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High quality and reliable residential and 5G proxies

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When conducting business online, you probably need to hide your IP
address. We can will help you solve this problem with our Proxytunnel
, because we are an experienced proxy provider. This service was
created by affiliates for affiliates. Over the years, we have become true
experts in the field of anonymity and promotion on the Internet.

You will have access to 1.5 million 4G and 5G proxy servers owned by
reputable IP address providers. All proxy servers are exclusively private.

Our advantages:

  • Availability. You will receive a reliable IP address in any of our 100
    countries, including the EU and the USA.
  • Authenticity. Our proxies' IP addresses belong to real devices. Each
    proxy has the highest level of trust.
  • Flexibility. We have developed a customizable tool panel and API
    for you.


We provide resident, mobile, and static proxies, as well as dedicated 5G
proxies. All proxies are exclusively private.

  • Residential proxies utilize actual IP addresses that belong to
    individuals and organizations. They are applicable for activities like
    social networking, surfing theweb, and account management.
  • Mobile proxies use IP addresses assigned to mobile operators. They
    are ideal for tasks that require the highest possible IP quality, such
    as social media adcampaigns.
  • Static proxies utilize a dedicated IP address that may change every
    12-24 hours. Such proxies are effective for account creation, parsing.
  • The dedicated 5G uses dedicated devices, which provides a high
    level of speed and reliability. They are suitable for web scraping,
    data analysis, IP addressactions.

Our proxy service is designed to provide convenience to you! Our
professional support and development teams are available to assist you
in scaling your business and achieving outstanding results.

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Proxytunnel FAQ

Proxytunnel is your faithful assistant in traffic arbitrage, SMM, marketing
and business. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked
questions and more information about our service.

How many proxies do you have and which geos do you support?

We offer over 1.5 million proxies in 100 geos, including EU and US
countries. All our 4G and 5G proxies are from reliable and trusted IP
address providers.

What types of proxies do you offer?

We offer resident, mobile, static proxies, dedicated 5G proxies. All proxies
are exclusively private.

For which purposes are your proxies suitable?

Proxies are suitable for all personal and business purposes that require
high anonymity. With our proxies you will work in social networks,
create accounts, visit blocked sites, do parsing, high-volume web
scraping, data mining.

How reliable are your proxies?

All our proxies use real IP addresses of real users. Such IP addresses are
highly trusted by social networks and platforms. In addition, we support
IP rotation every 12-24 hours.

Do you have an API?

Yes, and we also provide a fully customizable control panel.

Is your support team available around the clock?

Yes, our support and development teams are available 24/7. They are
always willing to help you get the most out of your proxy server.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept Tether USD TRC20 and Tether USD ERC20.

How soon after placing my order will I be able to access it?

You will receive your proxy immediately after payment and can easily
manage it from your personal account.

How much do your proxies cost?

Cost per GB starts at $7 for static, mobile, or resident proxies. We offer
private, unlimited connection, IP rotation, API access, real IP
addresses, and high trust.

If you are interested in 5G, we can offer you unlimited bandwidth,
dedicated private device, server locations in EU and US. Price per
month: $130.

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Why does a webmaster need to use a proxy?

Proxies can significantly expand the opportunities of a webmaster and
allow him to take his business to the next level and make more money.
Proxies are a necessary tool in many cases, such as when a webmaster
wants to make money from social media traffic arbitrage.

Proxy Opportunities

What can a webmaster do using a proxy?

  • Create multiple accounts. Proxy hides the webmaster's IP address.By
    using proxies from different countries, you can create a lot of
    accounts, promote several ad campaigns and not be afraid that
    the social network will block them.
  • Visit blocked sites. Sometimes you need to gather information,
    research content, conduct competitive intelligence, or visit a
    blocked site for another purpose. You can easily bypass geographic
    restrictions by using an appropriate proxy server.
  • Test the functionality of your site. You can use a proxy to test the
    functionality of your site from anywhere in the world, without
    leaving your home. Webmasters can check how their site works
    in different parts of the world.
  • Ensure privacy. Proxies act as a buffer between your device and
    the Internet, helping to prevent malicious traffic or hacking
    attempts. This privacy is particularly important when using
    public Wi-Fi.
  • Gain increased speed and performance. Proxies accelerate
    downloads by caching frequently used files and resources. This
    enhances the productivity of the webmaster by saving time.


