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Magic Click Partners - Gambling affiliate network

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Hi all, this is the Magic Click team!

We've been working for over 5 years in the Affiliate Marketing niche, helping arbitrageurs make money here and now.
No tests of offers, bundles - we give only what works right now. Our main vertical is Gambling / Betting.

We work with sources such as Facebook, UAC, context, Tiktok. We cover all the technical needs of arbitrageurs: we give free applications, cloak, examples of working creatives. We've done everything to make your flood successful. We have a small but strong community of professionals that advises on any of your questions, and in the support team only experienced arbitrators who keep pouring traffic and know all the intricacies and nuances of traffic sources.

Our main advantages:

- The rates are higher than the competition
- Minimum drops are really minimal, for example, only 5 deposits for any Tier 1 GEO and only 10 deposits for CIS.
- Easy-to-use analytics and analysis of your traffic in relation to other webmasters
- Special conditions for teams, which will remove all financial and technical routine
- Adding any of your offers, on terms above the market

We are open to offers and will be happy to cooperate with you!
Appreciate the time and choose the right partners!

Affiliate Program: https://panel.magicclick.partners/
Site: https://magicclick.partners/en/

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