6%.

This information may have an impact on the value of the Euro in foreign exchange markets. Generally, if the retail sector is doing well and consumer spending is increasing, this can have a positive effect on the economy, which can lead to an increase in the value of the Euro . Conversely, if the retail sector is struggling, it can have a negative effect on the economy, which can lead to a decrease in the value of the Euro .

So, in short, the latest Eurozone Retail Sales data shows that there has been a decline in sales, which may not be great news for the Euro .

The price is still inside a bearish channel where the value had a previous pullback on the 50% Fibonacci area inside a flag pattern . We are looking for a new short push-down continuation following our previous sell signals from Isoforex.

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EURUSD is currently consolidating within a horizontal range.
Its resistance was reached on Friday.
Watch how nicely the price was rejected from that,
It looks like the pair may drop lower.

Goal - 1.062

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Hi guys, this is my overview for EURUSD , feel free to check it and write your feedback in comments👊

Recently price bounced from $1.0660 level to $1.0800 and started trades inside of wedge .

Inside of wedge Euro declined to $1.0530 level, left wedge , and started moving up in rising channel .

Also, inside from channel price tried to back up, but failed and made downward impulse to $1.0520

Next, Euro at once bounce up to resistance area and broke $1.0545 level.

Later price declined back and broke $1.0660 level and at the moment trades close to support level .

Possibly, Euro can make a little correction to support level and then start to grow to $1.0610

If this post is useful to you, you can support me with like and advice in comments❤️

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