It is crucial to find a reliable proxy provider. We advise you to avoid
free proxies as they can compromise security and performance.
Proxytunnel, you can purchase quality private proxies of different types
to suit your business needs. We provide more than 1.5 million proxies
from 100 countries, each with rotating IP addresses. To make a purchase,
please register on our service, it's fast and free!

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What type of proxy should be used to run traffic: pros, cons and
peculiarities of each type

To run traffic, it's necessary to create multiple accounts on ad platforms.
Although social networks don't permit users to have more than one
account, this issue can be solved by using proxies. So, let's find out
which types of proxies are best to use to arbitrage traffic.

The types of proxies, their pros and cons

Proxies for traffic arbitrage are divided into several types.

By price and number of users:

  • Free proxies. These are public proxies that are provided to several
    webmasters at the same time. Free proxies are insecure, can be slow,
    and many public servers are blacklisted on social networks so this is
    not the best choice.
  • Paid proxies. It is important to ensure that the proxies are private
    and only issued to one person. This approach provides maximum
    anonymity. The majority of paid proxies are private, provide higher
    security and good speed. They are best for arbitrage and online

By communication type:

  • Based on optical lines. Such proxies are not recommended for
    arbitrage purposes, as they can be easily tracked and banned.
  • Static proxies. They are well-suited for arbitrage traffic because
    they utilize dedicated IP addresses that rotate every 12-24 hours.
    They are useful for creating accounts and parsing.
  • Proxies with residential IP addresses. These proxies are provided
    by home or corporate internet service providers. It is an excellent
    option because it disguises the webmaster as a typical user.
  • Proxies with mobile IP addresses. These proxies utilize servers
    and data provided by mobile operators. They are ideal for tasks that
    require the highest possible IP quality.
  • Dedicated 5G proxies. These proxies are more expensive, and are
    great for webscraping, data analysis, and IP address actions. They
    use dedicated devices that provide a high level of speed and

The conclusion

Paid private proxies are great for traffic arbitrage due to their reliability. You
can choose static, resident, mobile, or dedicated 5G proxies depending on your
strategy and business goals. If you plan to work with a global audience, it is
important that the provider is able to offer proxies of the right country.
Proxytunnel provides over 1.5 million private proxies from 100 countries. You
can quickly register with our service and make a purchase.

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What types of tariffs does Proxytunnel offer, and what are the
differences between them?

Proxytunnel has a full range of proxies to accommodate nearly any
business requirement. With over 1.5 million IP addresses from 100 GEO,
we offer static, mobile, residential and dedicated 5G proxies. Based on
your budget, you may select the ideal option. Let us tell you more about
our tariffs.

What types of tariffs are available in Proxytunnel?

Residential proxies: Their cost starts at $7 per GB.

That includes:

  • Worldwide access;
  • Private, unlimited connection;
  • IP address rotation;
  • API;
  • Real IP addresses from highly trusted users.

If you require a larger volume for your tasks, we offer you an individual
tariff 500 GB+. Please contact our technical support for further
information on the terms and conditions, and we will gladly answer
any of your questions.

Static proxies : they cost from $9 per GB

This tariff includes:

  • Worldwide access;
  • IP rotation,
  • Static IP addresses for longer sessions.

Additionally, we have a special tariff for 5G devices - $130/month. It

  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • dedicated private device;
  • multiple carriers;
  • reliable servers in USA, Europe and other GEO;
  • IP rotation;
  • API;
  • high trust of IP addresses.

The available options you can consider are:

  • 5G-proxy Austria;
  • 5G-proxy New York;
  • 5G-proxy UK;
  • 5G-proxy Texas.

The cost is the same - $130 / month.

How to buy proxies with Proxytunnel

All you need to do is register with our service. After that you will get
access to a convenient personal account,
detailed dashboards and
the ability to manage your proxies. You can use the following
cryptocurrencies to pay for your order: Tether USD TRC20, Tether
USD ERC20. If you prefer alternative payment methods, our support
team will assist you.

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What is an API and how can you use it?

An API, or application programming interface, makes managing proxy
servers easier and faster and enables you to scale your business. Let's
discuss what an API is and what features Proxytunnel offers.

What is an API and why is it useful?

An API is an interactive interface that connects computer programs.
It's mostly used to facilitate communication between devices such as
PCs, smartphones, and servers that host information.

An example of API usage is an aggregator site that displays information
about the prices of goods in different stores. The aggregator site
interacts with each store's API:

1. The aggregator sends a single request to the API containing all the
details of the planned purchase for each store site.

2. The API utilizes this information to prompt the store servers to
search and find items that match the user's request.

3. Then, the API sends a single response back to the aggregator
with all the options for the shopper.

Without an API, different programs would interact slowly. The
aggregator would have to request all products and then filter them
by price or other characteristics. This would be time-consuming
and inefficient.

API in Proxytunnel

The Proxytunnel uses the API to control proxy servers. Through
the API, you can control proxies without having to visit the proxy
control panel itself. Our API simplifies proxy configuration, making
it more efficient than adjusting each parameter manually in the
control panel.

One of the most frequent ways to use the API for proxy servers is
to add or exclude IP addresses. You can also access your proxy
services, view their settings, and analyze the traffic that each
proxy service encounters.

The API is very helpful for parsing tasks. Sometimes even the
best parser can encounter a blocked proxy server, which can
slow down the parsing process, especially if there are no backups.
The API allows you to request new proxies directly from Proxytunnel
and efficiently handles the entire replacement process, no matter
what type of proxy you use.


The API developed by Proxytunnel is guaranteed to work with the
proxies you use. All you need to do is follow our instructions to
configure your proxy or contact our support team.

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How to set up a proxy with an anti-detect browser and why you need
an anti-detect browser

By using proxies, you can change or hide your IP address when you visit
websites. Anti-detect browsers, which are also known as fingerprint
replacement browsers, are designed to hide device and browser
information as much as possible during your interaction with websites.

In this article, we will talk about the pros of anti-detect browsers when
working with proxies, and show you how to set up our Proxytunnel
proxies in any browser.

Why you should use an anti-detect browser when working
with proxies

There are a few reasons you should use proxies in conjunction with
anti-detect browsers:

- Privacy and Anonymity. By using our Proxytunnel proxies, you can
hide your real IP address to protect your online privacy. Anti-detect
browsers enhance anonymity by hiding unique browser and device
characteristics such as screen resolution, supported fonts and time
zone. As a result, browsers create a unique footprint that is difficult
to identify.

- Bypassing Restrictions. Proxies allow you to bypass geographic
restrictions, and anti-detect browsers make it harder for websites
to detect your real location and device.

- Tracking protection. Many websites track you by browser
"fingerprints" or unique characteristics of your device. Anti-detect
browsers modify these characteristics, making it difficult to
accurately identify you.

- Website Testing. Web developers can use proxies and anti-detect
browsers to emulate different conditions and scenarios to test how
their site displays on different types of devices.

How to set up Proxytunnel proxy in an anti-detect browser

Now let's take a look at the general step-by-step process of setting
up a proxy in an anti-detect browser:

1. Choose a Proxy. The first step is to decide what type of proxy you
need. Proxytunnel offers static, mobile, and residential proxies and
all of them are private, reliable and highly trusted.

2. Receive settings. After you register and pay for a proxy in
Proxytunnel, you will receive the necessary settings for connecting
to the servers in your personal account. These settings consist of
the proxy IP address, port, proxy type, and credentials.

3. Choose an anti-detect browser. You need to choose an anti-detect
browser that fits your needs and budget. There are browsers
specifically designed for certain sites, such as social networks, or
those that offer extensive customization for teamwork.

4. Install and set up the browser. You should follow the instructions
to install and set up your chosen anti-detect browser.

5. Set up a proxy in your browser. You should find the section
dedicated to proxies in the anti-detect browser settings and enter
the data received from Proxytunnel there: IP address and other
necessary parameters.

6. Check the connection. After you set up the proxy, you need to
perform a test to make sure that the connection is working correctly.
For example, open a Web page and test to make sure that the browser
is actually using the proxy.

7. Additional settings. Depending on your browser, you can customize
additional settings such as blocking scripts, disabling cookies, and
changing headers. Thanks to this, you can increase the level of privacy.


When using a proxy without an anti-detect browser, you still run the
risk of being recognized by the sites you visit through your browser
fingerprint and device settings. But the combination of an anti-detect
browser and Proxytunnel proxy provides a high level of privacy and
reliable protection of your real IP address.

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